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Do you want to buy a Facebook account but don’t know where to find a reliable and safe place? You are worried about being scammed or having your account locked? If you are facing these problems, then this article is for you. Mid-Man will introduce you to the 7 best websites for your recommendations when customers want to buy Facebook accounts. 

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1. Advantages of account quality Facebook

The advantages of purchasing a PVA Facebook account are listed below for users’ reference:

1.1 Real accounts

Older accounts tend to be more accurate and are often the case. You may know the adverse effects of buying phony accounts, such as suspensions and bans, on your business. 

No matter what digital marketing tactics you’re using now, buying a Facebook account with cookies should be your priority. You don’t want to waste money on phony accounts, after all.

buy a facebook account
Avoid scams by buy aged Facebook account

1.2 Real person

Before applying for commercial campaigns, Facebook administrators recognize old accounts as real profiles or persons, who are your most essential assets. They are impervious to reviews because Facebook perceives them as customers or fanatics. 

It’s because most old Facebook profiles display standard, authentic actions including postings, comments, and comments, as well as comprehensive bios and profile pictures.

buying a facebook account
Real users’ Facebook will show the latest activity

1.3 Full access

You might be aware that newly created Facebook accounts cannot access some features linked to business activities. The ability to contribute to or participate in on-platform business activity is available to buy a Facebook account. To assist the growth of your business within the Facebook ecosystem, you can now use the old Facebook accounts in various ways.

facebook account buy
Aged Facebook accounts are still fully functional

1.4 No limits

You may already be familiar with the options for buying aged Facebook accounts. No one will prevent you from adding people as friends, creating interesting remarks, sending and receiving messages, sharing the page, and many other things. You may use those old Facebook profiles as if they were your own.

buy facebook accounts
You can use many features of Facebook

1.5 Real friends

The fact that most old Facebook accounts already have many genuine friends and followers is another of their main advantages. Therefore, consider the possibility that you buy Facebook account with friends and utilize them to promote your goods or services through their timeline, comments, or review options. 

account quality facebook
Buy Facebook accounts with friends to increase sales

1.6 Real time activities

Aged Facebook accounts have real-time, not simulated, activity. If you’re using them to help your social media marketing effort, it demonstrates high relevancy. Not only do they impress the system, but they also persuade other interested potential customers to click your company’s link. Keep in mind that today’s consumers are savvy and conduct their research.

facebook account for sale
Your Facebook account should be active in real-time

1.7 Real information

Facebook administrators favorably view old accounts because they still include accurate information. If you’ve been using the site for a long, you should be aware of the important roles that reliable information plays. These enable you to employ them more versatilely for various company needs. 

facebook accounts for sale
You should understand the role of account quality Facebook

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2. 7 Best sites to buy account Facebook

Mid-Man would like to share the top 7 prominent websites with consumers in order to assist them to acquire quality Facebook accounts:

2.1 Midman 

On May 3rd, 2021, Nguyen Cao Chi, a long-time YouTuber, Facebooker, and TikToker with several successful projects, founded and developed Mid-Man. Mid-Man’s services have aided hundreds of brands and businesses in their success on Facebook for the past two years.

Each account at Mid-Man will cost between $69 and $10.000, depending on how many people follow it. This money is definitely worth the customer’s money with such quality. If you want to buy a Facebook account, please visit Mid-Man!

You can refer to several crucial aspects:

  • Mid-Man always looks out and renews operational communication to improve and expand our capacity for the highest-quality services.
  • Mid-Man will always provide all desired services with the utmost care and excellence.
  • For the strong support of our clients, Mid-Man will purposefully develop and safeguard our brand.
  • Mid-Man will study and create current marketing techniques to give our consumers the most value possible and provide high-quality services that meet client requests.
buy old facebook accounts
You’ll receive a high-quality Facebook account from Mid-Man

2.2 UseViral

Useviral, one of the biggest social media markets with cutting-edge technology and first-rate services that promise incomparable customer outcomes. The core of Useviral’s operating strategy is achieving organic growth on social media, which is accomplished by following a tried-and-true plan.  

Additionally, accounts may be purchased for as little as $2.99, a reasonable cost that fits many users’ and companies’ budgets.

The UseViral website has the following features:

  • It allows you to concentrate on producing quality content that boosts traffic and conversions while helping to increase customer engagement.
  • Provides a secure and safe solution that safeguards and upholds your company’s reputation.
  • Offers consistent customer assistance, giving prompt answers to queries and efficient problem resolution.
buy aged facebook account
Facebook accounts for sale are available through UseViral

2.3 SidesMedia

SidesMedia is one of the most incredible places to buy Facebook accounts and promises long-lasting success. The service is safe, offers quick delivery, and good interaction, and is supported by top-notch customer service. The more Facebook accounts you purchase at SideMedia, the more free accounts you receive, with each additional account costing $2.

Key Characteristics of SideMedia:

  • 10x growth, retention, and engagement guaranteed. 
  • Exclusively makes use of natural approaches for Facebook accounts. 
  • Real accounts are provided, and consumer content and profile optimization determine success. 
  • To utilize the service, no secure login credentials are needed. 
buy aged facebook accounts
Buy USA Facebook account at SidesMedia to increase awareness

2.4 Get Accs

With various marketing services and the ability to sell and buy social media accounts, Get Accs touts itself as the leading marketplace for social media accounts. The business claims that secure promotion techniques will significantly increase sales and revenue. 

Buy Facebook accounts from Get Accs for $100 or less. As a result, users can get high-quality accounts at the lowest possible cost.

Key attributes of the Get Accs website:

  • Offers the option of a refund to customers who are dissatisfied or who decide not to utilize the accounts.
  • Prompt delivery is ensured with a turnaround period of 7 to 10 days for multiple account purchases.
  • Live chat, email, and phone are all available for customer service around-the-clock.
buy usa facebook account
Users can buy Facebook profiles at an affordable price


With a safe and simple method, FBACCS is a dependable source for buy a Facebook account. The services provided by FBACCS can help businesses who want to start a fruitful Facebook advertising campaign. A corporate Facebook account will cost around $150 as part of the FBACS package.

Key Elements of FBACCS: 

  • Email verification is used to confirm that Facebook accounts are legitimate to reduce the risk of false or illegal accounts. 
  • Cheap, dependable, and cost-effective accounts.
  • Verification of accounts using the user’s gender, profile photo, and birthdate.
  • Options that can be modified to meet specific needs. 
  • Numerous choices for accounts.
  • Setup and use that is convenient and simple.
buy usa facebook accounts
FBACCS specializes in selling aged Facebook accounts

2.6 Woorke

Woorke is a valued company that offers social media services and has a successful track record. This company, boasts over 15,500 happy customers and over 190 services, and provides a wide range of solutions for companies wishing to improve their internet presence. 

Woorke offers Facebook PVA accounts worldwide, including the UK, US, Germany, and more, starting at just $3.

Key characteristics: 

  • Buy Facebook profiles realistic are manually designed. 
  • Accounts have an email address and an avatar. 
  • We utilize different IP addresses for every budget. 
  • Included in the categories are exclusive PVA accounts and restored accounts. 
  • Fresh, valued, active, and secure accounts. 
buy account facebook
You can buy Facebook accounts with the best service at Woorke

2.7 ACCFarm

For companies and individuals looking for high-quality social media accounts, AccFarm is a one-stop shop. The business, which has more than 8 years of expertise, provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of companies and individuals. Prices are reasonable and start at $1.49. 

Key characteristics at ACCFarm:

  • Continual client service for a smooth experience. 
  • After payment is made, all relevant information is delivered instantly. 
  • Transactions that are safe and secure to prevent online fraud and hacking. 
buy facebook profile
The staff at ACCFam will support you 24/7

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3. FAQs when buying a Facebook account

When looking to buy used Facebook accounts or buy used Facebook account for sale, consider the following questions:

3.1 Types of Facebook profiles that can be purchased

Yes, you may buy a Facebook account, please visit Mid-Man and phone-verified Facebook accounts, which are two different sorts of Facebook profiles.

buy facebook profiles
You can buy two different types of Facebook accounts

3.2 Criteria for choosing to buy a Facebook account

You would need to think carefully before deciding to purchase a Facebook account about the particular requirements that must be satisfied for a service to be selected and prepared for client delivery and necessity:

Facebook accounts that allow cookies: An account must have cookies enabled to be purchased. If you’ve set up a Facebook account for business in the past, you should be aware that cookies are helpful if you want to expand your business page. To assist your online target customer’s search order, cookies are required.

aged facebook accounts
Select the entire account permitted to utilize cookies

Facebook Pages that PVA Supports: Make sure the Facebook account you’re purchasing has Phone Verification or is PVA-supported.  You can use a desktop computer and a smartphone with a PVA-created account.

Always Purchase Facebook For Ads: Make sure the Facebook page you are purchasing is ad-friendly. Make specific RDSL IPs accompany your choice because advertisements aid in your company’s growth. The login you use for ads must have a membership that is genuinely dedicated to ads.

old facebook account for sale
Facebook ads will help increase awareness

Flexible Accounts for Logging In: Take account delivery as an example. First, check that logging in is simple. This will assist the buyer in providing the most excellent possible support for all the numerous tasks that must be completed on the website. These features include ads, registrations, group performances, email, and other features.

Validity Period: Each Facebook account has a specified time limit that is exceeded if the validity period is reached. Keep yourself well-informed about the account’s expiry date to prevent being banned.

buy a facebook account
Update any relevant information regarding the expiration date

Location-Based Facebook Accounts: We suggest you choose a location-based account and acquire an authentic, high-quality PVA support. The nice part about these accounts is that you can alter your location and receive the correct support, followers, friends, and audiences for your industry, target market, and market.

Inactive Facebook accounts: If the account is only two weeks old and has 1000 friends, it is likely made up of false friends who won’t help your business. However, if Facebook is five years old and each account has 1000 friends, then the price for natural friends is what you spend.

buying a facebook account
Aged Facebook accounts will have more prestige

Shortlisting: The next step can be taken once you have a shortlist of your Facebook accounts, whether they came from trustworthy or secret sources.

Outreaching: The most important step in buy a Facebook account is outreach.

facebook account buy
Buy USA Facebook accounts to reach more users

3.3 Can 1 person have 2 Facebook accounts?

Yes. It is not against Facebook policy for someone to have two personal Facebook accounts. To create two separate Facebook profiles, you can use two separate emails. By doing so, you can increase the number of your friends or just utilize a different account for different things. 

Making an account using someone else’s biography or purchasing fake Facebook accounts to promote your business are both prohibited. You would not be permitted to create phony accounts; the only thing you could do is take control of active ones.

buy facebook accounts
It is acceptable to have two separate Facebook accounts

3.4 Benefits of owning two Facebook accounts?

Demand for old Facebook account for sale has increased in recent years. People purchase old Facebook profiles for their pages for various reasons:

  • Older Facebook accounts contain commercial properties that can assist your main page and increase your company’s revenue. 
  • These accounts are flexible since, after purchasing them, you can simply use their login information. 
  • Older Facebook profiles are more dependable when driving business efforts than brand-new accounts.
  • Facebook pages exist for established businesses with more authority. Facebook frequently blocks and deletes accounts that bots do not permit or produce.
  • By buy a Facebook account, people would save a lot of time. 
  • Old Facebook profiles frequently verify their legitimacy using truthful information.
  • Only outdated Facebook profiles of the highest quality can benefit your business.
account quality facebook
Having two Facebook accounts has a lot of advantages

3.5 Where to buy Facebook accounts?

Looking for Facebook account buy? Look no further than Mid-Man! Our platform offers a secure and reliable way to purchase Facebook accounts for all your social media needs.

With Mid-Man, you can browse a variety of Facebook accounts for sale, including personal and business accounts. Our reports are carefully verified to ensure they are legitimate and safe.

facebook account for sale
The Mid-Man Facebook accounts are all excellent

Mid-Man has you covered if you need a Facebook account for marketing purposes or simply want to expand your social media presence. Our user-friendly platform makes finding and buy a Facebook account easy.

Plus, with our dedicated customer support team, you can trust that you’ll receive the assistance you need every step of the way. So why wait? Start browsing our selection of Facebook accounts today and take your social media game to the next level with Mid-Man.

facebook accounts for sale
The customer service team at Mid-Man is devoted

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These are the top 7 places to buy a Facebook account, so keep them in mind. You should read the terms and policies of each website to ensure everything runs smoothly. Mid-Man hopes this article has provided useful information and helped you choose a Facebook account that suits your needs. Good luck!

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