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Buy Instagram verified badge is one way to increase customers’ credibility and trust on Instagram. However, to get this icon is not easy, especially for those who are just starting out or have few followers yet. So how can you get Instagram account with blue tick quickly and economically? Follow this article of Mid-Man now!

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What is a verified badge on Instagram?

“Verified badges confirm that a notable account is the authentic presence for that person or brand. Meta Verified is a paid subscription that confirms the account is validated and authentic. This subscription comes with a bundle of features and benefits available for both eligible profiles and eligible businesses.”

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Instagram has now validated that a user’s or company’s account is their actual presence, as indicated by a verified badge beside their name. It used to be a requirement for the certified badge that the person or brand be well-known and distinctive.

Users with the verified badge, which signifies compliance with our prior eligibility standards, may still be visible.

Find the actual accounts of people and brands with the aid of the verified badge. They’ve verified that an account reflects who it claims to be when it displays the verified badge.

A validated badge is not a sign of significance, authority, or subject-matter knowledge. With the Instagram verified buy, they don’t distinguish or identify public personalities or brands.

buy instagram verified badge
The confirmed badge’s definition has been changed

Public personalities, celebrities, and companies that satisfy particular account and eligibility requirements are not permitted to change the username on their account after it has been confirmed.

Verification can’t be moved from one account to another. Instagram doesn’t accept profiles that imitate famous people or others because they violate our Community Guidelines.

Although many celebrities certify their Instagram accounts, not all have verified badges. There will only be immediate modifications to accounts on Instagram or Facebook that have previously been verified based on previous rules while we test and learn.

instagram verified buy
The username can’t be changed once it has been validated

How to get verified badge on Instagram?

Following a successful application and completion of the verification process, subscribers to Meta Verified will automatically obtain the verified badge. If your account already exists and you match their eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for the verified badge if you are a public person, celebrity, or brand.

Suppose you are a public figure, celebrity, or brand and your account satisfies the eligibility standards. In that case, you may request a verified badge here:

  • Ensure that the account you’re requesting is active and logged in.
  • To access your profile, tap your name or photo in the bottom right corner.
  • In the top right corner, select “More”, then “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Below “Tap Tools and Account” type for professionals.
  • Tap “Ask for confirmation.”
  • Provide the necessary form of identification (such as a government-issued photo ID or formal business documents) and enter your full name.
  • After following the instructions on the screen, click “Submit”.

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buy instagram account with blue tick
The processes to obtain a verified badge are listed above


  • Even if your account qualifies for verification, making a request does not ensure that it will be approved.
  • Multiple verified badge requests are not a guarantee that your account will be validated, and making multiple verified badge requests without hearing back will result in the cancellation of your application.
  • Once verified, you are unable to modify your account’s username and you are unable to transfer your verification to another account.
  • Your Facebook account cannot be verified after you have verified it on Instagram. To find out how to verify your Facebook account, go to the Facebook Help Center.
  • They will remove your verified badge and might take further action to terminate your account if they discover that you obtained a verified badge by providing incorrect or misleading information during the verification process.
buy verified badge on instagram
When verifying, there are a few things to keep in mind

If Instagram has certified your account for notoriety, consider setting additional security features like two-factor authentication. Note: You can still apply for a Meta Verified membership if you already have a prominent profile and a verified badge.

As a result, to verify, you must go through many processes and wait for Instagram to accept them. So Mid-Man advises customers to purchase verified accounts to get the best experience. “Where can i buy a verified Instagram account?” If you want to buy Instagram verified badge, go to Mid-Man’s website.

buy instagram verify badge
You ought to purchase verified accounts

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Why should you buy Instagram account with blue tick?

Not only will getting verified boost the value of your brand, but it can also grow your organic following and provide networking opportunities you never would have imagined. It is a worthwhile investment. In this day and age, having a solid personal brand is essential!

Instagram verification stops spoofing

Because of this, verified accounts are only available to well-known people or companies. Being confirmed indicates that you are significant since you are valuable enough to be subject to impersonation. Buy verified Instagram badge will help make it simpler for customers to locate their preferred on social media.

buy verification badge instagram
You can avoid tampering by verifying

Higher reliability

Your brand’s trust is increased on Instagram if you are verified. Given that only 1% of accounts are verified, having the blue badge and check by your profile name demonstrates the importance and relevance of your business.

Users are likelier to trust an account if they see a verification badge next to the account name, perfect for giveaways and brand discounts. So, purchase Instagram verification will increase the number of followers by real.

how to buy instagram verification badge
Verification will boost consumers and companies trustworthiness

An elevated sense of brand

Additionally, Instagram verification might boost your follower count and brand recognition. This is because verified profiles are displayed higher in search

how to buy instagram verified badge
More individuals will be familiar with your company

and suggested accounts. Additionally, it’s thought the algorithm prefers content from verified users, raising post engagement.

The blue check could also open up new commercial prospects for your brand or company. Even if an influencer or possible partner has never heard of your business, the check shows that you are one of the market leaders. This might encourage people to interact with or work with your company.

Advance notice of important features

Another benefit is that verified accounts have first access to Instagram monetization capabilities. Take Instagram Stories’ swipe-up function, for instance. For a brand to access the swipe-up function, at least 10,000 users are required. But the one exception to this rule is verified accounts.

You will have a better chance of getting the badge if you submit verification requests through their Media Partner support rather than the Instagram app since they can give Instagram more context and a case study.

Instagram will conduct its research when you use the app to request verification, frequently resulting in a denial of your request and a mark or record of this on your account. So you can buy Instagram verified badge for faster verification.

instagram buy verification
The new Instagram features are available with early access

How to buy Instagram verified badge accounts?

Here is 5 steps to buy Instagram accounts with verification badge at Mid-Man: 

Step 1: Go to the Mid-Man website’s home page.

buy instagram verification badge cheap
The website screen for Mid-Man will appear

Step 2:  Select “Instagram” under “Categories” after clicking.

buy blue verified badge on instagram
You select Instagram to begin purchasing

Step 3: Select the Instagram verification service package that best meets your requirements and budgetary limitations. You can buy Instagram verification badge cheap provided by Mid-Man

buy verified instagram badge
Make your selection of the appropriate account now

Step 4: Your username, email address, and phone number should be entered.

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Fill out the form so Mid-Man can deliver

Step 5: Pay for the order using a secure and practical payment option, such as an e-wallet, a scratch card, or a bank transfer.

buy instagram badge verification
You proceed to pay and wait

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FAQs about Instagram verified buy

Here are a few questions about buy Instagram verified badge that you can refer to:

Can you buy verification badge Instagram?

Instagram’s verification process is not complicated. The verified badge you receive after your request for verification is approved is the end goal. Still, it’s always a good idea to know the requirements and procedure for confirming your Instagram profile.

But you’re getting assistance with the actual Instagram verification request submission procedure. The following requirements must be satisfied by your account before you may accomplish that:

  • Authentic: Your account must reflect a natural person, a legally recognized company, or another legal entity.
  • Unique: The person or company you represent through your account must have a singular presence. One account can only be validated per person or company. General interest accounts, like @puppymemes, are not verified by Instagram.
  • Complete: Your profile must be made public, include a bio and profile picture, and have at least one post. “Add me” links to other social media platforms are not permitted in your profile.
  • Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, widely sought-after brand, person, or entity. Instagram evaluates user accounts that are mentioned in numerous news outlets, however it does not include sponsored or promotional content as a source for evaluation.

How much to buy verified badge on Instagram?

“How much does getting verified on Instagram cost? Free of charge Instagram verification. If someone is proposing to verify your account for money, they are trying to con you because Instagram would never ask for cash for the verification badge.

Can I get verified on Instagram?

When you buy Instagram verified badge, your account must be active, and public, and have a bio and profile picture. Your account must represent a well-known, often searched-for brand, person, or other thing.

Do you need 1000 followers to get verified on Instagram?

When you buy blue verified badge on Instagram doesn’t have a set timeline. Instagram employees select it, and they decide when you will get the blue check to let you know if your application has been accepted.

When is it verified after I buy Instagram verify badge?

The number of followers you have when initially starting on Instagram matters for the verification process.

Verification approval time depends on your following, as Instagram handles requests manually. Meeting all verification requirements increases the likelihood of acceptance.

If the first request fails, resubmission is allowed. Collaborating with a reputable service like Mid-Man, which offers Instagram verified badges, can enhance overall Instagram growth and PR.

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So, you already know how to buy Instagram verified badge quickly and safely. You can enhance your credibility and prominence on this social network by purchasing a cheap and well-functioning verified Instagram account. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase sales and gain more followers. Contact Mid-Man now for the best advice and support.

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