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If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, utilizing how to put link in Instagram bio is a powerful strategy. In this article, Mid-Man will guide you through placing a link in your Instagram bio and share practical tips on boosting traffic to your desired destination.

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1. What is link in Instagram bio?

The click URLs you might provide in your profile area are called “links in bio” as the name suggests. Most social networking sites allow you to include a link in your bio that will direct followers to a website, a product page, a content page, or another significant page.

Adding links to your website’s home page may be sufficient for platforms like Facebook and Twitter because you may offer clickable links to specific pages, goods, or content in your postings.

But with Instagram, things are a little different. Posting links through Stories is available to accounts with 10,000+ followers. However, those still growing their following must use their bio’s five links to send followers to a particular product page or piece of content. Additionally, Stories links could be more transient and suitable for an account of any size to showcase the most crucial URLs to drive social media traffic outside of Stories highlights.

how to put link in instagram bio
Users can readily access all the pertinent links in one location and greatly improved

When you want to promote more than five significant goods, articles, or pages, Instagram’s link in bio can feel constricting. Thankfully, several programs for putting links in Instagram bio allow you to compile all these important link locations and publish them via a single URL. This will take you to a unique landing page containing every pertinent link you want to share.

Because users can readily access all the pertinent links in one location, the user experience is greatly improved, and you are less likely to miss out on leads and traffic simply because Instagram doesn’t allow links in individual posts.

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2. How to put a link in the Instagram bio?

Users see your link in your Instagram bio as soon as they get on your profile page and can click it. The most crucial data ought to be accessible through this link. Here are a few how to put link in Instagram bio

2.1 Add an affiliate link to your Instagram bio

Only within the app can you add a link to your Instagram bio: 

  • Visit the page for your profile
  • Select Edit profile
  • Select Add link
  • Select Add external link
  • Copy and paste a link into the URL box
  • Tap to end

This method still functions, however, it is dated. A more recent form of including links in your Instagram bio will be described below. This method is significantly superior because it allows you to share numerous URLs.

how to put link in instagram bio
Users can add a link to your Instagram bio in the app

2.2 Share multiple links in your Instagram bio

The second how to put link in Instagram bio is to use a link in the bio tool. It expands your bio so that you can give users: 

  • There are numerous links to your online store and links to your page and chat rooms on other messaging apps.
  • Digital media, moving images, music, and playlists.
  • Buy and reserve buttons. There is also a timer and opt-in forms for a higher conversion rate.
how to put link in instagram bio
Publish all of the information on the URL in the bio page you receive from the tool

You publish all of the information on the URL in the bio page you receive from the tool. In your Instagram bio include a link to this website. There are only 4 steps required to add numerous clickable links to your Instagram bio.

  • Register with Taplink.
  • From more than 60 available page templates, pick one. The page mentioned above’s template, for instance, is available here. Alternatively, you might make a page with a unique design.
  • If you run into problems, consult the step-by-step manual for solutions.
  • Enter the page link into the URL area in the Instagram account settings. After that, users can access your page by clicking the link in your bio. They can read about your company, place an order, watch your movies, and listen to music just by tapping the required links.

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3. How to use Instagram links in bio to increase traffic

Let’s look at some of how to put link in Instagram bio to market your brand now that you know how to set up a link in the bio landing page:

  • Promote an ongoing bargain or a future one and send visitors to a page with a link to the shopping page. 
  • Send visitors to a landing page highlighting the new product and giving comprehensive product information or links to buy it.
  • Send users to a lead magnet or landing page. Followers were directed to the “link in bio” by the caption to read the report.
  • With an “About” page, you can highlight your company, item, or cause. Linking to a page where people can learn more about your company and can help you rapidly promote a newer brand or product area to your followers.
  • Promote your best-selling products to your followers. You can also share a URL to a unique landing page with links to various bestsellers if you use a link in the bio tool.
  • Link to a well-liked blog post or one of your most recent works. Additionally, you can make a URL with links to all the items you’ve shared on Instagram. Because of this, people won’t have to search for the one they want to read.
  • Instagram competitions can be an excellent method to engage current followers and draw in new ones. Increase the exposure of your campaign by including a link in your bio.
  • Point people toward a podcast or video you want to promote and make it simple for followers to access your longer-form work using the link in your bio. 
  • Send individuals a link to a page to register for a free trial or demo. 
how to put link in instagram bio
To effectively market your brand, there are several ways to establish links

4. Instagram bio link tips

No restrictions exist on how frequently you can modify, delete, or add links. Additionally, it’s unnecessary to prefix your link with https:// or http:// for it to be clickable. 

If your how to put link in Instagram bio is lengthy, you should first shorten it using a link shortening tool like Bitly because long links look spammy. You might try using the well-known Instagram trend of “link in bio” in some of your post captions and stories to entice your followers to visit their profile and click on the link. 

how to put link in instagram bio
Users might first shorten it using a link shortening tool because long links tend to look spammy

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Above is the information on how to put link in Instagram bio that Mid-Man shared through the article. By implementing these strategies and optimizing how you use links within your Instagram bio effectively, you’ll be able to increase traffic and drive meaningful engagement with your audience like never before. 

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