February 18 2022


Facebook offers many features and options for businesses to leverage. While it’s true that we can acquire a Facebook page, get a cover photo, and create posts from within the platform, there are other parts of the business that we need to do manually. 

This can be a time-consuming process, and you will have to leverage third-party applications and services to maintain your Facebook page. Here are basic steps and tips on how to get verified on Facebook, along with some of the tools that will make your job easier.

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How To Get Verified On Facebook: Detailed Guide and Tips

What Is The Facebook Verification

Getting your Facebook Page verified is a way of having the social media platform certify that you have your own identity. Verifying means that Facebook will visibly identify you like yourself when visitors visit your page. This means placing a blue badge on top of your cover image or posting a message from Facebook saying that the page has been verified.

Verified Facebook badges are visible on both Page profiles and in search results. 

How to Get Verified on Facebook
Getting your Facebook Page verified is a way of having Facebook certify that you have your own identity

For example, we recently got our Facebook Page verified with the blue badge! Verifying a Facebook Page isn’t easy to do. The company has an entire department dedicated to processing applications like these! Our team is obsessively cautious with every application submitted. We take on each one with a sense of responsibility – there’s no room for mistakes here.

Benefits Of Getting Verified On Facebook

Boost Your Business Credibility

The verified checkmark will help give potential customers the peace of mind that they need to know that you are a real person promising professional service.

How to Get Verified on Facebook
The verified checkmark will help customers know that you are a real person promising professional service

The verification badge lets you know that many people have looked for your profile, that they are aware of your public persona, and perhaps even would like to follow in your footsteps by creating their own “fake” accounts with a similar name.

Reclaim Your Brand’s Identity

Whether you’re defending or addressing an accusation or just trying to make your statement clear, having an Official Page through whatever social media platform you use helps you get your point across much more quickly.

How to Get Verified on Facebook
Having an Official Page through the social media platform helps you get your point across much more quickly

Enhance The Search Results

To boost your reach on Facebook, get verified. Verified Facebook Pages are shown higher up in search results. This helps you increase your reach and engagement.

People are more likely to interact with accounts that are official and verified. When your brand has verification, it makes people feel more secure about doing business with you and assures that you’re trustworthy.

get verified on facebook
To boost your reach on Facebook, get verified

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Who Can Be Verified On Facebook?

Even though anyone can sign up to Facebook, the social media giant has thorough verification requirements:

  • Authentic: It needs to be based on an actual person, company, or entity.
  • Complete: It needs to contain information like a profile photo and an “About” section. There should be at minimum one post on a company page.
  • Notable: The organization, business, or entity it represents needs to have many customers who may not be aware of the brand but are searching for businesses that offer what is being provided by your promotional account. It is better if organizations, businesses, or entities sponsor individual accounts to get a lot of media attention. This means they have a reputation to protect, and they will work hard not to lose potential clients because their reputation will reflect on you.
  • Unique: A Facebook Page is a great way to represent your company or business on Facebook. At any moment, you can verify your page in the Events section of Facebook for Business. 

Note that each time you log into your account through the link from your organization’s official application or website, it will automatically be authorized and verified by Facebook. You can’t lose anything; you only get more visibility. For instance, it will not authorize an account for books or interests, but it authorizes accounts for publications (magazines, newspapers, etc.).

how to get a blue check on fb
For Facebook to verify you need to ensure 4 factors: Authentic, Complete, Notable, and Unique

Getting verified is hard; it’s even harder to get re-verified if you ever lose it. To be sure that it never happens to you, be sure to publish engaging and informative posts instead of only publishing the minimum requirements of one post.

Additionally, remember that Facebook may ask for additional documentation for profiles and pages of elected officials, agencies of law enforcement, city governments, and politicians Seeing all of Facebook’s verification standards for these sorts of Pages, and also contact information, scroll down the page linked above.

The Difference Between Blue And Gray Checkmarks

Blue Checkmarks

The blue checkmark badge on Facebook is for public figures, companies, and educational institutions. They’re a way to verify that your status updates come from an official source with credibility.

how to get verified on facebook 2021
A blue checkmark is a way to verify that your status updates come from an official source with credibility

Gray Checkmarks

To curb abuses of the social media site’s popularity and trust, Facebook has systems wherein pages that have already gained much traction from users are now tagged with a gray checkmark icon. These are still authentic pages but have been deactivated for a moment. 

how do i get verified on facebook
Grey checkmarks show that these pages are still authentic pages but have been deactivated for a moment

Locally owned businesses that offer services nationwide. For example, contacting them via city-specific outlets could catch on to this new system as an effective way to contact various departments or branch offices from a similar parent company.

In October 2019, Facebook changed one of its policies and removed the badge from verified business pages. So small business owners will have to go through multiple additional steps to prove they own their Page on Facebook.

How To Get A Blue Verified Check On Facebook?

Once you have verified your company’s Facebook page and you feel that it meets all the required criteria to be verified, you can begin the verification application process which is made up of eight simple steps:

Step 1: Start by filling out the form

To make a verification demand, first, click Facebook’s contact form.

getting verified on facebook 2021
Facebook’s contact form

Step 2: Select the type of verification you want.

how to get a blue verified check on facebook

Step 3: Choose which Page/ profile you desire to verify.

how to get grey verified facebook page

Step 4: Choose a category for your page/ profile.

You must choose the issue that is the most closely related to the Facebook category possibilities. In case none of the suggested matching themes apply to your homepage, you can choose “Other.”

How to Get Verified on Facebook

Step 5: Include your country in the list.

How to Get Verified on Facebook

Step 6: Attach any necessary personal/ business identity documents.

The process is different depending on whether you are seeking verification as an individual or as a business.

How to Get Verified on Facebook

To verify a Facebook account that reflects a person, submit a photo of the date of birth and name printed on valid photo identification. Examples of acceptable documents include driver’s licenses, passports, or national ID cards.

Step 7: Justify your request for verification.

After you have answered the questions, Facebook will require you to tell a little about what makes your business unique. This includes why people should follow your Page/ profile in the first place and how it can benefit them or their network of friends.

Step 8: Submit the form

Once you have filled out all details in our online contact form, you need to click “Send”. Good luck with applying.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified?

The length of time it takes to verify a Facebook account varies by account. Even though Facebook does not define a normal response time, its support site states that you may receive a response in as little as 2 days or as long as 45 days. 

get verified on facebook
You may have to wait for 2 to 45 days to get verified

This might take longer than advertised to verify an account representing a business. This is because members of the Facebook team may need to review your papers and ensure they are authentic manually.

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Tips On Verified On Facebook

Keep Your Facebook Account Trustworthy And Reliable

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your Facebook Page looks professional and credible so that any potential clients or customers can trust what you have to say.

how to get verified on facebook 2021
You need to make sure that your Facebook Page looks professional and credible

Update Your Business Information Regularly

Facebook will review your information before helping you to mark up your Page with a blue checkmark. It’s best to make sure all of the information is updated regularly so that your customers can easily find out more about your venture and potentially fall in love with it!

how do i get verified on facebook
Facebook will review your information before helping you to mark up your Page

Take Advantage Of Your Page About Section

Details are the backbone of your Startup. Fill out every single part of it and make sure you include them in your company’s About section:

  • An overview’s company
  • Contact information (phone numbers, addresses, email addresses)
  • Your company’s mission statement
  • Other accounts on social media
getting verified on facebook 2021
Details are the backbone of your Startup

Link Your Page To The Website Or Well-Known Publications

If you want your Page to get seen by users, then you need to prove that people can trust you. The only way to do this is if people who come across your Page through Facebook know how they can contact you directly or find your website easily.

how to get grey verified facebook page
Linking your website to your Facebook page is also a way to make people trust your page better

What Can I Do If Facebook Rejects My Application?

It’s vital to remember that completing the simple verification criteria may not be sufficient for verification. Without providing a reason, the Facebook team may decide not to verify you. If your application is rejected, then you will be able to reapply after one month. However, we must stress that this may be more challenging so if you want better chances of success, work on improving your business information and providing answers to any additional questions they might have.

how to get a blue check on fb
It is not uncommon to be rejected verification by Facebook

If Facebook denies your application, you can take the following steps:

  • Contact Facebook customer service to learn more about the reasons why your request was turned down. The next time you try to acquire this information, you will know exactly what you have to do to get validated.
  • While increasing your Facebook marketing efforts, create greater high-quality material and stick to a consistent posting schedule.
  • If you already have other social media profiles for your brand, be sure to promote them as well. It will increase your opportunities of becoming verified on such platforms.

Besides, many people choose buying Facebook pages or account already verified accounts, which can be much faster, but there are also many risks if you choose an unreputable site to buy it.

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Verification on Facebook is a good way to show the credibility of your profile on the social networking site. If you are a blogger or business owner, getting verified on Facebook will help you in many ways. You will get more organic reach, more visibility, an increase in your post engagement, an increase in your followers, an increase in trust and credibility in your brand, and many other benefits.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to get verified on Facebook. We know that knowing whether or not you’re verified is important, so we’re glad to help you out.  

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