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Discover buy aged Instagram accounts with transparent pricing and legal. Buying an aged Instagram account is the ideal choice to grow your Instagram account for businesses or content creators. Let’s find out with Mid-Man in this article.

1. Buy Aged Instagram Accounts

Developing a popular Instagram account is a time-consuming process that not everyone can do. If you want to promote your products or brand on Instagram, you can consider buying an established account and taking on the management of these pages.

Here are the benefits of buying an established Instagram account:

✅ Features

An established Instagram account with a high number of followers and large reach is suitable for promoting a business’s products and brand. These Instagram accounts are very good for Bot creation interaction systems and have high conversion rates.

✅ Pricing

On average, an established Instagram account with 10K followers will cost around $100. If an Instagram account has 50K followers, it will cost about $500. Depending on the buyer’s needs, the account purchase price will vary.

✅ Reliability

Because of its high follower count, conversion rate, and user reach, buying mature Instagram accounts is an ideal choice for businesses. You can develop your personal brand and online business effectively thanks to this method.

✅ Verification

A verified Instagram account means having a green tick will attract more users to visit the page because it creates credibility. This is essential when you run an advertising campaign on your Instagram account.

✅ Age of Accounts

The older an Instagram account is, the more trustworthy it is for the brand. This creates a good opportunity to attract and reach users when using this social platform.

✅ Payment Methods

The payment method is extremely simple. You can pay using e-wallet, credit card, bitcoin, etc. through the trusted Instagram account selling platform.

buy aged instagram accounts
Buying aged Instagram account helps you run effective advertising campaigns

2. Benefits of buying Instagram accounts

Some benefits of buying an aged Instagram account that you should know:

  • Reach users: An Instagram account with a high number of followers will attract a large audience.
  • Enhance credibility: An older Instagram account will increase the credibility of the brand.
  • Effective marketing strategy: Extended reach suitable for Instagram marketing purposes.
  • Make money easily: Make money easier when you have a certain number of followers and high reach.
  • Save time: Instagram development takes a lot of time, so buying an account helps businesses gather followers right from the start.
buy old instagram account
The benefits of using an old Instagram account you should know

3. How to Buy old Instagram Accounts Safely

Buy an old Instagram account in these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Finding accounts for sale

Choose a trustworthy platform to buy Instagram accounts. Look for established suppliers that are active and highly rated by customers. Make sure they offer verified quality accounts with high followings.

Step 2: Identify if an accounts is worth buying

Explore the platform’s inventory of your choice to find Instagram accounts that fit your goals. Check the account’s follower count, engagement metrics, and history to see if it’s worth buying.

Step 3: Making the transaction safely

Make secure transactions using a credit card or reputable online payment platform to complete the transaction. Confirm the payment process is end-to-end encrypted and your information is protected.

buy instagram account
Buy an Instagram account in just 3 simple steps

4. Tips for Purchasing Instagram Accounts Safely

Some tips when you intend to buy aged instagram accounts from the account owner:

  • Check old usernames: This will help you avoid the risk of account violations and know if the account has been for sale before.
  • Buy an account that fits your goals: Buy an account with an established following and target audience in your field of interest.
  • Change the account’s associated email address and password: Change the account login information so the owner can’t restore the account.
  • Choose a secure payment method: If using PayPal to pay, use the “Pay for an item or service” option to ensure a secure transaction.
buy aged instagram accounts midman
Choose a trustworthy provider that ensures the account complies with the platform’s policies

5. Best Sites To Buy Instagram Accounts

Introducing to you 5 reliable platforms to buy aged Instagram accounts below:


With years of experience in the industry, Mid-Man is a trusted Instagram account selling platform. They always provide you with the best products and services as well as competitive prices. In addition, they also support you economically and with solutions that suit your budget.

Pricing: $69

how to buy aged instagram accounts
Mid-Man is a reputable, trustworthy Instagram account provider


UseViral is a trusted platform that is known to lead the industry when it comes to providing customers with verified Instagram accounts. Using this provider’s account, you can develop advertising campaigns effectively by optimizing costs and making the most of your presence.

Pricing: $77

Social Tradia

Social Tradia is the right choice if you intend to buy an Instagram account to promote your brand. They will provide handpicked accounts that come with authentic followers.

Pricing: $87

can you buy aged instagram accounts
Social Tradia always provides Instagram accounts with authentic followers


SidesMedia will provide you with a verified Instagram account with a green tick and a huge number of followers and high reach. They will provide you with a tracking code so you can track your order from payment to receipt.

Pricing: $74

Insta Sale

InstaSale is a trusted Instagram account selling company. They have a user-friendly interface and a high level of security so your personal information stays private. Additionally, they offer the ability to quickly trade Instagram accounts for sale.

Pricing: $83

6. FAQs

What is an aged Instagram account?

An old Instagram account is a long-standing account with a huge number of followers and high reach.

Is it safe to buy old Instagram accounts?

If you buy Instagram accounts through reputable platforms, there is no need to worry about whether it is safe or not.

How to Ensure Safety for Aged Instagram Accounts?

You should use money-back guarantee intermediary services when you need to buy Instagram accounts. This way, you will be sure that the account you buy is legitimate.

Above are the steps and some tips when buying aged Instagram accounts. Hopefully through this article, readers will choose a reputable platform to buy Instagram accounts to develop and promote their brand effectively.

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