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If you are one of them, do not miss this article that will guide you on creating a video and how to get more views on Youtube. Keep on reading for more useful details!

The innovation of Youtube has attracted many views and video contributions which increased its revenue to 28.8 billion USD in 2021. From that, some people choose to be professional Youtuber to earn money from advertising and Youtube bonuses based on the number of views on their videos.

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Video – Making Processes – Beginner’s Guide

Plan Your Video

Planning is the first step you need to take before starting anything. When you create videos for YouTube, you should define their purpose, such as a message or call to action.

How to get more view on YouTube
Planning is the first step you need to take before starting anything

Next, you need to sketch out the necessary scenes, dialogue, background, etc., and note them in the form of a list. Makeup style, outfits, and accessories also need to be noted, and you need to follow them. Before shooting, you should also rehearse first to avoid tripping over and over again.

Edit Your Video

Based on your outline, you need to edit the video for each scene. You should review and remove inappropriate elements or add effects to make it more attractive. It would be best if you took the time to watch it repeatedly to ensure the naturalness of your acting and overall coherence throughout your production.

Upload Your Video

Uploading a video to youtube is not difficult. However, creating a title, tag, and description is quite time-consuming. Their purpose is to help more people know about your product. Therefore, you should consider and learn before publishing.

Videos on the same topic should be in the same playlist. Besides, adding tags and subtitles will help your product be known to more people.

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Way To Get More Views On Youtube From Search Results

Let’s find out ways to get more views on Youtube for this content. Keep reading to understand.

Optimize Your Channel

how i get more views on youtube
Your channel looks professional and will attract more viewers and subscribers

Youtube channels that look professional will usually attract more viewers and subscribers. To do this, you need to make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Channel name: should be easy to remember, unique, and highly creative.
  • Channel icon: is the “representative face” for the whole channel. It is usually related to the channel name or your image. Therefore, you need to choose clear, high-resolution, and visually meaningful images.
  • Referral information: you should fill out this information to help viewers and subscribers better understand your channel. Don’t forget the essential keywords and write a brief about the introduction.
  • Choose a niche: suitable for channels that pursue a specific topic. Viewers can discover your channel through channels on the same topic.

Create Irresistible Content

Attractive content will attract more viewers and become more viral. “How to” content is one of the best ways to make videos engaging.

It would be best to determine your audience and create a video that meets their needs. When you run out of ideas, you can look them up in the comments of your products or ask your viewers. You will get more views by showing your audience your attention to their needs and answering their questions.

Enhance Your Video Titles

getting more views on youtube
The title plays an important role in attracting more views

The title plays an important role in attracting more views. It will usually summarize the content and include keywords in it. Often “how-to” titles will create a lot of attraction from viewers.

You might also consider adding numbers to the title to make it more noticeable. For example: “5 ways to create viral content on social networks”, etc. Here are tips to help you come up with a good headline:

  • Less than 70 characters in length, including spaces.
  • Mention the keyword you want to enter into the search engine.
  • Promising the value that viewers get after watching.
  • Use words like: “although”, “to”, and “without” to attract attention.
  • Use the A/B test to compare.

Be Creative With Descriptions

Use the exact keywords

By filtering the description, Youtube will bring the keywords in your videos to appear in the search. Therefore, the higher the number of keywords in the description, the higher the chances of your product being searched on this platform.

Add Time Stamps

get more views on youtube
The timestamps are like the “table of contents” in a book

The timestamps are like the “table of contents” in a book. It lets viewers know exactly the period when each content is played. Therefore, it is very useful with long videos or sharing content.

Add Youtube Hashtags

Short, easy-to-remember hashtags will create an impression and interest for viewers. Add hashtags to video titles and descriptions for best results.

Include Affiliate Links

Using affiliate links is also a way to increase engagement for your channel and attract more viewers. Usually, it’s more for product advertising; however, The products you review or use in the video will attract the audience to the products your review use. In contrast, a reliable Youtuber producing many new quality videos can “catch the eyes” of advertisers.

Besides, when viewers click on affiliate links, they can get an additional commission from the product manufacturer. It is a win-win situation in business, in which both sides benefit.

Custom Thumbnails

youtube how to get more views
You can increase views with thumbnails

How to attract more views on Youtube with thumbnails? Besides the title, you can also increase views with thumbnails. These thumbnails have a positive impact on your click-through rate (CTR) and watch time on YouTube. When these numbers improve, your bonus will be more, and your channel will quickly become known to more people.

Here are a few thumbnail tips to help you optimize your views more:

  • Be clear and precise: relevant to the videos it depicts. If you’re going to use illustrations to trick users into clicking, they’ll stop watching or even “dislike” when they realize it. From there, the YouTube algorithm will underestimate your videos.
  • Featured: to get users to click. Use images with bright colors and high resolution.

Provide Transcripts

Adding subtitles to your videos will help you expand your audiences, such as deaf people or international users. Youtube’s help page will guide users to prepare a specific file version. Before that, you only needed a .txt document.

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How To Get More Views On Youtube: Off-Page View

Enable Embedding

how do get more views on youtube
Embedding videos on your website will help your views increase

Embedding videos on your website will help your views increase. Besides that, you should also provide a subscribe button. It has lasting value and helps your channel go viral. Please see the instructions for embedding videos at Youtube’s help.

Promote Your Videos On Other Social Media Platforms

Promotion will often attract many participants through the attractiveness of the gift or the use YouTube Promotion Services. You should post the program on social media sites and link the answer to the video page on Youtube. From there, the number of viewers will increase.

Enhance Collaboration With Influencers

Influencers often strongly influence the community of users and their fans in the field they hold. If influencers can mention your channel or your video featured, it will surely attract many viewers.

First, you use the search engine for influencers in your niche. Then try contacting them and add the condition that your description will include their video or website in the video description. Thus, this reciprocal relationship will be more sustainable.

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How To Get More Views On Youtube: Youtube Platform

Create Playlists To Attract Viewers

How to get more views on Youtube
Viewers can easily find similar videos without spending time searching

Usually, playlists are collections of videos that share a common theme or are related. Therefore, viewers can easily find similar videos without spending time searching.

In addition, the videos in the playlist will be designed to play continuously if the viewer uses “Autoplay”, or they will show up in the “Next” section. Therefore, when they click on a video in the playlist, they will likely watch other videos. Thanks to that, the views will also increase.

Videos in playlists in education, entertainment or movies/story, etc., will attract more views. You need to arrange the content and stream of the video in order. This care brings convenience to the viewer, and the more convenient something is, the more it attracts people.

In addition, you can use promotions to attract viewers to share and subscribe to your channel. Lottery games or sweepstakes will often attract many participants. From there, the community that follows you and supports your products will be more. Or more simply, you can buy YouTube channels and grow them in the ways above.

Publish Your Videos At The Suitable Time

  • The highest engagement on the platform usually comes on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The best time to post is 5 pm or 9 pm.
  • You should post videos between 8 am to 11 am or after 5 pm on Sundays.
  • On other days of the week, you can post at 8 am. It is suitable for Western and Eastern viewers, both at work or during lunch breaks.

It is hard to keep track of the exact time of posting. Therefore you can use support tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. These platforms will take precisely the time you select and post your video on Youtube.

Besides, they also support other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You need to set the post time and caption (or image) in advance and let these platforms do the rest.

Engage With Your Audience

Youtube is also a social networking platform more than just a video search engine. Users can interact directly in the comments section under the video or post channel. You can connect with your audience through this comment section by dropping interactions or replying.

Goodwill comments will contribute a lot to your channel, from encouragement, recognition, and praise to ideas for the following videos. If you encounter a negative comment, you can ignore it or reply politely. Do not make war because they waste your time and affect your image.

You can use the channel’s posts to announce important things, such as upcoming products, weekly/monthly video posting schedules, congratulations on holidays, New Year, events you will attend, etc. It is how your audience can follow your activities in general and your channel in particular.

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You need to focus on three main steps: plan, edit, and upload to create a video on Youtube. Next, you need to optimize viewership by increasing your video’s appearance in search results, off-page views, and platform presence. These ways may bring your video to become more viral in viewers’ eyes and attract them to watch more videos on your channel.

Hopefully, you did know how to get more views on youtube after reading this article. And then, you may have an orientation for your channel in the future.

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