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We have listed the top ten most well-known YouTubers onTop 10 Youtubers you can follow up. If you are finding several of the greatest and best creators, today’s article will be perfect for you.

YouTube is the leading popular platform for streaming videos globally, with more than 2 billion viewers each month. No matter which content is your hobby, there isn’t any content scarcity on this platform.

# Channel Name Theme Subscribers
1 T-Series Music, Entertainment 256M
2 MrBeast Philanthropy, Challenges 222M
3 Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes, Education 169M
4 SET India Entertainment 166M
5 Pewdiepie Gaming, Entertainment 111M
6 Kids Diana Show Kids, Family 117M
7 Like Nastya Kids, Travel 111M
8 WWE Wrestling, Entertainment 98.7M
9 Vlad And Niki Kids, Comedy 107M
10 5-Minute Crafts Life Hacks, DIY 80.5M

Who is the most famous YouTuber? A heated battle between PewDiePie and T-Series occurred to obtain the first position over the past years, with the most subscribers on Youtube.

Indian support and frequent uploads propelled the channel to the top despite PewDiePie’s previous dominance.

T-Series is well-known for being the largest label in recording music and an entertainment company specializing in producing films.

This company operates up to 29 channels on Youtube, but this channel is their first one, which mainly shows film trailers as well as music videos.

The majority of their content language is the Hindu.

2. MrBeast – 222 Million Subscribers

MrBeast is one of the top 10 YouTubers. Jimmy Donaldson is the owner, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and American YouTuber.

Indeed, you can see that this YouTuber has donated up to $20,000,000, over 100 automobiles, or even given away his island.

He is believed to pioneer these kinds of videos about expensive stunts. His content includes many expensive challenges, rewarding thousands of dollars.

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3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes with
169M Subscribers

On September 1, 2006, Cocomelon was established on YouTube with the aim of providing free education and entertainment for Jay Jeon, the founder, his wife and their children.

Initially known as “checkgate,” the channel uploaded two versions of the alphabet song on its first day.

It’s important for parents to note that the CoComelon TV series closely resembles the immensely popular animated music videos released by CoComelon on YouTube.

The music videos are suitable for very young viewers and address typical preschool themes.

Hodge acknowledged that CoComelon can be highly stimulating for young children due to vibrant colors and energetic music.

She stated, “They can induce a dopamine release in the brain, similar to drugs. This can lead to boredom and poor behavioral and emotional regulation.”

4. SET India – 166M subscribers

To underscore the significant role of the Indian market on YouTube, SET India is among the top 10 YouTubers participating in the T-Series company as one of the most subscribed channels.

SET or called Sony Entertainment Television. Besides, Sony Pictures creates this channel. One of the most famous television channels is SET in India. T

his support has been transmitted to their channel on Youtube.

Practically, this channel on Youtube is in the Hindu language, runs General Entertainment Channel 24 hours and provides perfect family entertainment. 

It also offers various genres from dramas to thrillers, comedies to events, dance shows to game shows, and far more.

The videos seem to incorporate a summary of their TV show with some full episodes.

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5. Pewdiepie – 111 Million Subscribers

Pewdiepie was number one in this article in 2019.

Felix became the most famous YouTuber in the world long ago and created numerous original videos. He has just held the 10th anniversary of his channel.

His content is mainly about living stream videos of playing various games by himself. Also, he does several vlogging and owns many series of meme reviews.

He regularly collaborates with many other popular YouTubers to attract more viewers.

Felix is a role model for a successful and famous YouTuber from this platform. You can too, why not try to create a channel, or buy and sell YouTube channels, and start to build your channel?

6. Kids Diana Show – 117M subscribers

One of the top 10 Youtubers with most subscribers is Kids Diana Show. Diana, a Ukrainian girl, was born on 1 April 2014.

With the assistance of Vlad and Elana, her parents, Kids Diana Show was created.

Besides, they operate some channels on Youtube featuring her playtime adventure with Roma, born on 22 October 2012, and her brother.

This channel, among the top 10 YouTubers, has held the most subscribers on YouTube in Ukraine since May 7, 2021 and has become the second most popular one for kids.

It also boasts the highest number of subscribers and viewers, ranking 6th globally.

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7. Like Nastya – 111M Subscribers

Another top 10 YouTuber catering to kids who has gained recent fame is Like Nastya.

When Anastasia Radzinskaya was young, this Russian American creator was also called Stacy or Like Nastya.

She and her parents run her channel together. This Russian girl started her Youtube channel in Russia. She later moved to live in Florida in the U.S.

Originally, her content was about toy unboxing but transformed into showcasing travels in amusement parks of various countries in the world.

8. WWE – 98.7M subscribers

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment and has held televised wrestling bouts for a long time.

Similar to other wrestling, their bouts are performance theater based on entertainment, focusing on scripted, storyline-driven and some parts choreographed matches.

Its popular Youtube channels mainly feature videos about favorite Superstars of WWE and backstage fallout from two sources as follows:

Live shows like:

  • SmackDown
  • Raw
  • NXT

And, initial shows include:

  • Top ten
  • WWE’s The Bump 
  • List This
  • Much more

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9. Vlad And Niki – 107M Subscribers

This YouTube channel, among the top 10 YouTubers, is one of the most popular for kids.

It showcases antics and the rich-imaginative personalities of both brothers, Vlad and Niki, shown in crazy adventures and nonstop fun.

They are truly talented young YouTubers. After launching their first channel in 2018, they created a various range of extra channels, such as:

  • Vlad and Niki ARA 
  • Vlad and Niki Arabic 
  • Sweet Songs – Nursery Rhymes
  • Vlad and Niki IDM

Each episode is a comedic video for a preschool audience with a creative combination of animation, music, and live-action.

9. 5-Minute Crafts – 80.5M subscribers

5-Minute Crafts is a channel where you can find life hacks and cool stuff like that. With a variety of topics, as long as it is related to daily life, and even sometimes not.

From hair problems, problems with the kitchen area, cooking problems,… maybe all can be solved on this channel.

Not all life tricks are especially helpful in our daily life.

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“Top 10 Youtubers” delivers several of the most popular YouTubers globally who produce entertaining videos for the audience. Immediately check out all channels above and find out which channels you are interested in.

Hopefully, you can find our article insightful and informative! Stay tuned to Mid-Man next post! Thank you for listening!

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