Listing Rules

The Seller needs to classify “Account Type” correctly while adding the account to our marketplace.

It is forbidden to:

– Add Digital Assets that you do not have access to, or do not want to sell.

– Add Digital Assets that do not fit into any category on the website.

– Add Digital Assets that violate copyrights, contain illegal content, incite enmity, or violate the rights of any third persons.

– Add Digital Assets with a value lower than $100.

– Manipulate the price of Digital Assets and tamper with other users’ pricing policies.

Listing Description Rules

In the description of your account, you must have screenshots or information that show detailed information in English, such as:

– Account niche (Topic).

– Seller must have a warranty policy for each product posted on our market.

– The seller must add our given verification code to the Social account’s bio before submitting a listing. 

– Account status (Age, Monetized or Non-Monetized, Verified or Hasn’t Verified).

– Account growth (number of views, subscribers per day/week/month).

– Account audience (Age, Gender, Geolocation).

– Account income.

– Promotion methods used for this account.

– Reason for sale.

– Opportunities.

It is forbidden to add the following items to the description:

– Payment methods

– Account price (The price is entered in a separate box)

– Any contact details (Buyers will message you via Mid-Man)

– Account username

– Contact information (Skype, Email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.)

– Mid-Man administration reserves the right to remove your listing at any time, with or without notice to you, and for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion.

Escrow Service

Our escrow is a secure means of conducting a secure transaction that generate trust between buyers and sellers. When a buyer pays for an account, we will hold on to the money until we receive the account from the Seller. The Seller can only receive the Buyers’ payment after a successful asset migration to the Buyer has occurred.

If the Buyer does not receive the credential logins after making payment or receive something different from what was advertised by the Seller, they can initiate a dispute through Mid-Man’s Chat System. It means Buyers are not satisfied and are requesting external intervention from us. We will still be holding Buyers’ money while we investigate. This process will reduce the chances of any foul play and ultimately arrive at a resolution of who should be awarded the money.

Go to How does Escrow Service work” to see the detailed process.

Note: It will cost 7% per successful transaction and cost nothing if the sale can’t go through.


– The Mid-Man Escrow fee is payable by the Buyer.

– Mid-Man requires the buyer’s full payment in advance to make sure you seriously want to buy the account after discussing with the seller. All of our time is precious, and we need to respect it.

– In the process of paying, an additional fee may be required, depending on the payment method you choose.

– We might change fees in its absolute and sole discretion. We will not responsible for payment of any sales, use, personal property or other governmental tax or levy imposed on any items purchased or sold through the Services or otherwise arising from the Transaction.

Cancelling a Transaction

If the Transaction cannot be completed for any reason, including cancellation by Mid-Man, the service will notify each User about such cancellation. We have the discretion to cancel any Transaction if we find the potential risk.

Be sure to contact us immediately at the Help Center or Live-Chat for assistance if you see a potential risk in the trading process. We will help you quickly cancel the order and get your property back.

Refunds & Balance

Refunds in Mid-Man will be paid to your Mid-Man balance to use for the next transaction if the sale can’t go through due to misunderstanding/miscommunication or foul play during a deal.

We can also assist with refunding the payment method you used to send us money.

The refund time is one to three days after the Buyer/Seller cancels the sale.

Returns and Refunds Policy

When a dispute or complaint arises, Mid-Man encourages negotiation and mediation between the parties to reach a consensus on a solution. Suppose the two sides cannot negotiate, ask Mid-Man to solve the case. Mid-Man’s decision is final. Mid-Man will handle disputes or complaints in the following order:

Step 1: To create a Return/Refund claim to Mid-Man, the Buyer needs to create a support ticket on the Helpdesk page. The system will record this complaint of the Buyer. Making a Return/Refund claim is for Mid-Man to hold the item amount that the Seller needs to get paid until it is resolved. Disputes other than Return/Refund claims may be submitted to Mid-Man via:

Step 2: Mid-Man’s Customer Care Department will receive requests from complainants/disputing parties. Mid-Man will take specific measures to support complainants/disputing parties to resolve depending on the nature and extent of the case.

Step 3: Return/Refund Claims are handled under Mid-Man’s Returns and Refunds Policy. For disputes that are not Return/Refund claims, Mid-Man requires the disputing parties to provide all information/documents related to the case. At the same time, the disputing parties must also provide a resolution based on the information/documents collected within seven working days from receiving all relevant information/documents.

We will rely on the documents provided by both parties to clarify the issue and make a final decision.

Note: If it is beyond the capacity and authority of the E-Commerce Marketplace, Mid-Mann will request the disputing parties to bring the case to settlement at a competent state agency under the provisions of the Law. Mid-Man respects and strictly implements the provisions of the Law on protecting the interests of customers (consumers). Sellers on the Mid-Man E-commerce marketplace must provide complete, accurate, honest, and detailed information/documents related to services. All fraud in business is condemned and must be fully responsible before the Law.


For security reasons, after the order is completed, we will hold the money within three days (7 days for trading the YouTube account) and then release it to your added withdrawal wallet.
That’s how we can avoid the Seller taking the account back from the Buyer.
I hope you understand.

Sometimes, the process might take a bit longer than usual. In that case, you can quickly speed the process up by creating a support ticket in the Helpdesk or Livechat.

Withdrawal Fees

– Fees for converting from USD to USD of other platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, and Cryptocurrencies will be applied for each withdrawal transaction (as the Buyer paid through Visa or Mastercard). Depending on the payment method you choose to withdraw your funds, there will be an appropriate conversion fee:

+/ For Paypal, Payoneer transactions: 4%
+/ For Cryptocurrencies transactions: 5%

Things to know for Sellers:

– The Escrow Fees is 7% per transaction and minimum $10.

– Be clear with asset descriptions and be prompt to deliver.

– The Seller needs to transparently show all information about the account, including factors affecting the quality of the channel. If the Seller conceals factors related to the quality of the account leading to a problem account without prior notice to the Buyer, the Seller will have to bear all of his losses.

– Only use our private message system for all communication.

– Prohibit the use of offensive language and impolite behavior toward customers.

– Try to resolve issues with bellers before it leads to a dispute. It is forbidden to ignore disputes raised by customers due to your service.

– Whenever the Buyer creates a complaint, the Seller needs to handle it quickly in up to 3 days. If not, Mid-Man has the right to cancel the order, proceed to secure the account, and send the account information back to the Seller.

– Make sure the buyer knows what they are buying and the statistics of the account must be given.

– All acts that affect Mid-Man’s trademark are strictly prohibited. Mid-Man reserves the right to ban any user whose behavior is harmful to its brand.

Note: Both Buyer and Seller must discuss potential/risks in advance before payment.

Things to know for Buyers:

– Buying a listing will incur a 2-5% Visa or Cryptocurrency Fees for each successful transaction. It cost money but worth because 90% of sales done offsite result in scam. We advise you to think twice before buying from anyone outside our secure escrow. However, choice is yours, make sure you choose the right thing.

– Only use our private message system for all communication.

– Respond quickly to refund request, especially if you dispute them.

– Provide us with as much evidence as possible if you wish to dispute a refund request.

– Never agree if a seller asks you to release Escrow before they send social logins because they are 100% scammers submit a ticket to us immediately.

– Make sure you see the business growth opportunity before buying any accounts.

Note: Both Buyer and Seller must discuss potential/risks in advance before payment.