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Are you struggling with knowing how to manage multiple business pages on Facebook? Do not worry, this article will give you some useful tips and tools so that you can manage multiple Facebook pages effectively.

Summary of steps:

Step 1: Create Account: Visit, enter company details.

Step 2: Add Facebook business pages:

  • In Business Manager, click settings.
  • Choose “Pages,” select “+ Add.”
  • Add existing/request access/create new pages.
  • Enter page name, click “Add Page.”

Step 3: Click “Store Locations,” “Get Started” and Create primary store page.

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Ways on How To Manage Multiple Business Pages On Facebook

Mastering the management of multiple Facebook pages provides you with streamlined control over advertising. Here are the detailed steps:

✅ Step 1: Create the account

Make a new Facebook account to sign up for your Business Page, using your personal account as the key for access, with ensured privacy.

  1. Visit, click “Create Account.”
  2. Enter company name, click “Continue.”
  3. Fill in name and company email, click “Finish.”
how to manage multiple business pages on facebook
The homepage of Business Manager

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✅ Step 2: Add your Facebook Business pages

Enhance your Facebook Business Page by adding profile and visuals for increased engagement.

  1. In Business Manager, click settings.
  2. Choose “Accounts” and then “Pages.”
  3. Select “+ Add” from the dropdown

There are now three options available to you:

  1. Add an existing page linked to your email address.
  2. Request access if you’re an administrator for another company’s page.
  3. Create a new page in your regular Facebook account

Afterward, click the button, enter the page name, and select “Add Page.”

manage multiple facebook accounts
Adding a page

For admin, approval is automatic; for access, click:

  1. Choose primary page.
  2. Click “Next.” Enter page info and adjust access.
  3. Click “Request Access“; page appears.

To start a new page:

  1. Click icon, choose “Local Business” and enter info.
  2. Click “Create Page“; then added to dashboard.

Repeat for more pages or proceed to step 3 for store locations.

✅ Step 3: Add store locations

  1. Click “Store Locations” in the menu.
  2. Start by clicking “Get Started” in the “Promote Your Stores” window.

Create your primary store page; it influences all other location pages. Add more stores through your dashboard:

  • Add Manual: Fill details one by one.
  • Add Multiple Stores: Use Facebook’s template for efficiency.
  • Connect an Existing Page: Link stores to the main page.
how to add multiple pages to facebook business manager
Promoting your store

💡 Remember:

Content on the main page reflects on all locations. Adjust this in “Settings” under “Locations.” You’re now equipped to efficiently manage multiple Facebook business pages with the Business Manager dashboard.

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Tips on How To Manage Multiple Business Pages On Facebook

You have read about the importance of managing multiple Facebook business pages and the three steps of handling Facebook Business pages. Let’s take a look at the following strategies:

Set Goals: Define purpose, objectives, and target audience precisely, especially with multiple pages.

Evergreen Content: Combat content fatigue with perennial ideas tailored to market interests.

Measure Performance: Evaluate insights through analytics for informed decision-making.

Utilize CTAs: Boost engagement with versatile buttons:

  • Shop Now: For e-commerce
  • Donate Now: Encourage donations
  • Book Now: Facilitate reservations
  • Contact Us: Direct communication
  • Use App: Promote app downloads
how to manage multiple facebook pages
Manage your Facebook page with tools and tips

FAQs about How To Manage Multiple Business Pages On Facebook

How many pages can one Facebook account manage?

There is no limit to the number of pages you can manage on Facebook, as the platform is aware of the presence of marketing agencies. These companies specialize in creating and overseeing Facebook pages, all under the central control of one core admin profile.

How can I switch between the pages I manage on Facebook?

To switch between pages you manage on Facebook, tap the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Next, tap Switch Profiles in the top right, and select the Page you want to switch into.

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In conclusion, through this article, you may know how to manage multiple business pages on Facebook. The correct social media management tools and tips simplify the process of maintaining Facebook pages, allowing you to manage multiple Facebook pages from a single dashboard. To know more about social media, you can visit Mid-Man anytime.

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