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How do you set up a channel on YouTube? Creating it is harder than some famous media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

However, it is not that difficult to learn how to set it up, thanks to these simple steps. If you want to own a successful one, you must first have a YouTube one. 

5 Steps to Create a YouTube Channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Click your profile picture.
  3. Create a channel.
  4. Verify your details (Google Account name and photo).
  5. Confirm to create your channel.

Let’s find out the steps to create YouTube channel to find out more detailed instructions:

Step 1: Sign in Or Create A Google Account

If you use Gmail or Google Docs, it means you have created your Google Account already, and you just need to sign in to yours.

In contrast, if you still don’t own a Google account, you must sign up to move on to the next step.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Step 2: Creating A New YouTube Channel

If you want to set up a personal account, you can use your Google one.

On another hand, you can sign up for a Brand account to connect to your YouTube one if it is a business one.

To make a Brand Account, you first move to your account page and choose “Create a Channel“.

After that, you will continue to choose a name that matches your brand. 

how to create a channel on youtube

There is another attractive advantage when you use a brand account.

The Analytics helps you know who usually watches your videos and which content impacts the most.

It helps you have a detailed insight into the audience’s preferences.

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Step 3: Customize Details Of Your YouTube Channel

Choose “Customize channel” in the dashboard, and you will see three tabs which are Layout, Branding, and Basic Info.

In the Basic Info tab, you will fill in some necessary information that will be public to your viewers.

how to create channel in youtube

Once you finish, you should use some keywords to help it exist in searches. You better choose keywords relating to your account’s topic, brand, and content. 

Step 4: Upload Your First YouTube Video

This step is quite easy for you to manage.

Click the “Create” button in the corner after finishing your video. Then you will follow all the instructions.

how to create youtube channel

Step 5:  Make Your YouTube Channel Video

Optimize your video content and topic to increase views and subscribers, making your channel more popular.

Here are some best guides to developing your account:

Video Titles

Create concise and enticing video titles with keywords in the description for better search visibility and viewer engagement.

how to make a youtube channel on youtube

Then, the opportunity to appear in the searches of your clip will increase.


Like titles, the description should be obvious and intriguing.

You better insert keywords in the first half of your description because most watchers read some first words of your description and forget the rest.

Don’t forget to add some links to other videos.

how do you make a youtube channel


Remember to add tags that are best related to your videos’ content. Your main aim is to reach watchers that are interested in your content, and they will be back another time.

how to create a new channel in youtube


You can add your YouTube account’s link to make your fans know more about your starting account on other social profiles, websites, or other social networks.

The Algorithm

It would be best to acquaint yourself with the YouTube Algorithm because it is absolutely important for you.

The algorithm will let you know about your videos’ search results and recommend some next suitable videos.

You can create a YouTube channel with the 5 steps above, or find a buy or sell YouTube channel from reputable sites.

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How to upload videos on YouTube?

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio.

how to make the youtube channel

Step 2: Initiate the video upload process

  • Click “CREATE” in the top-right corner.
  • Select “Upload videos.”

how do i create a youtube page

Step 3: Choose and edit your files

  • Choose the file(s) for upload (up to 15 videos at a time).
  • Click “Edit” on each file to modify video details.

how to make a channel in youtube

Step 4: Understand video conversion

  • Your video will be converted to the highest resolution for successful playback on various devices and networks. Check estimated processing time for SD, HD, and 4K videos.

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These are some useful instructions and information about creating a YouTube empire with Mid-Man’s guidance.

Thanks to these instructions, we believe that you have the best answer to “How do you set up a channel on YouTube?”.

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon!

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