MIDMAN aims to become the number one website for digital assets, continuously striving to bring value to both buyers and sellers. To help buyers access high-quality products from the most reputable sellers, we have launched the Elite Store on MIDMAN.

What is the Elite Store on MIDMAN?


The Elite Store features sellers who have been recognized as Elite sellers, officially launched by MIDMAN on June 1, 2024. This store includes sellers who have been awarded the reputable title and verified through our stringent two-step process. These sellers must meet high standards for their goods, have a good transaction history, receive the most positive feedback from buyers, and have a scam deposit guarantee.


Benefits for Buyers purchasing from Elite Sellers

  • Instant product delivery 24/7.
  • High-quality products, verified through multiple steps by the MIDMAN team.
  • Immediate dispute resolution support and quick refunds.

Benefits for Sellers joining as Elite Sellers


Becoming a Trusted Seller by MIDMAN means the shop will receive premium benefits and attractive support policies throughout the selling period on MIDMAN, specifically:

  • Sellers’ products are listed in the Elite Store on MIDMAN.
  • Advertising support through newsletters and emails to customers.
  • Priority consideration and support for discount codes or price subsidies in MIDMAN’s promotional programs.
  • Instant delivery support 24/7 by the MIDMAN customer care team.
  • Assigned a dedicated supporter for assistance.

Conditions to become an Elite Seller


To become an Elite Seller on MIDMAN, you need to meet the necessary and minimum criteria throughout your participation:

  • Adherence to MIDMAN’s selling policies.
  • Positive buyer feedback with a rating of >= 4.8.
  • Compliance with the 15-day Return/Refund policy.
  • Verified information by the MIDMAN team through video call.
  • Deposit of $5000 as a guarantee fee.
  • Monthly maintenance fee of $500.

This is a great opportunity to increase revenue and experience premium services with advertising support, 24/7 delivery, and quality and trust certification by MIDMAN.

Additionally, to become an Elite Seller, you must meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Compliance with MIDMAN’s product listing regulations:
  • Upload suitable and high-quality product images.
  • Create professional product names.
  • Select the correct product category.
  • Provide complete product descriptions.
  • Fill out all product attribute fields.
  • Set up accurate product classifications (if any).

List of Trusted Sellers:


SocialAccs Store


Telegram: @Socialaccs for more details and purchases.

Link store:

Provider “SocialAccs”: With extensive experience in providing TikTok accounts, Provider Socialaccs is the top choice for those looking for Monetized Accounts, TikTok Shop US Accounts, and other accounts that have participated in monetization programs. 

Provider Socialaccs’s accounts have been verified and have completed over 1000 successful transactions on Additionally, Provider Socialaccs has deposited $10.000 insurance fees at, ensuring safety and reliability for customers. With a success rate of over 99% and more than 95% positive feedback, Provider Socialaccs is committed to delivering maximum satisfaction to customers.


TCZmedia Store


Telegram: none

Link store:

Provider “TCZ Media”: As an expert in providing Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts that have participated in monetization programs, Provider TCZ Media is renowned for high-interaction and effective accounts. Provider TCZ Media’s accounts have also been verified and have completed over 1000 successful transactions on Provider TCZ Media has deposited $5000 insurance fees at, ensuring peace of mind for every transaction. With a success rate of over 98% and more than 95% positive feedback, Provider TCZ Media is always a reliable choice for customers.

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