November 21 2022


Creative Instagram story ideas are not too strange for businesses and young people. However, many users still do not fully understand the reasons, knowledge and creative ideas to properly use this social networking platform. This article will show you this problem in detail. Read now not to miss useful knowledge when using this social network!

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1. Why should you care about Instagram story content ideas?

Posting your story on Instagram allows you to show your human side, try something new, and be a little different. Because there are no likes and comments, creative Instagram story ideas are the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone in a relatively risky fashion. And anyone who loves what you are doing can send you a direct message to express their feelings. So it would be best if you used Instagram stories to tell your followers why they should be interested in your posts.

The Instagram story format is suitable for many different platforms. So when you create a story on one platform, Instagram, you can also use it on many other platforms such as Facebook. That leads to more of your followers being interested in those stories, increasing your followers’ engagement with you. Earn engagement organically, then your Instagram story will be at the top of the list.

instagram story ideas
Why you should care about Instagram Stories

With more and more features added to the Stories page on Instagram, you have many options to engage your followers. This can be used to advertise or introduce a new product or service. Or use Stories to remind your followers of a conference you’re hosting, invite them to a product launch, or run a limited-time special offer. As such, you can generate immediate interest without investing much time in another traditional marketing campaign.

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2. 12 Instagram Ideas for you

Then dive into our collection of cool Instagram Story ideas so you can easily get started. Following is the list of Instagram content creation ideas we will give you. Do not forget to save this post because it is really helpful for your reference next time if you do not know how to create Instagram Stories.

2.1 Share something about a new product or service

Instagram stories ideas are a unique way to share your products or services. This is a great opportunity to promote your products creatively and engagingly. You need to include some promotional content when it comes to story ideas. But that does not mean you can not make content entertaining or useful to your users and potential customers. Some ways to share Instagram stories using products and services:

  • Get some of your viewers involved in developing your product or service by asking them to provide information or feedback.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at some new product or service – or showcase some of the customers who have used it.
  • Briefly share your new product or service launch.
instagram story ideas
Share something about a new product or service

2.2 Introduce your Team

Do not hesitate to recommend your team because we want to know the people behind the business we love. Because by sharing this content, potential customers meet the great people on your team. And because in addition to the logo, it also helps to build the element of knowing, liking, and trusting when we interact with a person. Some ideas on the Instagram story by recommending the group:

  • Introducing new team members.
  • Get helpful tips or essentials from your team.
  • Ask a few members of your team to take over your Instagram account and post things related to them.
instagram story ideas for photos
Introduce your Team

2.3 Share a Customer feedback

Listening to feedback from other customers is important. However, we often forget that. Do not underestimate this type of content when thinking about Instagram story ideas. It is incredibly relevant and powerful to your audience. And most customers today rely on reviews, so you must add a few of your own. Some ideas for building Instagram stories using feedback:

  • Share feedback from your current or your customers.
  • Ask your customers to share the advantage or benefit they get from using your product or service.
  • Consider using highly engaging video responses.
instagram story ideas
Share a Customer feedback

2.4 Use Quiz, Poll or Story Sticker

Instagram has many engaging story-building features that you can use for everything, like holding polls, asking questions or stickers, and quizzes. You can easily add photos or videos with those options, creating an attractive, fun, or light Instagram story, making it more attractive to viewers. Some ways of this idea:

  • Use a relevant topic, then ask your audience a fun question to test their knowledge.
  • Get feedback on your new product or idea using a quiz or poll.
instagram story ideas
Use Quiz, Poll or Story Sticker

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2.5 Share Interesting quote

An interesting quote is an easy topic to help inspire and motivate viewers and is one of the standout creative ideas for Instagram. Millions of great quotes or sayings can keep your followers interested and excited for the next viewing. Some ideas by way of funny or inspirational quotes:

  • Share some funny quotes that you get and are relevant to your audience.
  • Share a great quote from a leader or major influencer in your industry.
  • Share a nice saying from your friends around you. It does not have to be about themselves, but can be useful tips or experiences.
creative instagram stories
Share Interesting quote

2.6 Announcement of an upcoming Live Stream, Event or Podcast Episode

Instagram Stories can be a great way to announce live or recorded content. Use these funny Instagram story ideas for your podcast episode or live stream. Some of these ideas for Instagram Stories with fun or live events, podcasts, or Q&A:

  • Announcement of upcoming Q&A and interview, Instagram Live on any platform
  • Countdown to something coming online or the end of this thing
instagram story ideas
Announcement of an upcoming Live Stream, Event or Podcast Episode

2.7 Create Story that can help you start a conversation

This type of idea makes it easy for users with followers to start a conversation. Be it a serious topic or a fun, funny but with the idea that you will post some comment, a statistic, or some information on that topic. Then add a few more elements to encourage your followers to join your conversation. Some Ideas for Instagram Stories with Conversation Starter:

  • Can share an interesting statistic or some data with the text of the question. Attached are some Instagram Question stickers to ask your audience to join the conversation or give their opinion.
  • Ask your audience to comment or provide feedback on an engaging topic you share with a photo or video. And also ask for their advice on that matter.
instagram story ideas
Create a Story that can help you start a conversation

2.8 Post a Fun Message or Notification

If you have never lived under a rock, you can get all the post-message reminders and internet notifications. Posts like this are great to show off in Instagram Stories because they are so engaging and processed quickly as we scroll through stories. Because these kinds of warnings on the device will unintentionally create a relatively large attraction with them in stills or video. Some ideas using message reminder posts:

  • Share a reminder post.
  • Share a funny chat reminder message. This can be easily adapted to promote your business, whether you are a coffee shop, a pet or veterinarian business, or even a real estate business
instagram story ideas selfie
Post a Fun Message or Notification

2.9 Share funny stuff

In addition to serious content, sometimes we need a little fun on our Instagram stories. Try this out if you love memes, humor, and puns, your followers might too. So, try them out in your stories to share everything with a little laugh? This is a great idea that you should think of for an Instagram story post. Some ideas using Jokes, Memes, or Puns:

  • Use your photo or video with your friends and add a little joke. Maybe it was carelessness or a behind-the-scenes joke. Anything that makes us happy and excited is perfect for Instagram Stories.
  • Share a pun you love
  • Share some memes that are relevant to you or your followers. Memes can be an image, videos, or content of a humorous nature and are widely spread and shared by users who appreciate the humor. However, the meme must be appropriate and know how to use in the right place, otherwise, the use of mocking memes will easily lose the audience’s support.
instagram story ideas
Share funny stuff

2.10 Countdown post

A countdown is supposed to get us excited about something or can get us to take action. They are wonderful for your ideas. Some Instagram Story ideas for photos  using countdown reminders and countdown timers:

  • Share a countdown timer that shows the date or time remaining for a topic.
  • Share a photo or video with a Countdown Timer sticker added. This is the easiest way to share a countdown timer, and it’s built into Instagram Stories.
  • Share something coming up or a seasonal image of the countdown. This is perfect for counting down some of the year’s big events like Christmas.
instagram story ideas
Countdown post

2.11 Share promo codes or coupons

Although ads all the time are annoying sometimes, it is not a big deal to share some promo codes or coupons. So this is a great idea for building Instagram stories. Some ideas for Instagram Stories using this approach:

  • Share codes your viewers can receive and then respond by sending you a direct message. This shows they are interested in your story and take action by sending you a direct message.
  • Share exclusive offers to your Instagram followers, like free shipping or a coupon for a custom product.
creative instagram stories ideas
Share promo codes or coupons

2.12 Share knowledge

Choosing to share educational tutorials on your Instagram story is a wise choice. Because it is really useful and highly practical. Some ideas when you create the story for tutorials or education posts:

  • Share each step with an image or video, requiring your audience to tap to see and discover the answer
  • Share content that reveals a strategy or secret tip that may not be common knowledge.
  • Use a video that combines text and images to capture attention and encourage viewers to click.
instagram story ideas
Share knowledge

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3. Know about creative Instagram stories

People often use Instagram stories to update funny things about their daily lives. What makes this feature more trendy among the Instagram community? Why are people paying so much attention to posting creative Instagram stories ideas? Keep on reading to figure out all about this feature.

3.1 What is an Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a format that includes photos, videos, text, and stickers – emojis that come together creatively. Stories will be visible for 24 hours and disappear if not downloaded, archived, or included in Instagram’s highlights. Content shared on Instagram Stories does not appear in your profile’s content grid or in Instagram’s feed but appears in the menu bar at the top of the app and is the first thing seen when new messages are posted to your followers using an Instagram app.

instagram story ideas
What is an Instagram Story?

3.2 How do Instagram Stories work?

Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to post photos and videos, and it will disappear after 24 hours. When a user posts an Instagram story, their profile picture will appear in a colorful circle around it to notify others that they are posting a story.

Just click on your profile picture to see any of someone’s stories. Their stories will appear on your full screen and you will see all the content they have posted within 24 hours. While viewing a Story, you can skip or go back to the previous story by touching the right or left side of the phone screen. If you want to comment on something in that story, you can tap and send a private message to that person through Instagram Direct because Instagram stories have no public likes or comments.

ig story edit ideas
How do Instagram Stories work?

You can set privacy in your story. If you make your account private, it will only be visible to your followers. But you can also hide your story from anyone you do not want, even if they follow you. You can see how many people viewed your story by swiping up. Or you can choose to highlight any of your stories by posting them on your profile.

3.3 How to make and post an Instagram Story?

To start a creative Instagram Story, tap your profile picture in the top left with a small plus sign next to it. Then Instagram will show the Instagram Story generator.  You can do one of the following two options:

  • Select an existing photo or video from your phone’s photo library.
  • Use apps on Instagram as create, boomerang, layout, multi-capture… to start working on something new.

Once you have your picture or video, use the features at the top to edit it as save, add music, add stickers, draw or add text. When your product is ready, tap “Your Story” in the bottom left corner, and the content you create will be uploaded to your story. So you have completed creating and posting your own Instagram story.

instagram story ideas
How to make and post an Instagram Story?

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Instagram has always been a place to share the moments you want to remember. With the creative Instagram story ideas article, you can know more about this field. Besides, you are also provided with ideas to apply and build an outstanding story on your social networking site.

Hopefully, the knowledge given in the article will help you achieve your goals. Mid-Man will answer every question you have on this topic thoroughly. Thank you for your attention.

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