October 2 2022


Thousands of people have made several hundred thousand dollars from their videos. If you also want to know how to make money on youtube, keep reading this article for more details.

YouTube is a video-sharing social network owned by Google. This is the third most visited website in the world. With the increasing demand for entertainment and watching videos, Youtube is a tool for anyone to do marketing and make money online easily.

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Can you make money on Youtube?

The answer is yes. Thousands of YouTubers are creating careers out of their passion for making videos and monetizing their content through various revenue streams. This does not mean YouTube is just about the numbers game for these creators.

You’ll get a bigger boost in income if you focus on one topic. For example, people who deal with make-up tutorials or guitar-playing tips are pretty big in their niches.

How to make money on YouTube
There are already a lot of people using YouTube as a platform to make money

The other thing is generating engagement, usually fewer but more loyal followers will help you generate more revenue through YouTube advertising or product placement opportunities.

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Do you get paid for uploading videos on Youtube?

You don’t have to pay for YouTube, but videos are not automatically monetized. To start earning money on YouTube, you must activate monetization in your account settings. To save time, you can buy Youtube channel for sale that already has this feature. 

How to make money on YouTube
You don’t have to pay for uploading videos on Youtube

People can support you by donating money or subscribing to your channel to receive notifications each time you upload new videos. You can join the YouTube Partner Programme or upload your video on YouTube Premium (you will get further information later). 

How to make money on Youtube?

Create a product conversion path

Creating a product conversion path would be necessary if you want to use YouTube to make money. In other words, you need to make the content of your videos more special than others with the same keywords.

how to make money from youtube
Using a YouTube channel as a form of directing customers

There are 8 different kinds of CTAs that you can use for your videos on YouTube, including the beginning, description, and drive to your website. It will help you create the conversion path for customers and make them access your channel frequently.

Let’s take marketing through email as an example. When it comes to marketing, most people choose to create a video, which informs the audience and plucks their interest. After all of this information has been put out there, it is necessary to expand options for potential clients, allowing them to get further involved with the product by outlining how it works.

After that, your conversion path will be clearer and more familiar to customers. However, you need to focus on the content you shared on YouTube, or else it cannot appear well on this platform.

Select the monetization preferences

Youtube provides you with many different monetization preferences that are suitable for each business. Below are the top five features on YouTube that most people often choose:

  • Advertising Revenue: The less controversial your video is, the more advertisers on YouTube want to run ads on your content and the more money you make.
  • Channel Memberships: This feature allows channel owners to charge for additional “perks” for “members” on their channel. And they must pay this fee monthly.
  • Merchandise Shelf: This feature helps creators display their products on YouTube channels and sell products through the website. You will receive money when each product is sold. 
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: They appear as colored chat messages in the chat. The more money viewers spend, the longer the Super Chat or Special Stickers will appear at the top of the chatbox.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: If you’re a YouTube Premium member, you can watch videos without ads and some premium content. Best of all, the more videos you watch from your favorite creators, the more money they make.

Advertising revenue is the most effective marketing plan that most people choose to build their brand.

Optimize your page for conversions

how to make money from youtube
You use an effective strategy to make your YouTube

You need to use an effective strategy to make your YouTube more familiar to viewers and create more money. Optimizing YouTube can help increase important metrics like follower count, brand awareness, website visits, and revenue.

First, you should research the keywords that bring the best performance for your video. When you have keywords that need SEO, they will appear right in the title and tag of the video.

A standard title will help viewers easily identify and learn about your channel. Besides, it also helps YouTube analyze your channel more easily.

After that, you need to build the content of the description of the Video. This will help YouTube and Google understand the context of the video more clearly. From there, your video will regularly appear in the Suggested Video bar. You need to notice to insert keywords in the description and must often repeat them in the content.

Identify viewer personas

To make YouTube channels more familiar to viewers, you need to research who your customers are. The Audience tab in YouTube Analytics provides an overview of the people watching your videos and insights into their demographics.

YouTube is only a search engine, and you need to decide first who your buyer persona is. This will enable you to find relevant keywords so that you can attract the right personas and avoid some negative personas for your channel.

Produce sponsored content

YouTube is an exceptional place to build brand relationships, and you can use this to your advantage as an entrepreneur. If your channel features a lot of products, or services, or mentions a certain brand, then be sure to add it in the description below the video so that viewers have further information about what your channel may talk about. 

Some companies even choose to sponsor one of your videos and provide you with special deals or discounts. These types of deals between brands and channels mean that there’s extra money coming in while at the same time gaining the company more exposure!

Moreover, you can negotiate with the business or brand without paying any fees for YouTube.

how i make money on youtube
YouTube is an exceptional place to build brand relationships

Different ways to make money from YouTube

Enter the YouTube partner program

For many video content creators, the YouTube Partner Program has helped them turn a hobby into a lucrative profession. Anyone who builds a large enough audience can earn shared revenue from the ads that run on their videos. The more views your video has, the more money you make.

If you have enough conditions, you can join the YouTube Partner Program.

Ways to enable monetization

  1. In the top right, click your profile picture > YouTube Studio.
  2. In the menu on the left, click Monetization.
  3. If you reach the threshold (reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months), click the Get Started button on the “Review Partner Program terms” card.
  4. Click the green “Done” sign on the “Review Partner Program Terms” tab.
  5. Connect to the available AdSense account or choose “create a new one” to make one yourself

Next, select revenue from the top menu and click More for further options. After, you will see a chart under Monthly Estimated Revenue which will provide you with information about the monthly money you can earn.

The number of views you need to make money on Youtube?

YouTube pays video creators through several criteria. The first is the number of ad impressions on the user’s clip. The second is the number of ad clicks on that youtube video. Finally, the order value is achieved – if the user pays for the order of the advertiser.

So, if your video has a view, the person who posts the video will get paid. The more views, the more ads displayed, and the larger the amount paid.

Get featured on Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium helps viewers not be bothered by promotional videos but still share revenue with content creators.

YouTube uses a portion of the total revenue it receives from its Premium service to pay creators based on the total time that viewers have watched their videos.

How to make money on YouTube
YouTube will share the money earned from YouTube Premium with videos with a lot of views, watch time

While YouTube is increasingly controlling the rules for making money online on the platform, content creators can still make money from Premium subscribers, even if the video is not eligible for advertising.

Benefit from “Fan Funding”

Monetize through live streams on super chat

Using a feature called Super Chat, you can now monetize your live streams on YouTube. This feature lets you create live stream chats that people can stand out and pin at the top of the comments section in some situations.

Creators can utilize Super Chat during their live-streaming sessions by either typing in a preset message or paying a little extra for their custom message.

The super chat will then stand out from all other comments and allow someone to pay more than an ordinary commenter to have their comment show up at the top of the pile, which can be useful if they want to get your attention.

how to make money for youtube
You can earn a considerable amount from Fan Funding

Offer channel memberships

YouTube’s Memberships feature allows channels to charge a monthly fee for additional “perks”.

There are different rates for membership, and the prices vary by country. Channels decide how many levels they want to offer. In the US, monthly prices can range from $0.99 to $99.99.

YouTube channels can also decide to what level they get access to specific perks. They might offer one price for all content only for members, or split things up so that some perks require a more expensive membership. It completely depends on each channel and will not be the same in every channel.

Become a YouTube influencer

Becoming a YouTube influencer is an effective way to earn money. How do you know what to charge for your YouTube marketing services? Influencer marketing expert Brendan Gahan recommends you start by taking 15 cents per view each month. One reason is that it gives you an easy base amount on which to build up your fees.

how i make money on youtube
Becoming a YouTube influencer is an effective way to earn money

You can also earn more money if you cooperate with some reliable brands in the market such as Channel Pages.

Enhance the affiliate products on Your videos

Big companies are always on the lookout for talented YouTube creators with an incredibly engaged following. They know that by capitalizing on these types of channels, they can gain loyal followers who will engage with their products and services.

When your YouTube channel has many followers, these companies will contact you to advertise their products, and then you will receive money.

Sell products or merchandise

Using Youtube to sell products or merchandise online will be easier when you already have a certain number of channel followers. You open your channel on the YouTube platform and insert promotional content to buy right under your content. Therefore, viewers can easily contact and buy.

how to make money of youtube
Using Youtube to sell products or merchandise online will be easier when you already have a certain number of channel followers

License your content

You need to pay attention to the content of your video to make it special. Firstly, you must create attractive titles because YouTube is a visual-oriented platform, so people check images first before watching a video. Keep in mind that you draw in more users if you create great high-quality videos with engaging thumbnails which catch people’s eye.

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Have you had success monetizing your YouTube videos? If not and you have passion in this field, you can try your hand at our 7 ways of how to make money on Youtube above and share with Mid-Man the results you achieved. Good luck!

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