increase instagram engagement rate

Do you know how to increase Instagram engagement rate for every post? From creating, and using stickers and hashtags to discovering videos’ effects, there are lots of tactics to raise engagement with your community.

In this way, you can promote your brand and attract more followers as well as reactions. This article can help you. Immediately refer to Tricks and Tips that can help you increase your Instagram reach.

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What Is Instagram Engagement?

Engagement is not just only about calculating views or followers but also evaluating the interaction of your audience that makes with the content on Instagram. In this platform, engagement is determined by a large number of factors, such as likes, comments, shares, followers, hashtags, saves, mentions, click-throughs and DMs. All of them show that users are not just seeing your posts. They also pay attention to what you are mentioning.

increase instagram engagement rate
Instagram engagement

Why is Instagram engagement important to you? To begin with, it implies that the content is having an effect on your viewers. (They love you, and they love you a lot!). Furthermore, Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes high engagement. The greater the amount of engagement, the more likely the post will be promoted in the newsfeed, drawing more attention.

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What is a good Instagram Engagement Rate?

There is no exact value for what is a good engagement rate on Instagram. On the other hand, according to statistics, a good engagement rate is around 1% and 5%. It is also worth noting that the number of followers you have has an impact – the more fans you have, the lower your Instagram engagement will be.

How to Measure Instagram Engagement Rate?

You can use the follower engagement rate to measure your Instagram engagement. Its formula is the overall number of engagements (likes, shares, and comments) divided by the figure for followers and multiplied by 100. For example, you have 100 engagements on your post and 1150 followers on your page. This would result in an average engagement rate of 8.69%.

increase instagram engagement rate
Engagement rate formula

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Top 9 Tips and Tricks Increase Instagram Engagement rate

Celebrities and marketers on Instagram have made engagement their magic formula. The more users like, follow, share, and tag other users on the site, the easier it will be for prospective customers to find your business. Following that, we will go over the measures you need to do to increase Instagram engagement.

how to increase your instagram engagement
How to increase your Instagram engagement

Be patient

One of the most difficult tasks is to keep people interested in returning to engage with your post. Posting consistently on Instagram is an effective method to develop a loyal fan base and keep people entertained. It will be demonstrated that you are passionate and loyal both to your brand and to them. Because there is nothing more appealing than those who are genuinely focusing on their content, enthusiastic about it and posting regularly.

But, more crucially, by sharing on a regular basis, your fans will make a habit of engaging with your post. This will assist you in developing a good connection with them, which will increase Instagram reach. If you want to post on Instagram on a regular basis (which you should), utilizing social media calendar is a good way to do it due to allowing you to plan and manage ahead of time.

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are the footing of Instagram. It is the main method for sorting and filtering information on the platform. In contrast to Twitter, where most individuals only use one or two hashtags for each tweet, Instagram users can use up to 30 hashtags per posting. However, using too many irrelevant hashtags may cause the system to believe you are spamming your followers, putting you in danger of an Instagram shadowban.

increase instagram engagement rate
Using hashtags to grow Instagram engagement

Hashtags that connect to a topic page can be included in your profile, Instagram Stories, a destination to increase visibility, or used to make user-generated content campaigns. Such hashtags are not necessarily hot or particularly popular, but they are widely utilized, which improves the search engine optimization (SEO) of your posts by allowing users to search for specific topics using them. Let’s use the best hashtags to increase Instagarm engagement rate.

Use consistent filters

Because Instagram is largely a visual platform, its most great feature is the filter selections, which, when used consistently, provide your pictures and videos with a distinct style and character. By a WebDam study, 60 percent of the best-performing Instagram accounts use a similar filter every time they post. So experiment with a few filters before settling on one that offers your information a distinct feel and style that your viewers will identify and connect to.

Besides, according to research carried out by Graphic design company Canva, Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter in the United States and abroad. Brightness, according to other studies, is a great way to attract people and, more importantly, engage them. If you are not keen on Instagram’s filters, there are plenty of third-party picture editing applications to choose from, all of which demand different levels of technical skill.

Regular posting schedule

Instagram Stories, as you already know, only last 24 hours (though you can save them to your account for those who lost them), but if you use them properly, you can have a lot of benefits from them. Your profile image receives a red circle around it whenever you upload a new Story, suggesting to your viewers that there is a new story.

increase instagram engagement rate
Setting schedule to post on Instagram

By uploading every day, you keep your audience engaged by providing a regular reminder of new information. Your fans will learn to return on a frequent basis to see if you have uploaded a new Story. By using the Stories Highlights feature at the head of your personal account, you can select and share stories once more. It is good to show off stories you have posted previously that all have a common topic. Users will be able to find content that interests them more easily.

Use polls, questions and stickers

Using polls is a good approach to obtain comments from your fans. You might inquire about their preferred things, what they like about the information you publish, and what they would like to see more of. You can then utilize these comments to improve the engagement of your next posts.

The “Ask Me Anything” statement is also a wonderful way to get people’s attention. This lets your fans ask you questions regarding your company, personal life (if you choose to publish it), or beneficial knowledge on which you are a master. You may use the Swipe Meter to poll your viewers to find out what they think about something. It can be used to determine how much your target customer enjoys a particular product, workout, or clothing.

how increase engagement instagram
Using questions for Instagram Story

Understand how followers feel

How many of you have read the news and believed that every story was about the world’s greatest issue? It is a good thing to be passionate about your brand. Overzealousness, on the other hand, might bore your viewers.  Do not shout at people or write each caption in order to create a feeling of urgency. This will just convince your viewers that nothing you say is urgent over time. As a result, you will get the opposite of the desired effect.

If you are a social media star, you are in the information business, which means you are providing important information to your viewers about certain goods, companies, trends, or commodities to assist them to make choices. You want your fans to believe that you care about topics that might be useful to them or bring value to their lives.

Consider an example when you felt like unfollowing somebody, unsubscribing to an email, or silencing an account in your feed if you are not certain that you are causing fan exhaustion. What was your cause for doing it? Pay attention to your feeling. This will assist you in determining the appropriate tone and regularity for your engagement with your fans in order to keep them engaged.

Use @Mention with Someone

Mention any people or brands that appear in your post. It is even greater whether it is in an Instagram Story, as they will be able to share it in their Story. This makes your account increase Instagram engagement rate. Besides, It also widens your reach by allowing others who follow the individual or brand you have mentioned to view your content.

increase instagram engagement rate
Tagging and mentions on Instagram

Exploit Instagram’s video feature

Consumers spent 84 minutes per day watching online videos in 2020, according to media agency Zenith, rising 25% from 67 minutes in 2018. It will take you so much time to view videos if you do not use this option. There is no denying the effectiveness and appeal of internet video content. Instagram recognizes this and provides marketers and celebrities with a variety of video choices that support varied video lengths as well as formats.

The live video function on Instagram Stories may be quite useful for large announcements regarding new products or services. For more controlled, strategized content, you can choose a taped ad. Instagram Stories allows users to combine video and images into a single commercial or create independent 60-second videos. Instagram TV, the most recent feature, is designed for long-form content. If you want to grow Instagram engagement, it is a must-have.

increase instagram engagement rate
Posting videos on Instagram

Make you look friendly

Nothing beats being genuine, no matter how intelligent, humorous, or artistic you are. It appears whenever you truly live your Instagram brand. This applies to your photographs, captions, videos, and stories as well. You want to present your fans with real content that demonstrates your brand’s worth.

This sometimes implies displaying them the flops or the less-than-perfect behind-the-scenes photographs. It also entails engaging with your fans in the comments, thanking them for their encouragement, and pushing them to discover different products, even if it means calling out the competition.

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To sum up, it is not difficult for you to increase Instagram engagement rate. It can be a lot of fun if you follow a few easy principles and allow your imagination to run wild. So take advantage of this opportunity to engage with your followers while also showcasing your creativeness. And if you have in a problematic state about social media, let’s contact Mid-Man.

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