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Do you want to buy Facebook accounts but don’t know where to find a reliable and safe place? Are you worried about being scammed or having your account locked? If you are facing these problems, then this article is for you. 

Here is a list of 5 reputable websites to choose from and make safe purchases.


Pros Cons Payment Methods


✅ Mid-Man Swift acquisition process. 25% discount on bulk purchases. Timely delivery and high-quality service. Responsive customer support. Multiple payment options. No identified weaknesses. Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, Discover 4.5/5
✅ UseViral Excellent Facebook profiles. Outstanding customer service. Reputation for business quality. Secure and safe service. Flexible packaging options. Limited payment options. Not specified 4.5/5
✅ SidesMedia Access to both new and old Facebook accounts. Wide variety of social media services. Swift delivery. Time-saving approach. Limited control over the account creation process. Not specified 4.5/5
✅ Accs Market Quality services at affordable prices. Different account types. Flexible packages. Multiple payment options. Refund procedure. Issues with account authenticity. Minimal age-related data. Not specified 4/5
✅ Growthoid Professional assistance. The significant number of Facebook profiles. Monitoring and statistics. Dedicated customer help. Cost-effective pricing. Variability in Facebook page buying. Not specified 4.5/5

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1. Mid-Man

Score: 4,5/5

If you’re seeking a reliable solution to boost your social media presence, look no further than Mid-Man, authentic Facebook account vendors, and enhanced engagement on your social media platforms. 

Mid-Man is one of the units that sell Facebook accounts for sale that many people choose. Mid-Man distinguishes itself in the digital marketing realm with a range of strengths that cater to the needs of businesses and individuals looking to achieve lasting and effective results. Visit for more information and to explore the options that suit your social media marketing needs.


  • Buying a Facebook account has always been challenging. Mid-Man simplifies the process, allowing you to acquire an account swiftly.
  • Mid-Man encourages bulk purchases by offering a generous 25% discount on additional Facebook account acquisitions at the checkout page. 
  • Buy an aged Facebook account at Midman – Timely delivery and high-quality service are paramount.
  • Customer support is always within reach through live chat when buying Facebook user accounts.
  • Mid-Man accepts multiple payment methods, including Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, to facilitate ease of payment. 

❌Cons: There are no weaknesses that need to be overcome.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $3,2 for 100 followers.

facebook accounts for sale
Mid-Man is an impressive platform that offers an efficient solution

2. Buy Facebook profiles at UseViral

Score: 4,5/5

UseViral, one of the biggest social media markets, gives its customers various premium services and unmatched outcomes. This outstanding service’s ability to buy Facebook accounts sets it apart from the competition. 

It employs a tried-and-true strategy emphasizing organic development on social media platforms, engaging promotion and a guarantee of increasing audience growth. But that’s not all, UseViral goes above and beyond to offer its devoted customers additional advantages. 


  • Excellent Facebook profiles.
  • Outstanding all-the-time customer service.
  • Reputation for quality in the field of business.
  • A Secure and safe service.
  • Flexible packaging options.

❌Cons: Lack of possibilities for payment.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $3,4 for 100 followers.

buy aged facebook account
Purchases at UseViral are easy and hassle-free to make

3. SidesMedia

Score: 4,5/5

A recognized company with expertise in social media growth, SidesMedia, offers a range of services to increase engagement on numerous platforms. They provide various social media solutions and the possibility of buying new and used Facebook accounts.

It is a helpful friend for people and companies trying to increase their consumer base without dealing with the time-consuming requirements of social media management. Users with access to verified Facebook profiles can be sure that each one is authentic, validated, and fraud-free.


  • Obtain both new and old Facebook accounts for sale.
  • Services for social media in a wide variety.
  • An excellent website for Facebook account sellers for users.
  • Swift delivery of services.
  • Time-saving approach.

❌Cons: Control over the account creation procedure is restricted.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $4 for 100 followers.

buy facebook profile
The offerings from SidesMedia stand out for being reasonably priced

4. Accs Market

Score: 4/5

A Facebook account seller called Accs Market offers companies social media accounts and marketing services. They are renowned for providing high-quality, reasonably priced services and offer services to several social networking platforms.

The user experience of Accs Market is comparable to that of a conventional e-commerce site, making it simple for you to browse products and choose items to buy verified Facebook profiles. They are a business that offers verified phone numbers appropriate for social media marketing and developer activities. 


  • Excellent Quality Services at Cheap Prices.
  • Different Account Types.
  • Buying Facebook user accounts flexible packages.
  • Multiple options for payment.
  • Refund Procedure.


  • Issues with the authenticity of the account.
  • Minimal Age-Related Data.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $3 for 100 followers.

buy usa facebook account
At Accs Market, customers have the freedom to select their packages

5. Buy Facebook accounts at Growthoid

Score: 4,5/5

Users can enjoy unmatched online growth and unlock the immense potential of this well-known social media platform thanks to Growthoid’s unique service, which is focused on buying both new and used Facebook accounts. 

The platform offers price alternatives tailored to various financial situations to ensure that people and businesses can utilize their services. Growthoid provides a wide range of in-depth features and functionality designed to optimize the advantages of its service. 


  • Professional assistance to satisfy all of your needs.
  • A significant amount of Facebook profiles.
  • Monitoring and statistics.
  • Dedicated help for customers.
  • Purchase Facebook accounts with cost-effective pricing.

❌Cons: Facebook page buying could vary.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $3,8 for 100 followers.

buy aged facebook accounts
The personnel will provide customers with high-quality service

6 Bulkoid

Score: 4/5

Bulkoid is the ideal platform to purchase Facebook followers, offering real and affordable services to boost your account’s reach and popularity. They provide a starting price of $3.3 for 100 followers.

 ✅ Pros:

  • Offers real and active Facebook followers.
  • Sourced from genuine Facebook users for safe and effective results.
  • Fast and efficient delivery for rapid growth.
  • Ability to select followers based on demographics.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.

Cons:  Limited to Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Starting price of $3.3 for 100 followers

7. FastPromo

Score: 3,5/5

FastPromo is a top-notch option for buying Facebook followers, starting at $3.5 for 100 followers. Their services offer worldwide followers and are developed with social media and marketing expertise.

 ✅ Pros:

  • Provides worldwide followers for a diverse audience.
  • Reliable and effective services for enhancing your Facebook presence.
  • Affordable pricing for various budgets.

Cons: Focused on Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Starting at $3.5 for 100 followers

Buying a Facebook account

8. ViralHQ

Score: 3,5/5

ViralHQ offers quality Facebook followers with instant delivery and budget-friendly rates, starting at $8.8 for 200 followers. Their services prioritize saving your time and providing real users.

 ✅ Pros:

  • Instant delivery for quick audience growth.
  • High-quality, real followers for improved Facebook presence.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.

Cons: Limited to Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Starting at $8.8 for 200 followers

9. PromoSocials

Score: 3,5/5

PromoSocials specializes in improving the ranking of Facebook pages and profiles. They use real users to develop their services, with affordable and flexible pricing starting at $5 for 100 followers.

 ✅ Pros:

  • Quality Facebook services developed with real users.
  • Intuitive interface for easy follower purchases.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing.

Cons: Limited to Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Starting at $5 for 100 followers.

10. Buy Facebook accounts at Socials-Explore

Score: 3,5/5

Socials-Explore offers assistance in growing your audience across various social media platforms. Their services are designed for quick and effortless growth, with affordable options starting at $3.5 for 50 Facebook followers.

 ✅ Pros:

  • Convenient management of multiple social media accounts from one source.
  • Fast and straightforward order process.
  • Option to choose between page and profile followers.

Cons: Limited to Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Starting at $3.5 for 50 Facebook followers.

11. YtNotics

Score: 4/5

YtNotics provides both Facebook page and profile followers developed using real profiles. They prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring secure transactions with SSL encryption. 

 ✅ Pros:

  • Offers both Facebook page and profile followers.
  • Real profiles for successful growth.
  • Simple and secure order and payment process.

Cons: Limited to Facebook followers.

💲Pricing: Start at $5 for 150 followers.


Score: 3,5/5

FBACCS is a top choice for purchasing high-quality aged Facebook accounts for personal or corporate needs. They guarantee authentic profiles with real pictures, minimizing the risk of suspicious activity.

Pros: Accounts are suitable for marketing, and you can customize them based on age, gender, and other requirements. They offer non-PVA accounts and accept multiple payment methods.

💲Pricing: Starts at $15 for one aged Facebook account, with options for 5, 25, and a maximum of 125 aged accounts priced at $1500.

13. Buy Social Pack

Score: 3/5

Buy Social Pack is an authentic source for social media packages with a large client base and a high satisfaction rate. They offer targeted services to boost brand popularity, drive website traffic, and increase conversions.

Pros: Provides authentic accounts with real profile pictures and unique IPs. Various Facebook account options are available. Offers a full refund policy and replacements for defective accounts.

❌ Cons: Customer support is unavailable via live chat, only through email.

💲Pricing: Starts from $10, varying prices based on the specific account needs.

Facebook accounts for sale
Buy Social Pack

14. AccFarm

Score: 3/5

AccFarm is a reliable platform for buying quality social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. They cater to corporate and personal needs.

Pros: Offers a variety of Facebook accounts, such as phone-verified, software, aged, and business manager accounts. Provides unique IPs and customization options.Secure transactions and 24/7 customer support are available.

💲Pricing: Starts from $1.49, with costs potentially going up to $300 depending on the product specifications.

15. The FB Store

Score: 3/5

The FB Store specializes in premium quality aged Facebook accounts suitable for social advertising and marketing. They offer various account types, including Business Manager, Asian or USA accounts.

Pros:  Delivers original Facebook accounts with authentic photos. Reduced chance of account suspension for suspicious activities. Accounts come with enough followers for marketing.

❌ Cons: No live chat customer support.

💲Pricing: Starts from $9, with various packages available based on your needs.

16. Woorke

Score: 2,5/5

Woorke, a digital marketing company with a high customer satisfaction rate, offers various services, including buying Facebook accounts. They provide options for fresh and old accounts.

Pros: Offers premium quality accounts, a seven-day replacement guarantee, and 24/7 customer support. Accounts are created with unique IPs and verified through two-factor authentication.

💲Pricing: New accounts start at $3, while accounts with friends are $6 each, and old or aged accounts cost $12 each.

buy Facebook accounts

17. Get Accs

Score: 2/5

Get Accs is a marketplace for social media accounts and marketing services. They offer promotional services for popular social platforms and focus on affordability and quality.

Pros: User-friendly interface, real phone-verified accounts, and various Facebook account options. Full refunds and 24/7 customer support are available.

💲Pricing: $0.60 for Facebook accounts with mixed IPs, with accounts at least eight years old priced at $149.99.

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18. Types of Facebook accounts for sale 

Customers can get Facebook accounts for Sale from Mid-Man for a very affordable price. We also offer you the possibility to purchase many Facebook accounts. Please continue reading to learn more about the many Facebook accounts we offer for sale.

18.1 Fresh Facebook Accounts

These are genuine, high-quality accounts created using secured IPs. The account owners must have a profile photo and a fully developed profile. Each account has a private password, DOP, and Facebook login information.

Facebook accounts are available for purchase at various prices. Vendors often offer multiple bundles to provide clients with the flexibility to choose the best option from recently created accounts

buy account facebook
The best price is available for you to purchase this account

18.2 Aged Facebook Accounts

Several years ago, these old Facebook accounts for sale were created using secret IP addresses that were verified, devoted, and safe. The images on every profile are real and correspond to the user’s age and gender. As a result of their unique profile images, which have never been used in other shapes, they have powerful Facebook accounts that are resistant to removal.

These premium Facebook accounts are perfect for customers advertising a business, whether for your service, product posts in groups, or setting up a business ads account to generate paid adverts following adequate warm-up.

buy pva facebook account
High-quality accounts are affordable for many businesses

18.3 Phone Verified Facebook Accounts (Facebook PVA)

If you want to buy a phone-verified Facebook account (PVA), don’t miss MidMan.  These Facebook accounts are secure enough to guarantee complete account privacy and guard against account hacks because they are created using your unique phone number. 

Buy PVA Facebook account – This is thoroughly validated with a complete profile, a specific phone number, and a profile photo. Buyers frequently update their clients by providing them with the account’s login credentials, password, and DOP.

buy old facebook accounts
With the security of this form of account, buyers can feel secure

19. How to buy Facebook accounts on Mid-Man?

Indeed buying USA Facebook accounts at Mid-Man will be easier and faster than ever! We have established a simple and effective process to help you quickly own an FB account. Let’s walk through the steps below to see how to buy Facebook accounts:

✅Step 1: You need to visit Mid-Man’s website. If you already have an account on Mid-Man, log in with your credentials. You need to register a new account if you don’t have one.

facebook accounts for sale
Search for on Google and visit

✅Step 2: Next, users must click on the “Categories” section at the top of the screen and select “Facebook“. At this point, the website will redirect the screen to the service packages.

buy facebook accounts
Users click on the blue Facebook to proceed to the next step

✅Step 3: On the Facebook accounts list page, you will see a list of accounts available for purchase. Buy the Facebook accounts you want and specify the quantity if needed. Accounts may have different features and prices, so consider your choice carefully.

buy facebook profiles
The account that best meets your needs should be selected

✅Step 4: After selecting, click “Add to cart“. Then select the shopping cart image in the upper right corner of the screen to check the service package you have chosen. At this time the screen will display as shown below that we provided.

aged facebook accounts
After checking out, click on “Proceed to checkout”

✅Step 5: As a final step, you must fill in all information for delivery and proceed with payment by selecting your preferred payment method (for example, credit card, PayPal, or other methods). Remember to provide payment information and order confirmation.

facebook account for sale
The user waits for the account to be sent to their email

20. Why should you choose to buy a Facebook account?

Buying a PVA Facebook account or buying old Facebook accounts to increase online presence is becoming more popular. The number of people using social media, particularly Facebook, has increased compared to previous trends. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should buy an aged Facebook account.

20.1 The rise of online influence

According to rumours, Facebook account buying will increase a user’s social media presence by double digits and allow them to reach a larger audience. In other words, buying a Facebook account will give you access to a larger audience and boost your online influence.

buying a facebook account
Businesses can increase their market influence by purchasing account

20.2 Improve social media marketing

Additionally, obtaining accounts with a larger following makes people believe in your services, which exudes dependence. Strong social media followings can therefore accelerate the growth of social media marketing and provide a fantastic foundation for raising brand recognition.

buy a facebook account
Purchasing Facebook accounts will boost marketing growth

20.3 Scraping and Advertising Group

Another reason why companies buy Facebook accounts is to join groups for market research, and advertising requirements, or to use the already-established account to obtain access.

old facebook account for sale
To advertise products, users can access a variety of groups

21. FAQs when buying a Facebook account

Buying aged Facebook accounts can be an attractive solution to increase your social media presence. However, before you decide to buy Facebook profiles, there are some frequently asked questions that you need to consider carefully. This section will answer common questions about old Facebook accounts for sale.

21.1 Other services help Facebook accounts grow.

Mid-Man recognizes that each customer has specific requirements, and we want to support your success with your Facebook marketing plan. Because of this, we have developed a range of Facebook Marketing Packages to suit any spending limit or professional objective. Examine it below:

  • Views on Facebook videos.
  • Facebook evaluations.
  • Friends on Facebook.
  • Fans on Facebook.
  • Comments on Facebook.
  • Likes on Facebook.
  • Shares on Facebook.

21.2 Is buying a Facebook account legal?

Yes, legal Facebook account purchase. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the Facebook terms and conditions and make sure the accounts you buy follow them. It will be easier for you to avoid problems with the law or violations if your Facebook account is for sale from reliable merchants who offer real and valid profiles.

21.3 Criteria for choosing to buy a safe Facebook account

When purchasing Facebook accounts to enhance your social presence, prioritizing security is crucial. Mid-Man provides valuable considerations and safety advice:

  1. Verify the authenticity of accounts by examining their activity history, ensuring frequent posts and interactions.
  2. Choose reputable sellers through thorough research, user reviews, and recommendations to avoid fraudulent profiles.
  3. Immediately change login information with secure passwords and enable two-factor authentication for added security.
  4. Adjust privacy settings according to your preferences, controlling the visibility of posts, conversations, and personal information.
  5. Update account recovery details, including phone number and email address, to prevent unauthorized access.

Following these guidelines from Mid-Man minimizes risks and ensures a secure online presence when purchasing Facebook accounts.

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These are the top 7 places to buy Facebook accounts, so keep them in mind. You should read the terms and policies of each website to ensure everything runs smoothly. Mid-Man hopes this article has provided helpful information and helped you choose a Facebook account that suits your needs. Good luck!

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