If you have your own company, a Facebook Business Page is necessary. With 1.82 billion active users every day, a Facebook Page is not only a normal social network but also a free method to promote your business.

Fortunately, creating a new Page for a business on Facebook is quite simple and fast. Let’s dive into “How To Create A Facebook Page” to learn details about creating and growing a Facebook Business Page successfully.

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What Is The Facebook Page?

It is basically the “real estate” of your organization or company and comprises your major presence, where you will share content from customers and employees, post updates, and link to your business anywhere on Facebook.

how to create a facebook page

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How To Create A Facebook Page

Step 1: Sign-in or log in to your Facebook account

Access Link https://www.facebook.com/

How to create a Facebook page
or log in to your Facebook account

Then, fill in your information according to the requirement:

  • Firstly, type your email address or telephone number.
  • Secondly, type your password.

Click “Log in”.

Step 2: Create a new page

Access Link https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

How to create a Facebook page
Go “Create a Page”

In “Page Information” on the left of the Facebook Page. Type your business information in these items below, including:

  • Page name: fill in the business name or choose another name that everyone probably searches for when looking for your business.
  • Category: type several words describing your business aspect or select three options from Facebook’s suggestions.
  • Description: fill short sentences with no more than 255 characters.

Click “Create Page” if you feel satisfied with your written description.

On the right side, you can find simultaneously updated information about your business in “Desktop Preview”.

Step 3: Upload the profile and cover pictures

The profile photo accompanies your brand name in search results. It appears when you engage with other users.

When uploading your business’s profile first, it should meet the requirements below:

  • Make a good impression at first glance
  • Be suitable and searchable with your brand
  • Its dimension should be 170 x 170 pixels
  • It is the safest method to use your logo if your brand is recognizable
  • If you are a public figure or a celebrity, an image of your face can be charming
  • Use a well-shot photo of a signature offering if your business is local
  • Don’t place something important in the corners because this image is cut to a circle

The critical here is to help a potential customer or follower to recognize your Page quickly.

Right after selecting a perfect picture, tap “Add Profile Picture”.

How to create a Facebook page
Upload the profile and cover pictures for your page

And now, it’s time to upload your cover image. This photo picture should:

  • Be 1640 x 856 pixels
  • Capture your business’s nature
  • Convey your brand personality or business

Click “Add Cover Photo” if you have found a great photo.

Next, you can use a button available on Facebook to adjust the displaying position until you find it appropriate. 

Choose “Save” to finish.

Step 4: Choose a username

On the Page preview,  choose “Create Username” to create a username.

How to create a Facebook page for business
Choose your page’s name

Type the name that you choose to use.

If you see a green checkmark appear, that name is good to continue.

Choose “Create Username’ to accomplish this step.

Step 5: Add business information and buttons

On the Page view, easily scroll down to the “Set Your Page Up for Success” section and expand “Provide Info and Preferences”. Type the suitable details here, then start your business’s website.

How to create a Facebook page for a business
Go “Set Your Page Up for Success” section and expand “Provide Info and Preferences”

If the open time to the public is during detailed hours, make certain to write those here because this information will be in search results.

Remember to finish the “Add an action button”.

The call to action button or called CTA helps customers find something they want more easily and allows them to interact with your company. To add this button, implement these steps below:

  • Choose the blue box
  • Select which type of button you desire

Step 6: Customize the page settings

In the navigation on the left, go to the bottom and choose “Settings”.

How to create a Facebook page business
Go to the bottom choose “Settings”

The menu on the left of the Facebook Page will display more detailed items, and the right-hand interface will constitute countless options. Refer to the table below:

Options Function
Others Tagging this Page in General item Allow users to share and post about your Page
Show a greeting in Messaging item Send the followers a greeting automatically when opening chatbox on Messenger
Similar Page Suggestions in General item Your Page is recommended to new fans and followers
Templates and Tabs Rearrange your Page’s information offered to visitors or the menu on your Facebook Page
Notifications Allows users to:

  • Customize how and when they want to receive Page alerts
  • Set a frequency fitting their marketing schedule
Page Roles Create the changes to users’ Pages by inviting other colleagues

Step 7: Upload your first post 

Facebook how to create a page
You need to post some first smart content before inviting everyone to like your Page

You need to post some first smart content before inviting everyone to like your Page.

Besides, you also should post your own content or share relevant posts from the leader of your business.

Create a box with many options at the top of your Facebook page.  Click one of them to create specific content, such as an offer or event.

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Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page

Like other pages

Connecting with those Pages relating to your industry (but not rivals) is also a way to grow the community. To follow other companies, do these steps below:

  • Navigate to this Facebook page
  • Click the three dots icon under the cover photo
  • Click Like button
How to create a page on facebook
Connecting is a way to grow the community

If you have two  Facebook Business Pages or more, switch to sign in which account you want to use to like other Business Pages, and click “Submit” to finish.

Use your page join the Facebook group

Groups on Facebook are the representative of a great chance to reach numerous users who love specific themes without spending money on ads. 

Joining and posting to a relevant Group as your Facebook Page helps anyone curious about your post click through to your Business Page rather than your personal profile.

how to create a facebook page for business

Link the Facebook page to your website

You could attach a link to your Page on Facebook somewhere suitable on your website, such as at the bottom of your posts. 

This way stimulates other bloggers or businesses to do a similar thing when cooperating.

how to create a facebook page for a business

Analyze insights regularly

Collecting data about how your followers are engaging with the post you upload and your Page becomes easy with “Facebook Page Insights”.

In the “Manage Page” item, click “Insights” to access it.

How to create a page for Facebook
Go to “Facebook Page Insights”

The major characteristic of Insights is allowing users to check the amount of everyone who has clicked on your website, address, CTA button, and phone number. 

This data is classified by demographic factors like gender, age, city, device,  and country, making content future tailoring process appropriate with your audience easier. In the Manage Page item, click Actions on Page to see this information.

Check your settings

Your Facebook Page settings help you gather a couple of good details about Page administration.

You also know these Pages and people who have followed your Page received your notifications, and so on.

On the “Manage Page”, click “Settings” to go to your “Settings” section.

how to create a facebook page business

Ways To Manage Your Facebook Page

Engage with your audience

Nowadays, one popular way to promote most companies is to create Facebook pages and post ads.

Even though there’s nothing worse when using this way, it’s critical to make certain the content you share will be appropriate with what the people like about your Page.

Notice that posting constant updates and ads may annoy followers, leading them to unfollow or dislike your Page.

how to create a page on facebook

Be responsible in sharing information

Similar to what you do on your personal account, it is vital to think carefully about what you will share on your Page.

How to create page in Facebook
It is vital to think carefully about what you will share on your Page

Because a Page on Facebook represents the face of your community, the best way is not to share anything derogatory or offensive.

Experiment to find your formula for a successful Facebook page

Actually, there isn’t any exact formula for building a Facebook page successfully, so you should not attempt to check different ways to check whether or not it is the best option for you and your organization.

facebook how to create a page

One smart choice you can consider:

  • Spend your time reviewing more famous Pages on Facebook.
  • Notice to the sorts of content they regularly share
  • Learn how they interact with their audience

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Measure Your Facebook Business Page

On the left-hand option, click “Insights” to measure the growth and activity of your Business Page.

How to create a Facebook page for business

Additionally, you could measure your efforts to make certain that you utilize a valuable marketing tool on Facebook. You should know the features of the following tab:

Tab Feature
Overview Show a snapshot in 7 days of your metrics like: 

  • Page Likes 
  • Overall engagement
  • Post reach
Followers Provides information about:

  • How many of your followers 
  • How it has changed current
Likes  Show the overall fan losses and growth
Reach Highlight how many people your Page is reaching per day
Visits Indicates the place on Facebook where your viewers come from. 
Others such as Posts, Stories, and Events show the specific activity of those kinds of Page content

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Facebook isn’t only a nice thing to have, but any company needs to grow an effective inbound marketing campaign nowadays.

So what are you waiting for? Use this guide to promote your Face Business Page to attract more potential followers and direct traffic to your business sites.

Hopefully, you can find “How To Create A Facebook Page” informative and insightful! Stay tuned to our next article!

Thank you for reading!

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