Ambassadors & Influencers

  • Instagram account High Followers 125,000

  • $180

  • 125K

Luxury & Motivation

  • Free_giftcards

  • $70

  • 10K


  • Buy PVA Instagram Account

    This service has been successsfully tested for quality by the Mid-Man team

  • $ Negotiable

    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.


  • Conta muito engajada com 11,5k

  • $350

  • 11.5K


  • Conta muito engajada com 11,5k

  • $350

  • 11.5K


  • Cuenta Instagram

  • $50

  • 11


  • Instagram account

  • $200

  • 100K


  • Mood/Music Edit Account (Real Followers + Awesome Engagement and Views)

  • $35

  • 4.5K

Ambassadors & Influencers

  • Hot girl instagram account

  • $100

  • 41K

Humor & Memes

  • Memes Cats page with more then 18k active followers

  • $ Negotiable

    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.

  • 18.5K

Food & Nutrition

  • 120K Follower / Daily Account

  • $120

  • 1.2K


  • instagram account 2017

  • $2


  • Instagram account

  • $200

  • 101.4K


  • Softreg Instagram Account

    This service has been successsfully tested for quality by the Mid-Man team

  • $ Negotiable

    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.


  • Instagram Account With Followers

    This service has been successsfully tested for quality by the Mid-Man team

  • $ Negotiable

    The account price depends on the number of followers and other factors such as Views, Likes, years created, etc. So, please let the Seller know what type of account you are looking for, and they will give you an exact price.


  • zella_dz_123

  • $600

  • 107K


  • Quality Followers Account For Sale

  • $70

  • 38.9K

Food & Nutrition

  • IG Pages Niche Fruit and Nature

  • $370

  • 23.3K

Food & Nutrition

  • Instagram Page For Sale Niche Food

  • $310

  • 20.5K

Frequently Asked Question

It is 100% safe and there is absolutely no risk for your Instagram account being banned by trading it. However, before each transaction, the buyer needs to carefully check the quality of the account. Just to make sure that there are no prior violations for future development.

It is recommended for the buyers to check the account carefully before making any transactions. The concerns are related to the growth potential of the account, the quality of followers, copyrights, and the prices compared to other similar accounts to choose the best quality product.

Depending on the difficulty of each platform and the online time of the seller, the time to receive the account will be different. With TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it might take 1 day to update the information of the new owner. So we generally require that each transaction will be processed maximum within 3 days.

Meanwhile, YouTube is different since it takes 7 days to completely update the information of the new owner, according to the Google policy.

Mid-Man accepts different means of payment, including Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney.

In Mid-Man, we are always committed to protecting buyers and sellers when making secure transactions. After finishing the transaction, the warranty responsibility will be kept by the seller. Depending on the type of account, we will ask the seller to have a short or long warranty.

However, we also encourage buyers to choose providers with high ratings, who have worked for a long time on the floor, to get the best warranty after buying.

Buy Instagram accounts from Mid-Man, we help you launch your business on Instagram to reach your target audience and grow your online presence quickly.

With billions of people using Instagram nowadays, this platform is becoming one of the largest social networks on the Internet, creating an excellent chance for new businesses.

 Should I buy a verified Instagram account?

An excellent question, right? Should I buy verified Instagram accounts? What are the benefits? How is this gonna help my business grow? Well, there’re tons of reasons you should buy a verified Instagram account instead of building a new one from scratch.


A lot of people choose to create an Instagram account and build an Instagram account from scratch. But as you know, this process takes time, lots of time. In order to reach a large audience and get engagement, you must put in a lot of work, effort and patience. The algorithm is updated daily, and it’s tough for new businesses to get noticed on the platform.

Some people invest so much in building a new account, but the results are not as expected. That’s why buying a verified Instagram account will help your business save a lot of time on promoting to get new followers. You will have a very beneficial start compared to other businesses with new accounts.


To get a verified tick from Instagram, you must have good credit, which might cost you a fortune unless you’re a celebrity. Imagine how much it would cost if you decided to build a verified Instagram account from nothing. You must spend on advertising and promoting to gain followers. No one knows the exact amount it would cost.

It’s difficult to gain new followers and organic engagement for new accounts. Most have to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent amount of followers and engagement from the audience. 

By buying top Instagram accounts, your business will save lots of costs. From there, you can focus on expanding your business and spending money to increase sales. You can skip all the hassle, jump straight to building marketing strategies and grow your business with an Instagram account.  

buy Instagram accounts
You can save time when buying an Instagram account

Higher brand visibility and engagement rates

We all look at the numbers every time we check out a profile. Instagram accounts with great followers will definitely get significant attention from users. Having a large number of followers from the start can help your business gain visual benefits and raise your brand’s credibility to a satisfactory level.

Instagram accounts for sale with good followers will help your business grow faster with great engagement rates and interactions. It will help you build a strong community of followers in a shorter period of time. This way, your business will have the potential to grow and prosper.

Increase potential customer and sales

As you know, more followers mean more attention, leading to more potential customers. Like many other social media platforms, Instagram is built on the concept of linking communication. If many people interact with your post, the platform will recommend your business to other users.

A verified account will have more authority than newly created ones. It will help you burn the stage and let you enhance your business to create more sales. 

Why should I buy & sell Instagram accounts on Mid-Man?

At Mid-Man, we provide the greatest service for buyers and suppliers. We are one of the largest and most secure marketplaces to buy Instagram accounts. We offer you get verified Instagram accounts at reasonable prices.


Mid-Man constantly checks each account’s quality before listing on the market to ensure that everything on sale represents a good business opportunity. They are all excellent growth opportunities, whether they are low or high value. 

We understand that it’s not easy to buy real Instagram accounts. That is why Mid-Man was established – a secure intermediary marketplace site for social media transactions. We guarantee the most authentic accounts by legitimate providers. 

Safe transaction

Both buyers and sellers are protected at Mid-Man. With years of experience as a middle man in the trading Social Media account industry, we have all the expertise to ensure safe transactions. Besides quality, security is also one of the core values we provide on the platform.


Mid-Man offer a user-friendly interface that allows user easily find the right account. For buyers, we have a simple working mechanism that helps you list the accounts directly online to approach prospects buyers worldwide. Moreover, we use different promotion methods on Google Adwords and Social Media to make your sale go through more quickly than ever.

 instagram accounts for sale
Mid-Man is a Social Media marketplace provides high-quality Instagram accounts

Do you have an Instagram account for sale?

If you tend to stop using this social media platform and take back a little money after spending thousands on building it, you can sell it to Mid-Man. And when the trading is done, Mid-Man will take a small fee, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. Here are some types of Instagram accounts on Mid-Man.

Instagram PVA accounts

These are phone-verified accounts. PVA is often used for Instagram botnet, giveaways or marketing activities. You can also use this account to share your product details, price, and where the product can be purchased.

Buy Instagram account with followers

Accounts with fake followers are created to inflate likes or followers, spam other users or collect data on other Instagram accounts. Buy Instagram followers are for businesses that want to seem more popular online.

buy verified instagram accounts
You should get the account that fits your need

Instagram accounts with real followers

These Instagram accounts have real followers who engage with your content. You can use this account to start building your business to gain more credibility. With real followers accounts, you’ll own an excellent beneficial start and inherit from its previous owner.

Aged Instagram accounts

These accounts were registered and verified many years ago. They’re just like real profiles with a history of posting content and interaction. These are good old accounts. They’re eligible for many purposes.

Active Instagram accounts

These accounts have many followers. They were verified and created a long time ago. It has a history of doing transactions on the platform.

Buy Instagram account cheap

At Mid-Man, you may find Instagram influencer accounts for dale with 5k, 10k, 20k, or 100k followers with the best engagement, and millions of posts.

Of course, we also provide a range of names, personalities, and nations, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Nairaland, India, the UK, the United States, and more!

How to buy and sell Instagram accounts safely?

Not everyone can buy a good Instagram account as they wish. Many people don’t understand what needs to be checked before buying an account. If you’re about to buy some Instagram accounts on Mid-Man. Here are some steps you should consider:

  • Perform a background check: Make sure that the seller is legitimate. Double check their provided info and their profile. Do the same thing with the account you’re about to buy.
  • Get an account that’s already in a niche: It’s an obvious thing. The followers should be your target audience. They’re interested in your topics. This is how you can take advantage of the pre-established follower base. You won’t want to buy a political news account and then post meme content.
  • Contract agreement: Draft a contract with all the terms and conditions. Make sure that you and the seller have reached a common agreement and that everything is okay.
  • Original email address and password: Remember to change the email address and password when you receive the account for security.
  • Pay with PayPal: You should use PayPal for the transaction because it allows the option of a refund if you don’t receive the goods. In this case, the good is the account. If you can’t pay with PayPal, at least choose the payment method you can get support for.
buy instagram accounts online
Mid-Man provides a professional and safe market to buy and sell active Instagram accounts.

FAQs – buying Instagram accounts on Mid-man

 Is it legal to buy Instagram accounts from Mid-Man?

According to Instagram’s terms of use, selling, trading, or buying Instagram accounts between users is prohibited. Technically buying accounts is against Instagram’s policies. But rules banning the sale or purchase of social property do not exist. There are ways to get the job done without violating any laws.

How much should you sell Instagram accounts?

It depends on the follower count and the interaction of the followers. You can get $10 when advertising on the account with 1,000 followers, which is the regular rate. However, the price can increase with a great engagement rate, sponsor, and contract. Besides the above factors, a nice username and a good niche also make the accounts sellable. 

What are the risks when buying Instagram accounts?

As we said before, buying Instagram accounts is against the terms of service. If you decide to buy Instagram accounts cheap, you must know that Instagram can shut them down anytime if the platform finds something fishy.

Also, there is no official guarantee that the account you’re about to buy is a scam. You can completely lose your money. That’s why you should buy Instagram accounts with followers on Mid-Man to get protection.

How do you determine Instagram account followers’ validity? 

It’s not hard to realize that an Instagram account has a fake follower count. Check out the engagement rate, comments and like. Are they real? Users will comment like a normal person while bots just spam the same word/emoji. Bots can make your page look fake and harm your brand.

As you can see, buy Instagram accounts can bring lots of benefits to your business but keep in mind that there’re some risks involved. That’s why you should choose the legit seller and reliable third-party services like Mid-Man. We hope you can get the proper account for yourself.