About Mid-Man

In 2021, Mid-Man was established by an expert in social media development, David Hayes.

After 6 years of working in the field of social media accounts for sale, Hayes has noticed that the the rate of fraud cases has increased, especially when digital asset trading online is becoming extremely popular. To overcome these shortcomings in the market, Hayes has come to a solution: the establishment of Mid-Man, a secure intermediary Marketplace site for social media transactions.

With the ability to control the quality for organic growth and account valuation, both buyers and sellers can safely use this platform to find suitable partners and reasonable prices.

Our vision

To become the world’s safest digital asset trading market, a top choice for sellers and buyers when trading Social Accounts.

Our mission

For Buyers, we will help you to buy checked quality accounts that bring excellent growth opportunities.

For Seller, we will help your every listed account directly approach quality prospects worldwide. From that, your sale will go through quickly.

Our Core Values

 With years of experience as a middle man in the trading Social Media account industry, we confidently say all transactions made through Mid-Man are entirely safe. Both buyers and sellers are protected.

Quality: We constantly check each account’s quality before listing on the market to ensure that all properties for sale on Mid-Man represent a good business opportunity. Whether they are of low or high value, they are all excellent growth opportunities.

Sale Growth: We will help your listed accounts directly approach prospects outside our marketplace by using many different promotion methods on Google Adwords, Social Media, etc. From that, it will make your sale go through quickly than ever.

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