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Facebook pages for businesses, brands, and organizations have become the most popular way to create a presence on social media. Creating a page and then creating another page is common. If you want to know how to merge Facebook pages, you are on the right track! Here are a few things that you need to know before you start.

Summary of steps:

  1. Click on
  2. Add the sites you want to combine to the list.
  3. Select the page you truly want to remain.

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What To Do Before You Merge Facebook Pages?

Merging may seem like a good idea at the time, but creating a successful merger is hard work. Therefore, it is important to prepare at least one week in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly and doesn’t end up causing any last-minute problems.

1. Identify All Associated Pages To Claim Them

One of the things Facebook warns you about is the advertisements you’re launching to the now-defunct page. Ensure the page you’re about to delete isn’t targeted by any active campaigns.

Make a list of every location you have a presence on, regardless of if it’s a physical store or not. You should search from both mobile and desktop Facebook to see what kinds of locations might exist on either platform, especially if you’re unsure about the number.

Add up the likes, check-ins, and other interactions for all listed pages to get an idea of how popular each one is compared to the others. From there, it’s easy to claim all of your locations on Facebook.

2. Update Facebook Profile

  • Change profile pictures

During the merging of two Facebook pages process, you will easily identify each page based on its profile picture, or rather the images that each of your pages has chosen for its avatar.

merging fb pages
Change profile pictures
  • Update Facebook page info

Whenever you add an address to your business pages, be sure the details are consistent across each one, whether the street number, postcode, or zip code. That goes for all of your other information, too – such as website links, phone numbers, and your About section.

Merging Facebook pages is nearly impossible if they have dissimilar names because it cannot be done over the phone and requires filling out a prior form. It’s best to request name changes on these pages before the merge.

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3. “About” Section Notify The Two Pages’ Followers

By producing an image and uploading it to both of your current pages, you may inform your followers that you are in the process of combining pages. This image can be pinned to the center of these pages so that all of your current followers can see the great news.

Think about running an advertisement or sponsored story if you have a huge audience on both your Facebook Pages. Remember to notify your email list and other online communities.

how to merge facebook pages
Remember to notify your email list and other online communities

4. Decide Which Page You Want To Keep

Now you’ll need to select which pages should remain and which should be removed. If a page is removed, you will lose any information or pictures on that page. We recommend exporting any important content from the original document if it gets lost during this process.

You might want to consider keeping the page with the most followers and merging the pages with fewer because they are less active.

When you merge 2 Facebook pages, all the content from the Pages gets added up together. The Followers and Check-ins of both pages are combined in the batch edit.

Keep in mind that these numbers are not double because followers may have liked both pages, which results in no additional new like from that follower.

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Step-by-step On How To Merge Facebook Pages

Step 1: You click on

You’ll be requested to enter your personal Facebook account password.

merging two facebook pages
You’ll be requested to enter your Facebook password

Step 2: Add the sites you want to combine to the list.

To merge Pages, type the name of the target Page into the box. As you type, Pages will pop up in a drop-down menu that you can choose from by clicking.

Then, click ‘Continue.’

If the pages are incompatible, Facebook will notify you and offer a solution.

merge facebook pages
Type the name of the target Page into the box

Step 3: Select the page you truly want to remain.

On the previous page, you will be presented with a menu. Choose the menu item you want to move on to the next page.

If you don’t want to deal with everything that goes into merging pages, you can opt to have Facebook do the heavy lifting by copy-pasting your Pages’ data into the appropriate fields. After one final confirmation, you’re all set.

merge facebook pages
Click “Submit” and done!

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Why Should You Merge Facebook Pages?

When you are trying out new things with your Facebook page, you will inevitably have to make alterations from time to time. Maybe you didn’t intend on increasing the number of posts initially but feel compelled to expand and experiment. There are a few common instances where managing social media pages requires merging two separate accounts into one. 

  • If admin permissions to old pages have been lost, you can reclaim them.
  • Instead of creating a Facebook Business page, you can use your Facebook profile.
  • Someone is attempting to take the company’s identity.
  • Your Facebook Page is not listed as a Local Business, but people are attempting to create a place on Facebook or update the information accordingly.
  • Your page is set up incorrectly, or you did not associate the right page name(s) with your business.

The process of creating a Facebook page is a dangerous slope with an antidote.

merge facebook pages
The process of creating a Facebook page is a dangerous slope with an antidote

How Can You Be Able To Merge Facebook Pages?

Facebook’s help center is mostly straightforward when merging Facebook pages. But for everything to go smoothly, here are a few must-dos before you get started:

  • Administrate both of your Facebook pages.
  • Assign similar names to your Facebook sites and make sure they all represent the very same thing.
  • Set the address for both pages to be the same.

What Happens After Merging Facebook Pages?

  1. All of the duplicates on your Facebook page will be merged with the ones that have been validated.
  2. All likes and check-ins on your profile will be merged into your official business site.
  3. All of your customer reviews will indeed be incorporated into your official company profile.

Because the number of followers and interactions will be merged to the official page, many businesses look for Facebook Page buy and sell to increase the number of followers and interactions for the official page. This is just a good trick for How to Merge Facebook Pages.

merge facebook pages
You have to understand what will happen after merging Facebook Pages

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