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Are you operating a Facebook account for your business? You probably want to enhance your online presence and boost your online sales. You can achieve this by tagging your Facebook Page. But, how should you do this? To answer this question, we have written thorough instructions on how to tag Facebook pages.

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Step By Step On How To Tag Facebook Pages

Tag Facebook Pages On Desktop

Step 1: Access to Facebook webpage

https://www.facebook.com/ is the address for the page. Sign in to your Facebook Messenger account to have access to it.

how to tag facebook pages

If you haven’t already done so, go to the top-right corner of your screen and click Sign in, then enter your email address to get started!

Step 2: Click on What is on your mind field

This text field is near the top of the Facebook dashboard page.

how to tag facebook pages

Step 3: Use @ with the name of the page you want to tag

As you type in the search box, a drop-down menu will appear under your status; click on the page name to tag it.

how to tag facebook pages

Step 4: Click on the page’s name

This will mark it as tagged in your status.

Step 5: Select the Post option

This choice will display in the status window’s bottom right corner. When you check this box, you’ll be prompted to update your status and tag it with the page.

Your tag will not appear in the page’s News Feed. Yet, your friends can still access the page or pictures by clicking that.

Tag Facebook Page On Mobile

Step 1: Open your Facebook app

The application’s logo is displayed in blue, and it has a white “f” on the start screen. When the system launches, it will automatically redirect to your Facebook News Feed if you’ve logged in.

In case you haven’t done so, press the Sign-in option and type in your email address and password.

how to tag another page on facebook

Step 2: Tap on What is on your mind section

You can see this field at the top of the Facebook page. The keyboard will appear after tapping.

how to tag a page on facebook

Step 3: Use @ with the name of the page you want to tag

As you enter the name, page options will be shown. Simply tap the 123 on-screen keyboard’s functional keys area and use the ‘@’ button to insert this sign.

how to tag a facebook page in messenger

Step 4: Choose your desired page

The page will still be shown here even if you haven’t “liked” it.

Step 5: Tap Post

It’s on the top-right corner of the screen. Hit that tag button, and your post will do the tagging for you.

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Why You Should Tag Facebook Pages?

Increase Your Reach

Tagging is a simple yet effective approach to draw attention to your brand’s popularity. It allows you to draw attention to how well your clients or rivals perform. 

You read it correctly: pay tribute to other businesses for them to fall in love with your own! This may appear counterintuitive to many businesses: “why would we want to help someone else when we’re trying to establish a business for ourselves?”

how to tag pages on facebook
Tagging is a simple yet effective approach to drawing attention to your brand’s popularity

We understand you want to build up a plan on how to gain fans and drive attention to your brand’s social media accounts. One key thing we know that helps is by interacting with your existing audience and reaching out to them directly. 

This way, they feel more connected to your business and in turn may be more likely to follow you on social media or share what you’re doing with their friends!

Obtain More Followers And Engagements

You’re already behind as a business on social media because people know you’re there to sell something. You must do everything possible to disprove their claims! 

Showing people that, at the end of the day, all you truly want to do is humanize your brand – just like any other – is the most powerful method for them to connect with the information you post and get into that “selling” attitude. 

how to tag other pages on my facebook page
Tagging is an excellent way to demonstrate that you appreciate and trust individuals with your brand

If you address this and offer genuinely useful material for your audience, they will have greater faith in you and will talk about it! This will enhance the number of people who see your post.

Tagging is an excellent way to demonstrate that you appreciate and trust individuals with your brand. Mentioning influential people or your followers shows them that you recognize their significance and consider them valuable community members. This creates an atmosphere where others are motivated to tag your page to avoid losing critical brand dialogues over time.

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How To Integrate On How To Tag Facebook Pages?

Make A List Of The Desired Partners You Want To Tag

Make a list of people you want to tag on Facebook, including partners, and collaborators, then start looking for methods to tag them. Keep an eye on their Facebook accounts for interesting articles, events, and conferences to share with your viewers.

how to tag business pages on facebook
Make a list of people you want to tag on Facebook, then start looking for methods to tag them

Start Tagging Them On Strategic Posts To Attract Them

Because your business partner is so important to your company’s success, making an effort to interact with them may be useful. Consider tagging them in Facebook postings that reference them. This might include thanking them for their achievements or something they’ve created, which demonstrates their affinity for your company.

how to tag facebook pages
Making an effort to interact with your business partner may be useful

Make Plans Of How Often You Will Tag Them

Partners will be long-term partners if given the time and attention they demand. To keep content fresh and new, try creating a social media posting strategy around this and tag any supportive peers frequently. Perhaps choosing to tag your favorite partner once every three months is a good plan!

how to tag facebook pages
Choosing to tag your favorite partner once every three months is a good plan

Tagging several partners will also remind them to do the same in return and encourage them to participate actively in advertising your services. 

Discuss With Your Partners About Your Post’s Reciprocation

Talk to your business partners about Facebook page tagging and see if they’re interested in doing the same thing. Partnerships are similar to any other type of connection in that they are two-way, so it only seems fair when you can come up with a solution that works for both! 

how to tag another page on facebook
Make it comfortable for both you and your tagged partner

If you or your business partners have active, dedicated audiences on their pages, show your appreciation by stating that they have also collaborated with you.

Actively Attend Events, Meetings, Activities To Tag Them

Make the most of any events, meetings, or other activities that might bring images or films to convey your thanks to everyone. Events are ideal for mentioning individuals since they frequently bring people together from different backgrounds and provide opportunities to collaborate by making the proper bonds. 

how to tag a page on facebook
Attending events can help you take great photos with your partner, all you need to do is post them on Facebook and tag them

You can also consider using screen capture software on your phone or tablet to record the event and provide a real-time social media recap.

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What Should You Do When You Can’t Tag Facebook Pages?

  • When tagging business pages in the Facebook mobile app, be mindful that not all actions you want to take will be successful. If you’re unsure of how tagging functions, we suggest putting off your phone and getting on the desktop version of Facebook.
  • When you’re experiencing trouble with tags, mentioning a page without a Vanity URL (or username) might be difficult. It can be useful to go to the eluding Facebook Page to see if the business has a username set up on its profile (which looks like a Twitter handle (@username) on a PC).
    There’s no easy method to identify a Business Page’s username on the mobile app. As a result, make sure you’ve liked the page as the Facebook identity you want to attach, and then input the correct name (in this case, be sure it starts with “The”).
  • Tag Pages by their URL, not the name displayed at the top of the page. On Facebook, people often use their business name as a Page and then have a separate user profile with their names showing up as the display picture.
    If you’re using a tags filter to search for or tag Pages, make sure you’re mentioning them based on the full URL listed in the left-side column, not by any displayed name – unless you know it’s a public figure and that that person’s display name is her/his actual one!
  • Type your Page’s name slowly to limit the number of search matches you get. This will help find the exact name your Page is using on Facebook. If you aren’t getting any results, try adding a few more terms from your Page’s display URL.
    The Facebook search box isn’t always able to predict what specific keywords your business uses when naming itself. In addition, smaller Pages may be shown only as an option if they have more followers than any other Pages that share the same name.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on how to tag Facebook pages. We know that it can be challenging to keep up with technology and social media, but we always try to post the most up-to-date and accurate information we can. If you have any questions about this blog post, feel free to reach out to us by leaving a comment down below.

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