October 15 2022


If you are just starting to use Instagram and want to build awareness of your brand and followers quickly, buy Instagram aged accounts is a great idea. You may be wondering, “What were the aged Instagram accounts and how can they help your profile?” Read this article together with Mid-Man to remove those questions.

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1. Exactly what are the Aged Instagram Accounts

The term “aged Instagram accounts” refers to those that were created a few years or months ago but are no longer active by the maker. They might range in age from six months to ten years. These accounts are advantageous to purchase because they are well-established and have a sizable following. With the aid of these accounts, you may see the outcomes of your advertising efforts right away.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
Exactly what are the Aged Instagram Accounts

2. How to determine an Instagram Account’s Age?

If you have full access to your account, you can locate the original date the account was created in settings (wheel on mobile version). We advise checking the creation dates of any aged Instagram accounts you buy to make sure you are buying quality goods.

buy Instagram aged accounts
How to determine an Instagram Account’s Age?

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3. How to buy Aged Instagram accounts for sale?

You have to follow some very simple steps to get aged Instagram accounts. You only need to visit the website and look for the Instagram accounts that are for sale. You will find several categories with accounts having varying numbers of followers, verification status, and other information. Select the account that best fits your needs and go through all of its details to learn more. As soon as you are pleased, buy the pack.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
How to buy Instagram Aged Accounts?

4. Difference between aged Instagram accounts and new Instagram accounts

First of all, for some people, the concept of purchasing an Instagram account may be fresh. However, it has existed for a while.

Purchasing Instagram accounts is a fantastic method to launch your business rapidly. The accounts typically have a particular amount of natural followers as well as certain postings.

As a result, an Instagram account will have established and attracted an audience when it is acquired. However, there are other levels and different types of Instagram profiles, each with a different amount of followers, target audience, and engagement rate.

Although there are different levels of value and advantage offered by aged accounts, these must always be evaluated and estimated before purchase. The limited value of the new accounts is a given. With new Instagram accounts, one must take steps to convince the algorithm that the account is legitimate and not fraudulent.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
Difference between aged Instagram accounts and new Instagram accounts

Of course, there are many methods to quickly expand a new account. One of these strategies requires buying likes and followers to stand out in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. You can get support from many services, including FeedPixel and many more.

However, it could result in you paying more money than you would have if you had chosen to purchase aged Instagram accounts. Either way, creating new accounts requires extra time and work. The future chapter will cover the reasons why purchasing an older account saves from all of this headache and more.

5. Why buy aged Instagram accounts?

These are the two main justifications for buy aged Instagram accounts

  • The obvious motives include expanding your company’s revenue and/or Instagram’s market share.
  • The algorithm has a higher level of confidence in older accounts. Additionally, you may already have fans that want to interact with your content.

Because otherwise creating a new account from scratch will demand significantly more commitment and work.

As was already indicated, using growth platforms to expand new accounts is conceivable, but this is not the greatest approach to developing a strong profile.

So, you might be wondering what to look for when purchasing an older account.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
Why buy Instagram aged accounts?

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6. Where buy old Instagram account?

There are companies where buy Instagram aged accounts can be acquired, or they may be bought online. There are opportunities to buy bogus accounts, shoutouts on top Instagram accounts, and accounts with a sizable follower base among these. However, Mid-Man is the finest location to buy aged Instagram accounts.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
Where buy Instagram Aged Accounts?

Buyers and suppliers receive the best service possible from Mid-Man. Our marketplace is one of the biggest and safest for purchasing Instagram accounts. We can provide you with a verified Instagram account for a fair price.

You may quickly increase your online visibility and establish connections with your target market by purchasing Instagram accounts from Mid-Man, and we’ll help you launch your business there.


Mid-Man carefully examines each account to ensure it has a strong business potential before it is advertised for sale. They all have excellent growth potential, whether they are high-value or low-value.

Safe transaction

Both buyers and sellers are protected at Mid-Man. Due to our extensive background as a middleman in the trading of Social Media accounts, we possess all the expertise required to assure secure transactions. Along with quality, one of the core principles we promote on the website is security.


The user-friendly interface offered by Convenient Mid-Man makes it straightforward for consumers to find the right account. We have a simple system for buyers that allows you to post the accounts online and get in touch with possible consumers from any location in the world.

To accelerate your transaction even faster, we also employ several Google Adwords and social media promotion methods.

Buy Instagram Aged Accounts
User friendly Mid-Man website interface

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Hope this article will help you when buy Instagram aged accounts and help you gain more knowledge to do business on Instagram. Follow Mid-Man for the latest updates on Instagram and other social networking sites. Thank you for following our article.

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