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Do you know how to tag Facebook pages? To mention a Page, input the “@” symbol and begin typing the name of the Page.

How to do it on each device:

Tagging on Desktop:

  • Go to and log in to Messenger.
  • Click on the “What’s on your mind” field.
  • Type “@” followed by the page name and select it from the drop-down.
  • Click the page’s name to tag it.
  • Hit “Post” in the bottom right. Note: The tagged post won’t appear in the page’s News Feed but can be seen by friends.

Tagging on Mobile:

  • Open the Facebook app and log in.
  • Tap the “What’s on your mind” section.
  • Type “@” and the page name; use the ‘@’ button on the keyboard.
  • Select the desired page, even if not “liked.”
  • Tap “Post” in the top-right to finish the tagging.

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How to Tag Facebook Pages On Desktop

Step 1: Access to Facebook webpage is the address for the page. Sign in to your Facebook Messenger account to have access to it.

how to tag facebook pages

If you haven’t already done so, go to the top-right corner of your screen and click Sign in, then enter your email address to get started!

Step 2: Click on What is on your mind field

This text field is near the top of the Facebook dashboard page.

how to tag facebook pages

Step 3: Use @ with the name of the page you want to tag

As you type in the search box, a drop-down menu will appear under your status; click on the page name to tag it.

how to tag facebook pages

Step 4: Click on the page’s name

This will mark it as tagged in your status.

Step 5: Select the Post option

This choice will display in the status window’s bottom right corner. When you check this box, you’ll be prompted to update your status and tag it with the page.

Your tag will not appear in the page’s News Feed. Yet, your friends can still access the page or pictures by clicking that.

How to Tag Facebook Page On Mobile

Step 1: Open your Facebook app

The application’s logo is displayed in blue, and it has a white “f” on the start screen. When the system launches, it will automatically redirect to your Facebook News Feed if you’ve logged in.

In case you haven’t done so, press the Sign-in option and type in your email address and password.

how to tag another page on facebook

Step 2: Tap on What is on your mind section

You can see this field at the top of the Facebook page. The keyboard will appear after tapping.

how to tag a page on facebook

Step 3: Use @ with the name of the page you want to tag

As you enter the name, page options will be shown. Simply tap the 123 on-screen keyboard’s functional keys area and use the ‘@’ button to insert this sign.

how to tag a facebook page in messenger

Step 4: Choose your desired page

The page will still be shown here even if you haven’t “liked” it.

Step 5: Tap Post

It’s on the top-right corner of the screen. Hit that tag button, and your post will do the tagging for you.

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FAQs about How to Tag Facebook Pages

How many pages can you tag in a Facebook post?

You have the ability to tag a maximum of 50 individuals or Pages in a photo. When you tag someone in a photo, it opens the possibility for that person’s friends to view, react, or comment on the photo as well.

What happens when you tag a page on Facebook?

A tag is a unique link to someone’s timeline, creating a connection between the post and their timeline. For instance, you can tag a photo to identify individuals or mention people in a status update.

How to Allow Pages to Tag Me on Facebook?

To control who can see posts you’re tagged in on Facebook:

  • Tap the top right icon
  • Select “Settings”
  • Go to “Privacy” and tap “Profile and Tagging”
  • Choose “Who can see posts you’re tagged in on your profile?”
  • Choose the audience you want to give access to

Why can’t I tag certain pages on Facebook?

  • Tagging disabled: Page admins can turn off tagging for their page.
  • Page tag denial: Pages can reject all tagging requests.
  • Unrelated post tagging restriction: Businesses can’t be tagged in irrelevant posts.
  • Age restriction for individual tagging: Page owners can tag only individuals aged 18+.
  • Page likeness prerequisite: Page owners can tag only those who have liked their page.
  • Community Standards compliance: Tagged posts must adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards.

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