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A monetized YouTube channel is one of the most well-liked methods of making money from YouTube. Only some people can monetize their YouTube channel, though. Some YouTube requirements for views, subscribers, content, and policies must be met. So, how can a YouTube channel be properly monetized? Mid-Man will discuss the top 10 methods in this article.

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1. What is monetized YouTube channel?

The opportunity to make money off of your YouTube videos is known as YouTube monetization. You need 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel to be eligible for YouTube’s monetization scheme. Later, we’ll go into more detail about the prerequisites to how to get your YouTube channel monetized.

how to get monetized on youtube
You can do this to increase the revenue from your YouTube videos

2. YouTube monetized channel: 10 ways to monetized on YouTube

Mid-Man discussed the conditions for starting to monetize on YouTube. Let’s move on to the fun aspect, learning about how you may profit from your YouTube videos. Let’s look at the top 10 ways to monetize your YouTube channel:

2.1 Advertising on YouTube

Ads that display before or during your videos are the most “traditional” approach to earning money on YouTube. You can enable ad monetization for one or more videos on your channel if you’ve signed up for the YPP. Remember that for your videos to carry advertisements, they must adhere to YouTube’s requirements for advertiser-friendly content.

Thanks to the various YouTube ad types available, you can decide where the adverts appear on your videos. You can referenceyour YouTube channel in this manner when asking “How to get my YouTube channel monetized“.

your account is at risk of becoming ineligible for monetization
Every YouTube video supports advertising

2.2 Paid Sponsorship

Paid sponsorships are when companies or brands pay or sponsor an individual content creator to utilize, promote, or pay for their product in a video. Although brands sponsor creators, the sponsors and the viewers gain from the arrangement.

Although sponsorships are difficult to secure, they can be quite fruitful. You can approach essential brands in your niche to collaborate on a video if you have an influential channel with a sizable following. Present past work, YouTube data, and brand engagement rates to win sponsorship. 

quotes youtube channel monetization
You may receive sponsorship from businesses and brands

2.3 Channel members

In exchange for unique benefits, monthly payments are required to join a YouTube channel. Creators can offer restricted content to channel subscribers, including videos, live 1:1 chats, and product discounts.

The creator sets the membership costs, and channels need at least 1,000 subscribers to make this option available. This new feature offers many incredible advantages and helps users how to get a monetized YouTube channel.

quotes channel monetization
Owners of channels may enable membership

2.4 Branch

Affiliate programs are another option to make money off of your YouTube videos. So how does this function? When you sign up for an affiliate marketing program, you use an affiliate link to direct your audience to a brand’s product or landing page. You get a cut of the sale if the user successfully purchases.

An affiliate scheme still brings in extra money, albeit less than paid sponsorships. You can sign up as an affiliate for goods you currently use and even give your followers a coupon.

how to create monetized youtube channel
On YouTube, affiliates are still profitable

2.5 Patronize

A third-party site like Patreon enables digital creators, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to give patrons who support your channel and unique content benefits if you have a large following.

Like a YouTube channel membership, Patreon is well-liked by YouTube creators and marketers. However, with tiered membership, you can select different benefits to give customers depending on the number of subscribers. Offer special extras like behind-the-scenes footage or advantages like early access and one-on-one time.

YouTube creators will find Patreon to be a strong tool
YouTube creators will find Patreon to be a strong tool

2.6 Goods

A merchandise rack on each video page for YouTube channels with 10,000 or more followers can be used to sell goods. Selling branded products to your YouTube fans might create a new revenue stream if you’ve established a strong brand community.

This is especially helpful for YouTube content creators who do not have a website but want to offer their subscribers stuff. There is a chance for your brand to develop with over 45 supported merch platforms or retailers worldwide.

how to get monetized on youtube
Making money can be done by selling on YouTube

2.7 Organize YouTube shorts

In May 2021, YouTube announced a $100 million fund that is only open to creators of Shorts. These funds will be distributed to creators of YouTube Shorts every month throughout 2021–2022.

Accordingly, YouTubers can make between $100 and $10,000 each month based on the engagement and views on their Shorts videos. Additionally, the eligibility list is updated each month, so you could still take the following action even if you are ineligible for a given month.

The YouTube Shorts Fund can be obtained without being a YPP member, which is a massive benefit for creators who don’t meet the requirements for the program. Filmmakers must still meet specific requirements to be eligible for a YouTube Shorts Bonus.

quotes youtube channel monetization
You can create brief YouTube videos to earn money

2.8 Super Features

Creators can enable Super Chat on their live streams and premieres on YouTube. With this monetized YouTube channel, your audience can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 to have their message included in a live-stream conversation.

In a similar spirit, Super Stickers function like Super Chat. Users can purchase and share fun stickers rather than chat messages. These stickers are pinned to the top of the chat stream for their favorite creators’ attention.

Finally, the Super Thanks function enables users to thank their preferred creators. Donating lets Users get an animated GIF and a prominent comment in the livestream chat.

quotes channel monetization
These are fantastic benefits for digital brands or creators

2.9 YouTube brand connection

Brands and YouTube producers are linked through YouTube BrandConnect for content marketing campaigns. In terms of product suggestions, audiences have faith in artists. Additionally, YouTube channels and companies can collaborate by using BrandConnect. Only the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom currently offer this service.

how to create monetized youtube channel
With the aid of BrandConnect, you can work with numerous brands

2.10 YouTube Premium

The membership service supplied by YouTube is called YouTube Premium. Members can download videos, activate background playback, and more. They can also watch material without ads. In what way does this impact monetization then? If YouTube Premium users watch a creator’s ad-supported video, will they still be paid? Thank goodness, sure.

Like ad revenue payments, YouTube claims that producers receive subscription payments at the beginning of each month. Naturally, the sum depends on how frequently Premium members watch your movies.

quotes channel monetization
Numerous advantages come with YouTube Premium

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3. Does YouTube have a rule for monetization?

These seven monetization rules should be followed as a starting point if you want to monetize your YouTube content:

Open a Google AdSense account: Get this rule out of the way first because it will be a key first need. YouTube is one of the many channels used by Google’s internal ad network, AdSense, to advertise and sell advertising space. Join those accounts with your YouTube channel.

Learn the YouTube Partner Program Requirements: Your next step is joining the YouTube Partner Program or YPP. Membership provides access to resources such as the merchandise shelf and channel memberships. Here are the criteria you need to meet before YouTube even considers you for YPP membership:

  • Demonstrate that you are abiding by YouTube’s monetization guidelines.
  • Users must have seen your material for at least 4,000 hours last year.
  • You need an initial number of 1,000 subscribers.
  • A connected AdSense account is necessary.
  • You have to be situated in an area where the YPP is accessible.
  • No violations of the community guidelines have been found on your channel.
  • You abide by monetized YouTube channel guidelines, which are listed below.
  • You have additional security by requiring two steps to verify your identity on the Google account connected to your YouTube channel.
how to create monetized youtube channel
To become a YPP member, you must fulfill a few requirements

Monetized YouTube channel by enabling it: Open your YouTube Studio after your application has been accepted, choose “Enable Monetization,” and then follow the on-screen directions.

Follow YouTube’s monetization guidelines: There are numerous guidelines to adhere to, and your channel will be watched to ensure compliance. Google AdSense policies are one of these.

  • Community Precepts.
  • Copyright; monetization principles.
  • Terms of Service for YouTube.
quotes channel monetization
You must abide by a few YouTube policy guidelines

License your background music to comply with copyright laws: Copyrights are an essential topic. When adding quality music to your videos, think about using Lickd.

Avoid these mistakes if you want to monetize YouTube content successfully: Avoid these traps to prevent scaring off potential sponsors:

  • Controversy and misinformation or false claims. Our right to free expression entails obligations, nevertheless. For instance, you risk getting in trouble by using deceptive or provocative language.
  • A lot of foul language. A few expletives won’t get you in trouble, but like with the movie rating system, excessive profanity will.
  • Erroneous thumbnail previews. Your video can be reported for misleading material if the thumbnail depicts a basket of cuddly kittens while your video is on how to clean an assault rifle.
  • Too disturbing of a subject. Advertisers are leery of being connected with divisive content or of poor taste, even if there isn’t a good reason for it, even though this isn’t a deal-breaker.
quotes youtube channel monetization
Be careful not to perform the aforementioned

Additional advice for monetizing YouTube: Finally, broaden your horizons and consider these other monetization strategies:

  • People adore trinkets like t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, keychains, and ball caps.
  • Clicks on affiliate links: Sign up for an affiliate program to earn commissions for referring customers.
  • Sell the video rights you have: For their monetization efforts, other brands might be interested in licensing your videos!
  • Increase fan support: Use websites like Patreon to reward your visitors with exclusive benefits and additional services.
how to get monetized on youtube
Users may refer to a few money-making tips

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4. YouTube channel monetization policy

In more detail, let’s discuss two key procedures under monetized YouTube channel guidelines. Some of these suggestions have already been discussed.

Making an application for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP): YouTube reviews membership applications and makes decisions about them in roughly a month, sometimes longer. During the application process, YouTube will look for these things:

  • The main idea.
  • Most watched videos.
  • Latest videos.
  • Time spent wearing watches, in the majority.
  • Metadata for video (such as job titles, thumbnails, and captions).
how to get monetized on youtube
The requirements for YPP applications must be reviewed

Avoiding Copyright and Monetization Mistakes on YouTube: As we’ve already mentioned, violating someone else’s copyright on YouTube is a significant penalty. As a result, only videos you have produced or have permission to use should be uploaded. 

Additionally, audio and music tracks, user-made videos, and other works protected by copyright are all included in: 

  • The definition of copyright. 
  • Account suspension or cancellation may follow a breach of the policy.
  • Eliminating all commercials from your videos.
  • Getting the YPP suspended.
quotes youtube channel monetization
Users shouldn’t violate copyright when monetizing YouTube

5. YouTube Partner Program rejects you

YouTube explains the rules your channel violated if your application is refused. If that’s the case, relax. Following 30 days, you can constantly reapply. Before you submit an additional application, take advantage of this chance to enhance your channel.

For instance, review any video names, descriptions, and thumbnails to ensure they adhere to YouTube guidelines. Additionally, you may delete or alter any particular films that trouble you.

quotes channel monetization
If you’re turned down, you have 30 days to try again

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Above is all the information about the monetized YouTube channel with Mid-Man. For a successful monetized YouTube, you must understand how to optimize revenue from advertising, sales, sponsorships, subscriptions, and more. Please apply these tips to your YouTube channel and make more money. Good luck!

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