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How do you make money with YouTube? You need either 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year or 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

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1. Enter the YouTube’s Partner Program

For many video content creators, the YouTube’s Partner Program has helped them turn a hobby into a lucrative profession.

Anyone who builds a large enough audience can earn paid shared revenue from the ads that run on their videos.

The more paid views your video has, the more money you make.

If you have enough conditions, you can join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Conditions to join YPP:

  1. Adhere to YouTube’s monetization policy.
  2. Maintain a clean record with no community guidelines strikes.
  3. Accumulate a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.
  4. Achieve 4,000 hours of watch time within a span of 12 months.
  5. Garner 10 million views on YouTube Shorts within the last 90 days.
  6. Reside in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is accessible.
  7. Confirm the absence of any active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  8. Ensure that 2-Step Verification is activated for your Google Account.
  9. Have access to advanced features on YouTube.

Ways to enable monetization:

  1. In the top right, click your profile picture > YouTube Studio.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Monetization.
  3. If you reach the threshold (reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months), click the Get Started button on the “Review Partner Program terms” card.
  4. Click the green “Done” sign on the “Review Partner Program Terms” tab.
  5. Connect to the available AdSense account or choose “create a new one” to make one yourself

How do you make money with YouTube

Next, select revenue from the top menu and click More for further options. After, you will see a chart under Monthly Estimated Revenue which will provide you with information about the monthly money you can earn.

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2. Produce sponsored content

YouTube is an exceptional place to build brand relationships, and you can use this to your advantage as an entrepreneur.

If your channel features a lot of products, or services, or mentions a certain brand. Then be sure to add it in the description below the video so that viewers have further information about what your channel may talk about. 

Some companies even choose to sponsor one of your videos and provide you with special deals or discounts.

These types of deals between brands and channels mean that there’s extra money coming in while at the same time gaining the company more exposure!

how do you make money on youtube

💡Pro Tip: Negotiate sponsorship deals without incurring fees from YouTube. Foster long-term partnerships by aligning your content with the brand’s values.

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3. Ad revenue and YouTube Premium

Monetize your channel by earning ad revenue from display, overlay, and video ads. With YouTube Premium, capitalize on a share of a subscriber’s fee when they engage with your content.

💡Pro Tip: Optimize ad revenue by strategically placing ads in engaging parts of your videos. Encourage viewers to consider YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

4. Fan Engagement with Super Chat and Super Stickers

How do you make money with YouTube? One approach is to engage with fans during live streams and Premieres by introducing Super Chat and Super Stickerss.

Fans have the option to purchase these animated messages and stickers to express their support, making them stand out.

💡Pro Tip: Acknowledge and interact with fans who use Super Chat or Super Stickers during live sessions, creating a sense of community.

5. Explore YouTube Shopping for Direct Earnings

Capitalize on fans’ interest in shopping experiences by featuring products in your videos.

Utilize YouTube Shopping to facilitate direct purchases from your content, boosting your earnings.

💡Pro Tip: Create engaging and informative product showcases to encourage viewers to explore and purchase featured items.

6. Collaborate with Brands via YouTube BrandConnect

Connect with brands for branded content campaigns through YouTube BrandConnect. Utilize Google technology to match with brands, driving results with effective campaign management.

Here are some strategies to secure brand deals on YouTube:

  • Visit the brand’s website and complete the contact form.
  • Navigate to LinkedIn and locate the marketing directors of the company. Reach out to them directly.
  • Establish contact through Twitter by tweeting at the brand.
  • Utilize YouTube BrandConnect if you are located in the US, UK, or Canada.
ow do you make money in youtube
Discover creators aiding brands, like yours, in connecting with more customers

💡Pro Tip: Choose brand partnerships aligned with your channel’s niche and values, ensuring authenticity in your sponsored content.

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7. Super Thanks for Extra Revenue and Fan Interaction

Introduce Super Thanks to generate additional revenue while providing fans a fun way to express gratitude.

Viewers can purchase a unique ‘clapping’ animation and leave colorful comments, fostering a deeper connection.

💡Pro Tip: Express appreciation for Super Thanks contributors in your videos or live streams, creating a reciprocal relationship.

8. Crowdfunding for Community Support

Build community support through crowdfunding platforms like Patreon.

Encourage fans to contribute monthly in exchange for exclusive content and perks, such as behind-the-scenes footage or early access to new videos.

how do you earn money through youtube

💡Pro Tip: Clearly communicate the impact of contributions on your content creation, fostering a sense of shared ownership with your community.

9. License Viral Content for Additional Income

Explore licensing opportunities for unique or viral content, allowing other platforms or media outlets to use your content for a fee. Amplify your content’s reach beyond your channel.

how can i make money through youtube

💡Pro Tip: Research and negotiate licensing terms to ensure fair compensation for the use of your content.

10. Channel Memberships for Direct Subscriber Support

Leverage YouTube’s Channel Memberships to garner direct support from subscribers. Offer perks based on membership tiers, creating a sense of exclusivity and engagement.

💡Pro Tip: Regularly communicate with channel members, seeking feedback and involving them in decisions to strengthen the community bond.

11. Strategic Promo Links in Video Descriptions

Monetize without running ads by strategically placing promotional links in video descriptions.

Utilize the 5,000-character limit to drive viewers to lead magnets, websites or merchandise.

how can i make money on youtube

💡Pro Tip: Use compelling calls-to-action in your video and description to encourage viewers to explore the linked content.

12. Monetize YouTube Shorts Creatively

Despite the absence of YouTube Short Funds, explore creative ways to monetize Shorts through ad revenue.

Adhere to YouTube’s Shorts guidelines and maximize your share of the Creator Pool based on total Shorts views.

💡Pro Tip: Experiment with diverse and engaging Short formats to capture viewer attention and increase Shorts views.

13. Optimizing your YouTube channel to make more money

To optimize your YouTube channel for increased earnings, focus on the following key strategies:

Know Your Audience: Utilize YouTube Analytics to understand your viewers. Define buyer personas to tailor content to your target audience, using relevant keywords to attract and avoid content that may appeal to the wrong audience.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel: Develop a unique product conversion path to stand out in search results. Use strategic CTAs in videos to guide viewers to your website, fostering regular engagement.

Consistent Branding: Maintain a consistent brand identity across your channel, including visuals, tone, and content style, to build a recognizable and trustworthy brand.

Optimize for Results: Enhance your channel’s performance by researching and incorporating SEO-friendly keywords into titles and descriptions. This boosts visibility and engagement metrics.

Analytics Monitoring: Use YouTube Analytics to track performance metrics, understand viewer demographics, and identify trends that can inform your content and monetization strategies.

how can i get money from youtube


Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

YouTube’s top earner, MrBeast, crafts a wildly popular product by ingeniously weaving together established content tropes.

Dive into his videos and you’ll encounter a tapestry of rapid cuts, ironic humor, and unexpected pranks or surprises involving unsuspecting individuals.

How much money does 1,000 views on YouTube make?

Anticipate earning approximately $6 for every 1,000 monetized views, translating to an estimated income range of $1,200 to $6,000 for every million monetized views on your posted videos.

How can you make money on YouTube without making videos?

Unlock YouTube earnings without creating videos by exploring Creative Commons-licensed content.

Repurpose and monetize videos from other creators in YouTube’s library, enjoying the freedom to reshape and personalize with the CC-BY license.

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The question “How do you make money with YouTube” is now answered? You have passion in this field, you can try your hand at our 13 ways of how to make money on Youtube above and share with Mid-Man the results you achieved. Good luck!

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