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Sell YouTube channel is getting the most attention from users today. However, many people still don’t know how to find the right buyer and price their channel? If you face this question, Mid-Man will share instructions for safely and effectively selling channels in this article.

Some ways to sell a YouTube channel include:

Direct Negotiation: Connect directly with potential buyers via social media or forums.

Third-Party Platforms: Use specialized online marketplaces for buying and selling channels.

Brokerage Services: Hire a professional broker to handle the sale.

Online Auctions: Explore online auction platforms to attract bids.

Website Listings: Create a listing on dedicated websites for online property transactions.

Networking Events: Attend industry events to network with potential buyers.

Social Media Announcement: Publicly announce the channel’s availability for sale on social media.

Legal Assistance: Seek legal advice to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

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Can you sell a YouTube channel?

Yes, you may sell channel YouTube just like any other business model or digital asset type. Account sales and purchases are permitted and have been done for many years. Before you sell your YouTube channel, you need to think about a few factors:

  • Is there a face to the account – that is, will it retain value if the owner changes?
  • What kind of account is it?
  • The channel’s age is how old?
  • What is the channel’s revenue model?
  • What kind of programming is produced by the channel?
  • Do you have many subscribers?

sell youtube channel

Some sites where you can buy and sell YouTube channels: 

Mid-Man: Explore MidMan, a platform for buying and selling YouTube channels.

Channel Pages: Check out Channel Pages for a marketplace dedicated to YouTube channel transactions.

Social Tradia: Visit Social Tradia, a platform connecting buyers and sellers of social media properties.

Empire Flippers: Consider Empire Flippers, a comprehensive online business marketplace with YouTube channels.

PlayerUp: Explore PlayerUp, a website for buying and selling gaming-related accounts, including YouTube channels.

Benefits of sell YouTube channel

Numerous factors could lead someone to want to purchase your YouTube account. Making money on YouTube is a potential side business; many business owners might want to purchase an account with existing subscribers. 

The benefits of purchasing and maintaining a popular YouTube account include the following:

  • Revenue: YouTube channels provide an additional source of revenue, it’s an extra job or your primary source of income.
  • Creativity: YouTube provides a fantastic venue for creativity, from live streaming to carefully curated content.
  • Traffic: If you run another business, the YouTube algorithm may help you market it online and climb the search engine results pages.
  • Growth: The first quarter of 2022 saw a 10% global increase in digital video content, and this trend will continue.
selling youtube channels
Sell monetized YouTube channel brings many great benefits

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What is the price of a YouTube channel for sale?

Your niche market and subscriber count are just two variables that affect your YouTube channel’s value. Think about the following:

  • How much money do you make each month? Using the previous three and twelve months, you can calculate your average monthly income from YouTube.
  • How fast are you growing? Calculate growth over the last three and twelve months to consider seasonal fluctuations.
  • What is your channel’s revenue model? How much money the new account owner can make depends on your monetization strategy. A YouTube Ad account, an Adsense account, or an affiliate program marketing account will typically sell YouTube channel more quickly.
  • What is the channel’s age? You could raise the value of your channel if there were more proof of steady growth.
  • What type of materials do you create? Compared to topical material, evergreen content is more trustworthy and consistent.
sell channel youtube
You should refer to the question about value YouTube channel

How to sell a YouTube channel?

When selling YouTube channels, there are a few steps you should do to earn the highest value and ensure a seamless transaction. What you should do and how to market your YouTube channel for sell are as follows: 

Rearrange your channel’s content

The first thing you should do before selling your YouTube channel is to spring clean and make it appear good for potential buyers. This is what is referred to as improving the “curb appeal” in real estate. Older videos that are no longer relevant to the channel and aren’t getting any views should be removed at this point (even if you aren’t trying to sell YouTube channel!).

Update your channel banner and the thumbnails on your channel homepage to make it more appropriate for your specialty. (Again, whether or not you sell your channel, you should still do this.)

how to sell a youtube channel
YouTube videos from a long time ago should be removed

You should also remove any unnecessary videos or that shouldn’t be included in the sales. These could be private videos that you no longer require, videos that aren’t displayed yet are included on websites that aren’t for sale. 

Before you put your YouTube channel up for sale, make sure your comments are cleared up, all of which should be responded to, and that no bogus copyright claims have been made against you.

can you sell a youtube channel
Remove any pointless videos and remarks

Synthesize data about the channel

Tracking your monthly income and expenses is something you should do regularly. Ensure you have a spreadsheet with all the relevant information when you’re ready to sell your YouTube channel. Preferably monthly, with the various sources of income in separate rows and the same for expenses.

If you received any commissions from Amazon’s affiliate network for the month, take screenshots of your earnings to include with your statistics. The same goes for any other ways you may have utilized to monetize your YouTube channel, including your ad money.

sell my YouTube channel
Data from users’ YouTube channels should be aggregated

Review the market

Since you don’t know how high your channel will go, it might be very tempting to hold off on selling it until it is in decline. However, buyers will be able to notice it too and you may receive less money when you sell YouTube channel if you wait for it to begin dropping.

Selling your channel when it’s growing is advised if you want to move on to different ventures or have lost interest. Buyer interest will increase, and if the market does decline after that, you made the right decision by selling.

sell monetized YouTube channel
When the channel is rising, you should sell it

We advise generating a few videos comparable to those popular on your channel or in your niche (using VidIQ) if your channel is in decline. After a few weeks, see if you can stabilize the channel’s performance or get it to resume its upward trajectory. 

As the buyer can see that your channel isn’t on its deathbed, this small effort can help you maximize the amount you earn while leaving the channel.

YouTube channel for sell
To get popularity, you can create some engaging videos

Introduce your channel to potential buyers

Your YouTube channel can now be listed on a marketplace after it is organized and prepared to be sold. Alternatively, if you are aware of any private purchasers, you can make your offer to them personally. Considering that you already organized all of your documents in step 4.2, this shouldn’t be a complicated procedure.

where to sell my YouTube channel
Your YouTube channel will be listed on a particular market

Drafting a legal sale and purchase contract

It’s time to formalize the deal and take care of the legal documentation once you’ve found a buyer. If you use a marketplace, they could take care of everything for you, but if you’re doing it on your own, it’s usually advisable for you to get legal advice before signing a purchase agreement.

Make sure you are not committing yourself to anything that you won’t be able to fulfill after everything is finalized. Because this will affect the contract agreement between the two parties.

YouTube channel for sell
You should have legal counsel when signing a contract

For example, this could mean continuing to make videos for the channel for a set amount of time. What the scope of that video production is (i.e., are you in charge of every aspect, from research to filming to editing to posting, or are you just the face and they give the script/content)? 

Ensure you know the assets being sold, including any new websites, social media profiles, or even the raw video content for the current videos. This will help you better understand how to sell your YouTube account.

sell your YouTube channel
Users need to know the content of the offer

Transfer of the right to use the channel

It’s time to hand over the YouTube channel (together with any other agreed-upon assets) to the new owners now that you’ve heard that the money has been received. The funds will be released into your bank account once they have verified that they have received everything.

Depending on who buys in the following weeks, you could still need to assist the new owners. Just something to remember when searching for buyers: if you don’t have much free time to help out after the sale, buyers or businesses who are more familiar with YouTube may be a better fit for you as the seller.

Transfer of the right to use the channel
You should assist the buyer after completing the payment

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Where to sell my YouTube channel?

Websites like Mid-Man were available to help with transactions if you were buying or selling your blog. Without worrying about breaking YouTube’s guidelines, you can sell YouTube channel. To make sure there are no past infractions or possible breakdowns, the seller must carefully inspect the account’s quality before each transaction.

In particular, the website allows you to sell your account for a price corresponding to its value. Many vendors trust Mid-Man because of its high caliber. Please go to Mid-Man right away for references.

Where to sell my YouTube channel
At Mid-Man, you may sell your YouTube account


Users can refer to the following inquiries about selling a YouTube channel:

Why do people sell monetized YouTube channel?

For a variety of reasons, YouTube buyers and sellers swap accounts. Others may outgrow their accounts, while some YouTubers may transition to other business ventures. 

How much money can a YouTube channel make?

The most wealthy YouTubers bring in more than $50 million annually. However, for every 1,000 ad views, the typical YouTube video creator may earn $18. This might amount to $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views of the video. You might make between $7,800 and $13,000 a year for an account with an average of 50,000 views for each video and one new video posted weekly. 

Is sell your YouTube channel illegal?

No, sell YouTube channel is entirely legal and is something that many creators worldwide do. YouTube’s rules of service do not prohibit an account’s purchase or sale. Make sure trading is your best option before engaging. Then get your account ready to maximize your profits. 

How to rate a YouTube channel?

These are the 5 elements that need to be taken into account while valuing your YouTube channel:

  • Monthly Income: Your monthly revenue is arguably the most significant aspect in determining the value of your channel. This is done by determining how much money your YouTube channel has made each month during the previous three and twelve months. 
  • Channel expansion: To give an accurate assessment based on the channel’s growth, we use both the 12-month average and the 3-month average. Even though it may have produced significantly more a few months ago and is currently showing a fall, it still has promise, therefore earlier momentum should still be considered.
  • How the channel is monetized: Channel monetization can significantly impact how much you can charge for your channel. You won’t be able to use this number in your calculations if most of your revenue comes from the services you provide and promote on your channel.
  • The channel’s age is: The worth may also be influenced by how old your YouTube channel is. Your channel valuation may benefit if you have an older channel with reliable and consistent revenue. 
  • Engagement, niche, and audience: Your channel valuation may be impacted by your channel’s engagement, the particular niche you are in, and your audience. These criteria all affect how much money you are now making on your channel, but even if you aren’t monetizing it to its full potential, they can still help raise your worth above the 36x multiple.

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Thus, you can sell YouTube channel if you’ve read this post, which hopefully gave you important and thorough information. Are you ready to start the process of selling your channel? Remember to follow the tips and guidelines that Mid-Man have shared in this article to get the best results. Good luck and thank you for reading this article.

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