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FAQ Buy TikTok Account For Live-streaming | Elite Sellers Accounts

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It is 100% safe and there is absolutely no risk for your TikTok account being banned by trading it. However, before each transaction, the buyer needs to carefully check the quality of the account. Just to make sure that there are no prior violations for future development.

It is recommended for the buyers to check the account carefully before making any transactions. The concerns are related to the growth potential of the account, the quality of followers, copyrights, and the prices compared to other similar accounts to choose the best quality product.

Depending on the difficulty of each platform and the online time of the seller, the time to receive the account will be different. With TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it might take 1 day to update the information of the new owner. So we generally require that each transaction will be processed maximum within 3 days.

Meanwhile, YouTube is different since it takes 7 days to completely update the information of the new owner, according to the Google policy.

Mid-Man accepts different means of payment, including Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney.

In Mid-Man, we are always committed to protecting buyers and sellers when making secure transactions. After finishing the transaction, the warranty responsibility will be kept by the seller. Depending on the type of account, we will ask the seller to have a short or long warranty.

However, we also encourage buyers to choose providers with high ratings, who have worked for a long time on the floor, to get the best warranty after buying.

 Mid-Man will make it quicker and simpler than ever to TikTok account purchase. Since we want to ensure clients receive accounts as soon as possible, we have created a straightforward and user-friendly approach. To buy a TikTok account, follow the steps listed below in detail:

✅Step 1: Visit the Mid-Man website right away. Log in with your credentials if you already have an account on Mid-Man. If you don’t already have an account, you must create one.

tiktok accounts for sale
You visit the site and sign into your account

✅Step 2: Users must click “TikTok” under the “Categories” heading at the top of the screen. The website will then switch the window to the service packages, and you will move on to the next step.

buying tiktok account
Users move on to the next phase by clicking the word “TikTok”

✅Step 3: You can view a list of accounts for sale on the  TikTok accounts for sale list page. Buy a TikTok account with desired followers, indicating the quantity if necessary. Consider your options carefully, as accounts may have varying features and costs.

tiktok id for sale
You should pick the account that best fits your needs

✅Step 4: Click “Add to cart” once selected. The selected service package can then be verified by selecting the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the screen. At this point, the screen will reveal the information we have provided as seen below.

where to buy tiktok accounts
Click “Proceed to checkout” after you’ve finished TikTok account for sale

✅Step 5: The last step is to complete the delivery information and pay by choosing your desired payment method (such as a credit card, PayPal, or another option). Don’t forget to include your order confirmation and payment information.

selling tiktok account
The user watches for their email to contain the account
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