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  • Cuenta de casi dos millones

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    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.

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  • US Softreg TikTok Account with Followers

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    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.


  • vendo cuenta tiktok 61k / account 61k

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  • Tiktok account with 52k followers and 1.1m+ likes

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Frequently Asked Question

It is 100% safe and there is absolutely no risk for your TikTok account being banned by trading it. However, before each transaction, the buyer needs to carefully check the quality of the account. Just to make sure that there are no prior violations for future development.

It is recommended for the buyers to check the account carefully before making any transactions. The concerns are related to the growth potential of the account, the quality of followers, copyrights, and the prices compared to other similar accounts to choose the best quality product.

Depending on the difficulty of each platform and the online time of the seller, the time to receive the account will be different. With TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it might take 1 day to update the information of the new owner. So we generally require that each transaction will be processed maximum within 3 days.

Meanwhile, YouTube is different since it takes 7 days to completely update the information of the new owner, according to the Google policy.

Mid-Man accepts different means of payment, including Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney.

In Mid-Man, we are always committed to protecting buyers and sellers when making secure transactions. After finishing the transaction, the warranty responsibility will be kept by the seller. Depending on the type of account, we will ask the seller to have a short or long warranty.

However, we also encourage buyers to choose providers with high ratings, who have worked for a long time on the floor, to get the best warranty after buying.

It seems illegal to buy accounts directly, as seen in its terms and conditions. Still, we have ways to get  TikTok accounts for sales without breaking the rules. The ins and outs will be unveiled in the next sections.

Should you buy TikTok accounts for sale?

Long answer short: certainly! We will show you why having accounts is crucial in your life. Let us break it up into 3 main reasons:

Saves time and effort to grow TikTok Account/Business/Brand

TikTok also captivates marketers worldwide. It’s non-debatable about leveraging massive platforms’ influence on the audience.  Better yet, the app grows as a prosperous land for marketing with over 1 billion active users and 2.6 billion app downloads. 

Don’t stay behind the curve! Tiktok allows you to make your brand messages far-out and precise in video format. Starting the conversations, building rapport, and interacting with your followers are good to go as well. 

Thus, epic dancing videos are the stepping stone to building up your business. 

You definitely grow more easily with a real following already. They tend to love the content or topic of the account. This also means that you will gain a loyal fan base of followers who can become future customers purchasing your products or services.

In addition, buying Tiktok accounts saves a lot of time. In this case, you can take advantage of such a fantastic opportunity to consider unique, high-quality material for your Tiktok business.

Moreover, compared to developing from scratch, which can take months or even years to get “traction,” the accounts with existing followers will be strongly recommended by TikTok when uploading videos. Besides, according to the user behavior, watchers always prefer watching videos of accounts with thousands of followers over videos posted by people with very few followers. A well-positioned account will make it easier for you to capture the attention of your audience.

tiktok account for sale
Save time to grow your business brand

Increase brand credibility by purchasing “Verified TikTok Accounts”

When you have a verified TikTok account, you will appear more credible to TikTok users. Verification entails authenticity and credibility; the blue badge will add a layer of integrity to your account, resulting in huge fame.

Even better, when a user searches for a name or term in the search field, verified accounts frequently appear first.

Getting a verified account on TikTok can help you gain more exposure, which will eventually lead to organic growth in visitors who may become your followers.

Because of its higher placement in the search result, videos from your verified account are more likely to appear on the For You page.

Increasing visibility by purchasing TikTok accounts

Brands use TikTok influencers to sell their products because of their visibility. This is due to the fact that you have mastered the skill of engaging with your audience in order to increase brand awareness and insight. As a result, people have faith in what they have to offer.

Visibility can perfectly sell on TikTok. That is why people prefer to watch a video made by a customer with a large number of likes and follows over content posted by someone with a small number of followers. A verified TikTok account with a lot of followers makes it easy to get noticed and engage with the audience.

tiktok account for sell
Verified TikTok accounts

Buy verified TikTok account to gain popularity

Because not everyone is a celebrity, and a lot of people have to start from scratch, buying a TikTok account is exactly what is going on with social media. Considering you’ll need to complete additional get-togethers, purchasing an account is the quickest way to the summit. When people regard you as credible and well-known, you gain popularity, and they will enjoy and favor your stuff.

TikTok is an awe-inspiring social media app at no extra cost to you. It lets you watch, create, and share videos with the top hit soundtrack right from your smartphone. 

This promising land goes viral worldwide based on a myriad of inspiring-top-trend videos. The global youth becomes addicted to the app’s magic at large. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free video streaming platform that enables you to make, watch, and share short-form videos, mostly user-generated videos and people lip-synching to the top hits.  

Besides songs, users get free to dance or talk as well. You can also browse and react to others’ content with seeming ease. The searching process is simplified as all videos are grouped by hashtags corresponding to memes, current events, and challenges. 

Unlimited topics, styles, songs, and music genres available on TikTok make it awesome and enticing. Most importantly, its videos go with the most up-to-date songs and trends worldwide. 

buy tiktok accounts cheap
TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app

How does Tiktok work?

Signing up for the app is simple with just a TikTok email address, phone number, or a third-party account like Instagram, or Facebook, to name a few.

Once logged in, finding videos, popular creators, and categories (sports, animals, comedy,…) is as easy as pie.  

How about finding friends and befriending them on the app? No matter! Phone contacts and social media followers aid this process. 

To summarize, users could create, post videos themselves, or follow content creators randomly. 

Tiktok accounts for sale
How does Tiktok work?

Is buying TikTok accounts legal?

Behind all the hype on TikTok accounts selling, many are concerned about the process’ legality. It isn’t technically allowed to buy accounts as stated on its terms and conditions. 

Still, it’s a murky area as there are no specific laws for this process. In other words, you will get into no trouble provided that you know how to get around the guidelines. 

Otherwise, it’s a big buzzkill for any users holding a pricey account and spending hours to make it grow exponentially if they violate the app’s policies. 

buy tiktok accounts
Buying TikTok is a legal in Canada, in the United States, or anywhere

How much is a TikTok account worth?

As anticipated, the price often depends on the follower base. There are some approximate calculations to show you: 

  • 500k-1M+ ~ $1k-$30k
  • 100k-500k ~ $1k-$5k
  • 50k-100k ~ $500-$1000
  • 10k-50k followers ~ $100-$500
  • 1k-10k followers ~ $100

Still, other key factors will contribute to the account’s value, such as engagement rate, niche, recent activity, and more. 

Where can you buy and sell TikTok Accounts?

We highly recommended 12 places for qualified accounts buying: 

Mid-man: David Hayes, an expert in developing social media, launched this rookie in 2021. It comes to life coping with the fraud existing and boosting the accounts purchase effectively and affordably. From there, customers could control their accounts’ organic growth better. 

Audience Gain: Not just a great account-buying place, it also has a support chatbox, allowing you to send feedback. It always does the trick in enhancing its service quality. 

EazyViral: Looking for the best secure and safe TikTok accounts? There is no reason for you to overlook this option, which was a prestigious name long ago. No one can undervalue its great guarantee policies.

ACC Farm: No wonder about the products’ quality there. It offers clients 100% security as well as 24/7 support.

AppSally: It’s a promising option to make your profile look good and grow your business as well.

FameSeller: It’s full of accessible and protected accounts that easily meet your needs. It appears as a potential marketplace in the industry.

Swap Socials: It says “no” to low-qualified accounts, so no worries come in once you buy accounts there. Based on your desired followers and likes, it can give you the best options.

Work: Nothing is better than getting top-rated accounts with high engagement and cheap prices. Buying and delivery process will be done within a couple of hours. Beyond that, each profile has its unique IP address, so you can rest assured about losing accounts if something goes wrong.

Famebolt: Having accounts with big viewership is what all customers head for. Go for Famebolt, which is a stepping stone to exchanging digital commodities. This marketplace is compatible with various payment methods, like Bitcoin, bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

ACCS Market: A marketplace allows you to buy more than one account safely. It provides a mountain of verified TikTok accounts without seller fraud risks.

Tiktok accounts for sale
Mid Man is a marketplace that allows you to buy more than one account safely

What types of  TikTok verified accounts for sale should you sell?

In fact, personal accounts will be more complicated to sell than the ones built with consistent content in a niche or business.

For example, with your personal account, your account’s followers may prefer you for who you are rather than the style of channel content you build. 

So, if someone else buys this account from you, they may not be able to maintain the channel due to viewer abandonment.

In contrast, with accounts that don’t show the owner’s face but only review products, and unbox buyers, can continue producing similar content without too much difficulty after buying it.

Therefore, when setting up a Tik Tok account, you should clearly define your goals and build a content strategy that is straightforward and attractive.

Tiktok Accounts For Sale
Grow and sell a TikTok account

What to remember when you buy a TikTok account cheap

Hold on! Before handing over your money to buy TikTok accounts cheap, it’s worth noting these things:

  • Stay Within Your Niche: no users owning an account full of hip-hop videos want a new account all about Jazz. Your audiences are into the current joy you bring, and you may lose them if your upcoming content is no longer what they like. Hence, stick to your current niche!
  • Get The Correct Email & Password: once your vendor isn’t upfront about the email and password for the account, they may report that their account is hacked. Your new account, afterward, is at risk of losing. 
  • Change Email & Password: Change the email and password right after each real deal. This step impedes the old vendor from accessing your new account. 
  • Only Use Goods & Services on PayPal helps protect your exchanging money from the scam. The feature allows you to ask for a refund if needed. 
buy tiktok account cheap
Only Use Goods & Services on PayPal helps protect your exchanging money\

FAQs On Tiktok Accounts For Sale

Why do I need a TikTok account for sale?

The short and sweet answer is Huge Money. For instance, a user with 50,000 TikTok followers makes roughly $400 — $900.

Is buying a TikTok account for sell safe?

Yes. Go for Mid-man and get more TikTok Accounts to buy safely. This marketplace provides the most secure accounts for sale, as safety is its first and foremost core value. Thus, no worries exist if you get new accounts from this supplier.

Do people get paid on TikTok?

Eager to earn money without further ado? It goes for any user of 18 years or older having a baseline of 10,000 followers. Also, you have to gain at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days to monetize from TikTok’s Creator Fund.  

Do I check the TikTok account before I buy?

Of course, yes. Many marketplaces, like Mid-Man, may send you links before you buy an account. Typically, clients could try out an account with 10,000 or 15,000 followers to test in advance. You could get one with a larger followers’ number if it’s fine. 

What is the payment method?

How to buy a TikTok account? There are many ways to pay for new accounts, such as Bank transfer, Credit card via Western Union, Perfect Money, Skrill, Remitly, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, WebMoney, and Payoneer. 

How much does it cost to buy a TikTok account?

No one has the account’s precise revenue. As aforementioned, we can somewhat evaluate an account’s cost via the followers’ number, engagement metric, and the account’s quality. 

For instance, the account’s prices at Mid-man range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand with corresponding followers. 

How much is an account with 100k followers worth?

The followers’ amount determines the account’s value. On average, an account with 100k followers may cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.

In a nutshell

TikTok accounts for sale are a center of discussion, notably when TikTok grows its popularity exponentially. Now, Mid Man unveiled several key issues surrounding buying these accounts. Hopefully, you can get your safety as possible and have bliss using this far-out app.