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Buy verified Twitter accounts an effective way to improve your credibility and credibility on this social network. You must adhere to Twitter’s 4 verification standards to receive the tiny blue icon next to your name. In this article, Mid-Man will show you how to do just that. Read the content below!

To get Twitter verification, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Twitter account must be older than 90 days
  • Have a confirmed phone number
  • Must be an active subscriber to Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a subscription service priced at $8 per month in the US. Subscribers gain access to features such as a blue checkmark, exclusively available to verified accounts. To subscribe to Twitter Blue, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “More.”
  3. Choose “Twitter Blue.”
  4. Click on “Subscribe.”
  5. Verify your mobile number.
  6. Complete the subscription payment.

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1. How to get verified on Twitter? The Beginner’s Guide

To become a verified Twitter account with Twitter Blue, follow these steps:

1.1 Subscribe to Twitter blue

You need an active Twitter Blue subscription. To get Twitter Blue, click the Twitter Blue button when logged in. Please find it on the web in the left-side menu; it’s under your profile on mobile. You can pay annually for a discount or opt for monthly payments. The price of Twitter Blue varies based on different factors.

buy twitter verified
You should register for Twitter Blue

1.2 Complete your profile

After subscribing to Twitter Blue, ensure your profile meets Twitter’s verification criteria. Use your full name as your display name and choose a profile photo that represents your identity on Twitter. Make sure your account information is accurate and up-to-date.

buying verified twitter account
You should register for Twitter Blue


1.3 Make sure the account activity

Twitter’s verification process requires active accounts. Your account should have recent activity, such as posting, replying, or liking tweets, within the last 30 days.

buy twitter verification
You have 30 days to make your account active

1.4 Account requirements

Your Twitter account must be at least 90 days old and have a confirmed phone number to be eligible for verification. Even Twitter Blue subscribers cannot proceed with the verification process without a confirmed phone number.

1.5 Account authenticity

Your Twitter account should not engage in deceptive practices. Avoid making recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or handle. Twitter scrutinizes accounts for any signs of deception, platform manipulation, or spam. If an account is deceptive, it will not receive verification.

twitter verified buy
You should update the details on your Twitter

After Application: Following your application, Twitter’s team will review your eligibility based on the mentioned criteria before granting the blue checkmark on your profile. These requirements are precise and must be met to obtain Twitter verification.

2. How to buy a verified Twitter account at Mid-Man?

At Mid-Man, buy Twitter verified for cheap is incredibly simple and quick. The steps Twitter confirmed buy, adhere to these instructions:

✅Step 1: Go to Mid-Man’s website. Next, select “Twitter” from the “Categories” box.

buy twitter verified
Our website will appear in front of your screen

✅Step 2: Select the bundle you want to use and press “Add to cart.”

twitter verified buy
You can choose from a variety of service packages that we offer

✅Step 3: Review the details of your purchase before checking out.

buying verified twitter account
Verify the amount and cost you selected

✅Step 4: Complete the billing information and complete the transaction.

3. How much does it cost to get a Twitter account verified?

The price of the Twitter Blue subscription was formerly $4.99 per month. However, the price went up to $8.00 a month when the new function of purchasing your verification badge was added.

In addition to allowing you to edit and format your tweets up to 60 seconds after they have been sent, Twitter Blue also grants you priority in replies and mentions.

It provides access to hundreds of news sites where you can read articles without advertisements, priority in searches, reactions, and reading mode, which reduces visual noise so that text stands out.

Like most premium services, you can choose an annual monthly subscription to save a few dollars. Twitter Blue’s yearly subscription costs $84, and refunds are unavailable.

4. FAQs about buy verified Twitter accounts

4.1 What does the blue checkmark mean?

According to X (, The blue checkmark means that the account has an active subscription to X Premium and meets our eligibility requirements.

Starting April 1, 2023 X (Twitter)  began winding down our legacy Verification program. Accounts verified under the previous criteria (active, notable, and authentic) will not retain a blue checkmark unless subscribed to X Premium.

Subscribers must meet our eligibility criteria below to receive or retain the blue checkmark.

4.2 Twitter Verification Requirements

There are still a few procedures to become a verified Twitter account, even though anyone can obtain the checkmark using Twitter Blue. In the content below, Mid-Man will discuss the prerequisites for Twitter verification.

Only accounts actively subscribed to X Premium can receive the blue checkmark.

Our team uses an eligibility criteria on when the checkmark is given to ensure we maintain the platform’s integrity. Your account must meet the following requirements to receive or retain the blue checkmark:

  • Complete: Your account must have a display name and profile photo
  • Active use: Your account must be active in the past 30 days to subscribe to X Premium
  • Security: Your account must have a confirmed phone number
  • Non-Deceptive:

The checkmark will appear once our team reviews your Premium subscribed account and if it meets our requirements.As a result of this change, X will no longer be accepting applications for the blue Verification checkmarks under the previous criteria (active, notable, and authentic).

>>> References:

4.3 Can you buy Twitter verified?

To answer the question “Can you buying verified Twitter account“, Meta stated earlier this year that it would launch a new premium membership that would enable users to use a government ID to confirm the legitimacy of their account to receive a blue checkmark on Twitter. Users based in the US can now subscribe to Meta Verified.

Above are Mid-Man’s most detailed instructions about “Buy verified Twitter accounts. If you fulfill Twitter’s four verification standards, your account will soon be verified and awarded a blue badge. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of verification for you.

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