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How to schedule a Facebook post on mobile, you can do the following:

  1. Download “Facebook Business Suite
  2. Open the app and select your page
  3. Tap “Publish
  4. Compose your post
  5. Tap “Next
  6. Choose “Schedule for later” and set the date
  7. Select “Schedule” to save

Now, we will learn each step in detail:

Step 1: Set up Facebook Business Suite app

Search “Facebook Business Suite” on Google Play or App Store and download the application.

Or you can download it here:

Step 2: Open the app and choose your page

The app will automatically open the “Pages”, so you just need to choose the page you want to proceed. 

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook
Open the app and choose your page

Step 3: Tap Publish

Click on the “Publish” button below the page’s name, a text box will appear to create your content.

how do i schedule a post on facebook mobile
Tap “Publish”

Step 4: Write your post

Type the content you want to publish. You can also add photos, tags, and other features in this step.

how to schedule a post in facebook
Write your post

Step 5: Tap Next

Click the “Next” button on the top and see a preview of your update.

how do i schedule a post on facebook mobile
See a preview of your update

Step 6: Choose “Schedule” for later and choose your date

There are two options available: “Publish now” and “Schedule for later“. Choose “Schedule for later” and set the desired date and time.

how to schedule a post on fb
Choose “Schedule for later” and set the desired date and time

Step 7: Select Schedule to save your settings

After all the steps, you need to save your settings by choosing “Schedule“. Your update is now ready to be published on time! 

schedule facebook posts mobile
Select “Schedule” to save your settings

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How To Schedule A Post On Facebook Group On Mobile

✅ Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your phone and click on the “Menu” icon.

✅ Step 2: Select “Groups”.

Step 3: Select “Your Groups” and choose the one you want.

✅ Step 4: In the “Write something” text box, you can create your content here with text, pictures, videos, and more.

how to schedule a post in facebook
Create your content in the “Write something” text box

✅ Step 5: Once you’ve done, tap “Schedule” below your user name and set the date and time.

how to schedule a post on facebook
Tap “Schedule” and set the date and time

✅ Step 6: Select “Save” and then tap “Post”. Your update will appear at the exact time you’ve set.

Why Should You Schedule A Post On Facebook?

Scheduling posts for your business can be very beneficial in various ways. Most of those users are constantly online checking out updates from their friends, brands, and businesses that they choose to follow.

Besides helping you not to forget any updates, there are three main benefits that this feature can help your business:

  • Saving time: there’s no need to worry about what you’re going to update each day; you can spend your valuable time working on other areas instead of spending an amount of time posting individual updates.
  • Extending your reach: have more control over what appears on your business’s page, which helps connect and engage with more people.
  • Creating strategy: see how many of your status updates get published versus how many get opened, give you insight into which content works best for your audience, and keep everything matching your brand’s voice across all social accounts.

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FAQs about How to Schedule a Facebook post on mobile

Why am I unable to schedule a post on Facebook?

You are not able to plan posts for personal accounts. To schedule posts for a business page, you must go to Publishing Tools in the admin section of your page using a computer. And, you can schedule Facebook posts on mobile by using the Meta Business Suite mobile app.

How can I edit a scheduled post on the Facebook Mobile App?

To view your Page’s scheduled posts, go to your Page and click on Scheduled Posts. From here, you can click on the top right of a post and select to edit, reschedule, publish, or delete the post.

Can I schedule content for all my Facebook pages or groups simultaneously?

No. Facebook currently doesn’t allow you to schedule posts on all of your pages at the same time. You have to schedule each page one by one.

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In the end, it is really simple to conduct the process. All you need to do is follow the detailed instructions we’ve provided. 

Mid-Man hope this article helped you figure out how to schedule a Facebook post on mobile. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please comment below or contact us anytime!

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