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Social media marketing is an essential part of any modern business strategy, and one of the most popular platforms for carrying out social media marketing strategies is Instagram. 

If you’ve never used Instagram before, here are the steps on how to create an Instagram account from scratch so that you, too, can benefit from instant brand recognition in your market or industry!

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1. How to create an Instagram account using mobile

The first step in how to create an IG account here is to download the Instagram application on your phone. Once the app is downloaded, open it up to gain access. Next, you must register using your email address or Facebook login information.

Depending on your chosen option, a username and password to set up a profile with Instagram. If you set up a profile through Facebook, this process will be automatic when you click on “Create New Account”. Or do you want to have an Instagram account that already has followers instantly? Visit Mid-Man now to buy Instgram account for sale that is fast, simple, and safe.

How to create an Instagram account using mobile

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2. How to create an Instagram account using a computer

How do you create a new IG account on your desktop if you do not want a mobile version? To build a new one on your computer, you must go to and enter the email address of your choice and the username and password you would like to have. You also have the option to build with Facebook.

How to createan Instagram account using a computer

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3. How to create an Instagram account for business

As a businessman, you might want to know how to set up an Instagram account to boost your sales. An Instagram is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your company.

It’s extremely visual; just the nature of how the platform works makes photos a central focus, which can explain why users are so engaged with brands they like. The best part is with some simple steps, anyone can do it!

3.1 Step 1: Download the app

If you have never used Insta, start by downloading the app. It can be downloaded for phones, tablets, and computers through the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows 10 apps. 

Unless you’re using a desktop or regular web browser with certain stipulations, which will be considered in this article, it is highly unlikely your device is compatible with any plug-in-based functionality. 

So how to create a Instagram new account? Continue reading and find out.

3.2 Step 2: Create an account

Instar is a picture-sharing application available on smartphones, tablets, and computers. You could have the app in Google Play or App Store for mobile devices and the Windows 8 store for computers. 

If you have a tablet, computer, or smartphone without an app store, you can access Insta through its website at Now you have the account, and the question is how to start an Instagram account. Here is how.

How to create an Instagram account for business
App Mobile App Instagram Mobile Phone Screen

3.3 Step 3: Create a new business page

Before you begin creating your owner or company page, ensure you have the answer on how to create a new Instagram page. Specifically, you should properly set up a Facebook fan page because creating a profile on is the only way to save it. 

From there, do not skip setting up a Facebook profile to help clarify who you are! Then create your page using the “Create a Page” option (this will be available at any time). 

Choosing which category best suits this new opportunity; some include Arts and Entertainment.

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3.4 Step 4: Connect to that new business page.

In switching to the business version, you can start by pressing the “Details” option on iOS or Android. From there, find the “Settings” option and tap it out. There, you will be tapping “Change Account Settings.” 

Next, select “Switch to Business Profile.” Once again, you will be presented with the settings options menu. Next up is selecting “Promo code” under Marketing and then “Start Promo Code Flow.” Enter your promo code to proceed! So there you have it—a step-by-step guide!

How to create an Instagram account for business

3.5 Step 5: Complete the profile setup

A link to turn on your business account is on the bottom right of your profile page. While building up a page, you can choose a cover image and address of the business. Choose “Done” and then add the needed profile before you find the new graph icon in the app. 

Your Insta page offers information about how well you’re using Insta – including promotion and engagement stats that help show how people engage with posts from your company.

3.6 Step 6: Fill your gallery

Start adding photos to your gallery. Instagram is a wonderful tool to share your pictures, experiences, and moments with others. 

You can take or import existing photos from your mobile device, Facebook, Dropbox, and Instagram if you’re looking for a photo that connects with your brand’s personality.

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4. Ways to customize your Instagram accounts after creating

Once you have successfully created an Instagram account, you need to take care of your account to be eye-catching and attractive.

4.1 Choose a noticeable username

To build Instagram, you can have your email or Facebook account. After this, you’ll pick up the username, which will be how people see you when finding your Instagram, and your username must be recognizable and similar to the business name. 

how to create an instagram account

You will also have the option of putting in your first and last name along with an email address when signing up to help make finding you through Instagram’s search function easier for people looking to discover you on the app.

4.2 Select a recognizable profile photo

Instagram’s profile photo or banner image should be in landscape format and measure 735 pixels on the long side with a minimum width of 180 pixels. It should look great in different sizes, from big to small.

The photo you choose to have on your business’s Instagram account will be most effective when it is a recognizable picture of your business. Some Instagram users may not recognize your logo, but in many cases, it’s best for the majority of it to be recognizable by the average user.

Instagram accounts after creating

4.3 Do a research

Without a clear understanding of what others in your industry are publishing, you won’t know how to get your community interested in following along with all you have to share. 

how to create a ig account

4.4 Customize your profile

Instagram allows you to build a profile. People are often short on time, so your profile should show them why they should follow you in just a few quick seconds. 

The compelling bio lets you tell people about your company and niche in one or two sentences. If you’re selling services or products locally, don’t forget to include that information; this way, people will know what area you serve right off the bat! 

As an example, we went ahead and created our bio using Instagram’s mobile app:

4.5 Post your photos consistently

Some people frequently ask can I have 2 Instagram accounts? Well, you can. However, you need to make sure to have your pictures consistently. You will be able to crop your photos before you upload them. 

There are many Instagram editing options available, like photo frames and filters you can double-tap on so it shows up as a border in your photo or choose the filter strength, for example. 

Other editing options let you add borders and apply corrections to details such as highlights and shadows.

4.6 Become socially active

Setting up an Instagram presence can be as simple as putting your favourite pictures on display, sharing your favourite artists and brands, or starting conversations with the people who follow you. 

Now and then, someone may tag you in a particularly interesting picture. Always keep your eyes peeled for these mentions so you don’t miss out on anything cool, especially if the picture is complementary to anything that may be part of your strategy.

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The right social media tool can help a business reach a wider audience. Hopefully, this article on how to create an Instagram account by Mid-Man will help you have a closer look at an effective marketing method for your business.

There will be many other ways to boost your sales, but Instagram will be a great way to assist you. What are you waiting for? Start building your Instagram now!

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