April 3 2023


YouTube is a social platform that is completely popular for most generations. It is a place where you can learn new knowledge as well as relax after a stressful day. 

Are you the kind of person keen on diving into this platform most of the time? Have you ever wondered “How to create a YouTube channel“? If yes, this article is for you. Let’s start reading it to find out more detailed instructions about creating it.

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Types Of YouTube Channels

When you start setting up an account, you can choose two types of accounts. They are Brand and personal Google accounts. These two types are pretty different from each other. 

A brand account is public; you can share it with other people. In contrast, a Google one is pretty private; only you can use it.

As its name, a brand account is used for a brand. If your account is linked to this type, many people can access it via their own Google account. Only you can manage your channel if you use a personal Google account.

Many viral channels are connected to a brand account to share them with multiple people because they are too big to be managed by just an individual. Therefore, it gradually becomes a common choice for most YouTubers.

How To Create A YouTube Channel 

Creating it is harder than some famous media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. However, it is not that difficult to learn how to set it up, thanks to these simple steps. If you want to own a successful one, you must first have a YouTube one. Let’s find out the steps to create YouTube channel in this content.

Step 1: Sign in Or Create A Google Account

If you use Gmail or Google Docs, it means you have created your Google Account already, and you just need to sign in to yours. In contrast, if you still don’t own a Google account, you must sign up to move on to the next step.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Step 2: Creating A New YouTube Channel

If you want to set up a personal account, you can use your Google one. On another hand, you can sign up for a Brand account to connect to your YouTube one if it is a business one.

To make a Brand Account, you first move to your account page and choose “Create a Channel”. After that, you will continue to choose a name that matches your brand. 

How to create a YouTube Channel

There is another attractive advantage when you use a brand account. The Analytics helps you know who usually watches your videos and which content impacts the most. It helps you have a detailed insight into the audience’s preferences.

Step 3: Customize Details Of Your YouTube Channel

Choose “Customize channel” in the dashboard, and you will see three tabs which are Layout, Branding, and Basic Info. In the Basic Info tab, you will fill in some necessary information that will be public to your viewers.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Once you finish, you should use some keywords to help it exist in searches. You better choose keywords relating to your account’s topic, brand, and content. 

Step 4: Upload Your First YouTube Video

This step is quite easy for you to manage. Once you have your complete video, you just need to click the button right in the corner of the screen, which is the “Create” one. Then you will follow all the instructions.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Step 5:  Make Your YouTube Channel Video

To make your channel more popular, you should optimize the content and the topic of your video, which attracts more views as well as subscribers. Here are some best guides to developing your account:

Video Titles

When a viewer searches for a video, the title is what they first see. Therefore, try to create titles as concise and enticing as possible and must include your description. Besides, thanks to titles, the engine will better understand your video’s content. 

How to create a YouTube Channel

Then, the opportunity to appear in the searches of your clip will increase.


Like titles, the description should be obvious and intriguing. You better insert keywords in the first half of your description because most watchers read some first words of your description and forget the rest. Don’t forget to add some links to other videos.

How to create a YouTube Channel


Remember to add tags that are best related to your videos’ content. Your main aim is to reach watchers that are interested in your content, and they will be back another time.

How to create a YouTube Channel


You can add your YouTube account’s link to make your fans know more about your starting account on other social profiles, websites, or other social networks.

The Algorithm

It would be best to acquaint yourself with the YouTube Algorithm because it is absolutely important for you. The algorithm will let you know about your videos’ search results and recommend some next suitable videos.

You can create a YouTube channel with the 5 steps above, or find a buy or sell YouTube channel from reputable sites.

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9 Ways To Optimize How To Create A YouTube Channel

Setup Channel Icon

Choosing a channel icon means choosing your logo. It is like the image that viewers will think about first when mentioning your videos. So, you should consider carefully choosing the best icon and make sure that your icon matches your YouTube topic and brand. 

How to create a YouTube Channel

To set up a perfect icon, you can preview it on other devices to ensure it won’t be too stretched or different. 

Create Channel Art And Thumbnails

These art and thumbnails will decide whether viewers choose your video while they are skimming or not. So, try to design attractive and outstanding art and thumbnails. They are not only related to your video’s title but also unconventional. Once your video stands out from other competitors, viewers will choose yours.

Create A Channel Trailer

How to create a YouTube Channel

Aside from thumbnails, trailers are what make watchers impressed when they skim search results. For example, the title does not make out your video’s content; a trailer is what you need in this case. Viewers will have a general insight into your content. 

Create Playlists

Creating playlists is a common choice for most viral Youtubers because it is the most effective way to keep viewers watching their videos for a long time. 

Viewers will be recommended some related content in these playlists, and it auto-plays. It means when you finish watching this clip; another will start to play in a few seconds.

Create Great Content

Good clips are what the audiences are searching for. So, providing your content is great and thrilling; you can appeal to many new audiences. Most successful contents have enticing introductions and high-quality brand and images. 

How to create a YouTube Channel

There are many ways to create great content. Some businesses prefer slick content. Meanwhile, others tend to choose authentic and natural content.

Experiment With YouTube Advertising

If you can’t reach as many viewers as you can, it’s time for you to dive into a campaign. As you can see in most clips, many ads appear while you’re watching them. 

There are multiple types of ads such as skippable and non-skippable in-stream, discovery ads, or simply banners or posters of a new film or MV. 

Schedule Your Videos

Choosing a suitable time to post your videos is also a way to increase the views. You should post your video at a time when people are free and have time to go online. 

How to create a YouTube Channel

You can also use Analytics to determine when your video gains the most engagement and views. Then, decide on a consistent time to post your videos. 

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Understand Your Audience

The audience will come back to you if your content is suitable and helpful for them. So, the question here is, “Who are they?”. You can only make suitable content once you know your audience and understand what they need and what they are looking for.

You can use YouTube analytics to know better what kind of content is the most compelling and has a high rate of views. Thanks to this, you can have more ideas for the next videos. 

Ask Viewers To Subscribe

If you are the one that usually dives into YouTube videos, you must hear this sentence in most clips you watch: “Please like and subscribe to our channel” or “Don’t forget to subscribe and follow our videos”. Once you subscribe, you will be noticed when they post new videos.

Therefore, this will help YouTubers have high views in the few hours they have just published the videos. It would be best to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel in the comment box or in the description. Don’t forget to remind them right in your video.

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These are some useful instructions and information about creating a YouTube empire. Thanks to these instructions, we believe that you have the best answer to “How to create a YouTube channel?”.

If you have a great passion for making clips, take note of some important information to set up a successful channel. You can also share these tips with your friends if they tend to have an account. 

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon!

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