September 2 2023


Instagram is popular among travelers and photographers alike. You can easily share your experiences with family, friends, and distant acquaintances.  So you’ve decided how to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts. Is that possible? Yes, it’s super easy to switch between them, and there are guides for those who aren’t sure how. You can do it too! And is it the right decision? We think so. Here’s why!

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1. Why Should You Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

There are multiple reasons why startups should consider creating and managing several Instagram accounts on top of one another.

multiple instagram accounts

Step 1 – Separating your personal and professional lives: Protecting your life as an entrepreneur or business owner is critical. Potential consumers should never see what you do outside of work hours.

Likewise, inundating colleagues and friends with business-related posts will not deepen any connection. It’s also a terrible form to add colleagues on Facebook.

The best way to keep your personal and professional lives separate is to create a social network account that does not link with everyone you know who could become interested in what you do!

Step 2 – Taking Full Advantage of Business Perks: One can benefit from access to a more powerful analytic toolset as a business entity.

At the same time, some online advertising services may be exclusive to commercial accounts on some social media platforms.

Step 3 – Changing Privacy Settings: Everyone has something they might not want everyone to know about.

That is why having numerous accounts on the internet can be helpful and give you an extra degree of privacy.

You can even private your other accounts and choose who has the right to view your posts.

Step 4 – Having lots of interests can be like having many partners: It can make you interesting, but it also means that you have to manage each interest differently so you don’t get mixed up in who you are and your priorities to those around you.

Owning multiple Instagram accounts has many of benefits, and creating an Instagram account is free. You can create an additional Instagram account to experience these benefits or buy Instagram accounts through Mid-Man.

When you create multiple Instagram accounts, minor pains come along with the majorly rewarding benefits.

Namely, you have to switch back and forth between accounts before posting, which is not as bad as it sounds.

Possible drawbacks of having multiple Instagram accounts include getting your posts mixed up and wasting time switching between them or accidentally liking an old post from a disconnected account on your home screen.

If you mess up, don’t fret: there’s a solution. Go to the ellipsis at the top right corner of your post and click Delete. Choose the Archive option if you want to hide your post from your profile without deleting it completely.

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2. How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

We will guide how to create multiple Instagram accounts in detail below:

2.1 A new account

Starting with something as fundamental as creating an Instagram account, we’ll go over something that might seem incredibly basic: how to do it.

The same rules apply whether you’re a beginner with your first account or a seasoned professional working account.

  • Launch the Instagram app.

multiple instagram accounts

  • At the bottom-right of the screen, click the symbol of your profile photo.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Click on your account’s name.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Choose “Try a New Account”.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Choose to Create New Account.
  • Create a username and password, then complete your profile information.

multiple accounts instagram

  • Click the Next button.

can i have 2 instagram accounts

If you would like to create an Instagram account from your desktop, a few simple steps are in order:

  • Launch your desktop web browser.

can you have multiple instagram accounts

  • Visit Instagram at

multiple instagram accounts one email

  • Log out of any Instagram accounts you already have.

manage multiple instagram accounts

  • Click the Sign-Up button.

can you have multiple instagram accounts with one email

  • Please enter your email address.
  • Create a username and password, then complete your profile information.

create multiple instagram accounts

  • And finally, click the Sign-up button.

Now you’ve got a brand new Instagram account created by your pal who works at Instagram.

2.2 A second account

Adding an account to your app can be quite simple, but there is a back and forth. You need to follow these specific instructions to add a new account you created elsewhere or earlier.

  • Launch the Instagram app.

multiple instagram accounts

  • At the bottom-right of the screen, click the symbol of your profile photo.

multiple instagram accounts

  • In the top-right corner of the screen, press the three horizontal lines.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Choose Settings.

multiple accounts instagram

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Add Account button.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Choose Log In to Existing Account.

can you have multiple instagram accounts with one email

  • Log in using your account information.

create multiple instagram accounts

Remember that after you post a picture on your account, all of your connections, who may also have Instagram accounts, will be able to see the image unless you manually set up other privacy settings.

So if you don’t want to get notifications from your high school friends every time you take a photo with your phone, it might be a good idea not to “follow” their profiles.

2.3 How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts With One Email Address?

Even though creating multiple Instagram accounts using the same email address is impossible, a simple hack can allow you to do just that.

multiple instagram accounts

Do you know how Gmail accounts have extra options when you put a “+” in front of your email id, like creating new emails?

Well, Instagram has that too! And all it takes is putting + in your existing username for Instagram and all the other social media sites to work.

An example would be using a Gmail address, such as [email protected], and then being able to add on to the email by creating different parts of your contact information using “+”.

For example, adding an “+instagram” signifies that you have another email address relating to the social media site Instagram.

There are many social media accounts where you can use the same email address you would like to use on five different accounts.

All of your Instagram notifications will be delivered to the primary id [email protected].

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3. How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Once you’ve set up multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll want to manage them all efficiently. Here’s how you can do them.

3.1 Who Needs To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

If you have numerous Instagram accounts, it might be too much for you to manage them all.  Nowadays, many celebrities and celebs keep a personal account and an acct for the brand they sell a product on.

Whether you create content for your endeavors or a company, sometimes you don’t just have to focus on one thing.  Fortunately, when you use the desktop app, there are multiple ways to manage that time and stay organized!

Working with multiple Instagram accounts can be a frustrating experience. Still, it doesn’t have to be since now you can manage as many Instagram accounts as you like on your personal computer!

The Shift creates workspaces that allow you to manage multiple Instagram accounts and other social media apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, etc.), all in one space.

It makes it easy to organize the various tools and apps according to the types of work they’re used for.  Workspace aims to increase manager productivity by organizing apps so you can manage your social media alongside other social media all from within Shift!

how to create multiple instagram accounts
If you have multiple Instagram accounts, managing them is essential

3.2 Ways To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

3.2.1 Adding Various Accounts On Phone

With so many users, managing multiple Instagram accounts can be difficult. Connecting numerous Instagram accounts to the Instagram app on your phone allows you to manage them all at once.

  • Navigate to your profile page on Instagram.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Select Settings from the hamburger menu.

multiple accounts instagram

  • Tap the Add Account button.

multiple instagram accounts

  • Fill in the login credentials for the account you’d like to add. And tap the Login button.

create multiple instagram accounts

  • Return to Settings and choose Set up Multi-Account Login to make it easier to access numerous Instagram accounts with a single login.
  • Select the account you wish to use to log in to your accounts. It is important to note that anyone with access to your selected account will also access other linked accounts.
  • Steps 1 through 5 should be repeated for each account you want to add. The Instagram app allows you to create a maximum of five accounts.

3.2.2 Switching accounts

Step 1: Tap your username in the top left corner of your profile page.

Step 2: Select the account you wish to use. The chosen account will be opened.

Step 3: You may post, comment, like, and participate as much as you like on this account. When you’re ready to swap accounts, touch our username again to pick a different account.

Please note that your Instagram account may be associated with multiple other accounts as requested or for another reason. Before interacting with or commenting on new content, always check to ensure you’re on the right profile.

3.2.3 Removing accounts

Removing an account from the official Instagram app is not very hard. Here’s a quick guide explaining how you can accomplish this task yourself.

Please keep in mind that if you’ve enabled Multi-Account Login, you’ll need to disable it before you can remove individual accounts. Skip to Step 4 if you haven’t activated Multi-Account Login.

Tap the hamburger symbol in your profile, Settings, and Multi-Account Login.

Step 1: Deselect the account you wish to delete, then click the Remove button in the pop-up window. (Although you can be done, you haven’t removed the account from your app—you’ve only removed it from the Multi-Account Login.) There are a few additional actions to remove it from the app.)

Step 2: Return to your profile and choose the account you wish to delete.

Step 3: Select Settings from the hamburger menu.

Step 4: Then, tap Log Out [username] in the pop-up window.

Step 5: When you return to your profile and touch on your username, you will notice that the deleted account is no longer in the drop-down menu.

3.3 Can You Merge Multiple Instagram Accounts?

While you can have as many Instagram accounts as your heart can handle, you cannot merge these accounts.

You must create a separate account for each one instead (and use a different phone number or email address – one dedicated to Instagram or Facebook).

At this time, the only way to merge followers and content from two separate accounts into one account is by following people on both accounts and then reposting any shared photos.

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In today’s increasingly connected digital world, quite a few manage multiple social media accounts. Impromptu social media personalities help get the word out about different projects they may be in charge of, or perhaps just because it makes them feel good to take a step back from life and relax with their other hobbies.

Whatever your reasons for wanting how to manage multiple Instagram accounts, we hope this article makes that easier than ever. Let’s look forward to the next articles of Mid-Man!

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