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Have you ever wondered how many types of Instagram accounts there are currently? This social network is gradually becoming the first choice of other creators and businesses when bringing their images closer to the audience.

However, do you know how to choose the right account type for your own use? This article will show you this issue in detail. Please read it now so as not to miss helpful knowledge when using this social network!

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1. All types of Instagram accounts

When it involves Instagram profile types, even as primary capabilities around posting continue to be the same, they may be genuinely distinct in relation to equipment and extra stuff. Getting your profile kind proper is fundamental in figuring out your Instagram approach and could align with what you are using your profile for.

Let’s find out the most popular types of Instagram accounts with Mid-Man. There are 3 styles of Instagram profiles, including personal, writer, and business. What are the different types of Instagram accounts? While the names are pretty self-explanatory, they do all provide different things. To assist you to pick out your best profile match, we have damaged every profile kind, defined the professionals and cons of every, and clarified who wishes which type.

types of instagram accounts
All types of Instagram accounts

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2. Business Account and Creator Account – Which should you choose?

You have two choices under “Professional Instagram Accounts”: Business and Creator. You can access Instagram insights, add contacts to your profile, swipe up on stories, and many more features with either of these profiles. Additionally, you can work with other creators to use your Instagram posts as branded content.
The best option for you will depend on how you use Instagram and whether you want to create a creator profile or a business profile.

Before making a decision, please read all the content below, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each Instagram account types.

instagram account types
Choosing Business Account or Creator Account will depend on your purpose

3. Personal account

Personal accounts are most commonly used among the types of Instagram users. As its name suggests, the date mode is used for personal purposes. This simple option allows users to connect with people and share what they like on the most basic level. Let’s go to find out its advantages, disadvantages and suitable owners!

3.1 Advantages

Because of its simplicity and ease of use, this mode gives users a more comfortable experience. By allowing users to protect the privacy of their accounts, personal accounts are used by many people for personal purposes only, not for business or influence. These kinds of Instagram accounts have a number of noticeable benefits:

  • The account can be set to public or private.
  • Has all the basic capabilities you want such as posting on Feed, IGTV, and Stories.
  • You can choose to link it to multiple Facebook pages or not.
  • Get verified on Instagram when set to public.
types of instagram accounts
Advantages of the personal account

3.2 Disadvantages

Besides the good points, personal accounts have some characteristics that are unsuitable for developing your reputation. These cons are intended to give you a holistic view of this common type of profile. 4 notes that you need to consider when using Instagram types of accounts:

  • Unable to collect insights and analysis.
  • Can not monetize the account.
  • Unable to update contact details.
  • Some features are still limited.

3.3 Owner

Personal accounts are created for those who are not conscious of curated content, do not have any hobby in monetizing their posts, and are not promoting a product or service. This profile kind is wherein the healthy roots of Instagram commenced and is for folks who need to laugh and hook up with humans on the platform.

different types of instagram accounts
Owner of the personal account

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4. Creator account

This kind of account gives users rich creative possibilities among the different types of Instagram accounts. Instagram created this mode to separate the vague distance between personal and business accounts. This new type of profile is favored by people who influence the community.

4.1 Advantages

This type of account offers more features than individual accounts. That allows users to deeply analyze and optimize the media. If you are a person who loves creativity but does not need to collect too much-complicated information about audience insights, this is the first choice thanks to the following advantages:

  • Same fundamental capabilities of posting on Feed, Stories, IGTV as a private profile.
  • Gives you author-precise insights and analytics approximately your account and performance, regarding content material, pastime, and audience.
  • Flexible profile shows, you could make your account appearance and sense similar to a private profile or select to show a class label and/or touch details.
  • Can hook up with a Facebook Page for promotions.
  • Let you select the class of author you are.
  • Allows you to control and create promotions.
  • Can request verification.
  • Can upload links in your Instagram Stories if you grow to be tested or have over 10,000 followers.
  • Can install brief replies and direct message filters to control your direct messages and hook up with your fans.
  • Get admission to Creator Studio on desktop.
  • Can get admission to branded content material tools.

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4.2 Disadvantages

Every function created has strong and weak sides. The creator account has some limitations that make it difficult for users. Therefore, you must consider it carefully before switching your account to this mode. If this social network has innovative solutions, this profile feature will become a new usage trend. Some of the drawbacks of this type of Instagram profile are:

  • Unable to switch back to a private profile.
  • Can handiest link to at least one Facebook Page.
types of instagram accounts
Disadvantages of the creator account

4.3 Owner

As mentioned, if you are an influencer, public or incredible figure, or a content material writer, that is the account for you. It is brilliant if you attempt to develop your account and grow your Instagram presence. If you need to monetize your content material or paintings with brands, you will want this account. The insights come up with a super manner to better apprehend what content material is running to your account and what’s resonating with your followers.

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5. Business account

Using Instagram for business is not too strange today, this is a popular method of communication and business. Business Instagram accounts are most intently associated with creator accounts and are the cream of the crop in relation to capabilities to assist with emblem management, conversions, and marketing.

An enterprise profile makes your emblem appear professional, sincere, and verified.  This is one of the types of Instagram accounts that lets you develop your Instagram presence and in flip develop your emblem and enterprise.

5.1 Advantages

If you own a business and can effectively manage a system of media tools, enable enterprise mode for your account. This is the profile type that offers the most features among the types of accounts on Instagram. Some of the tools that you can use on a business account are:

  • Same primary capabilities of posting on Feed, Stories, IGTV as a private profile.
  • Access to enterprise-particular insights and analytics approximately your account and performance, referring to content material, pastime, and audience.
  • Ability to run ads.
  • Display enterprise and call details.
  • Let you pick out a class in your enterprise.
  • Can sell on Instagram. Access to Instagram Shopping, as a way to permit you to tag merchandise on your posts.
  • Can install short replies and direct message filters to control your direct messages and hook up with your customers.
  • Access to video chat inside direct messages.
  • Ability to control branded content material and promote payments.
  • Can request verification.
  • Can upload links on your Instagram Stories if you demonstrate or have over 10,000 followers.
  • Get admission to Creator Studio on desktop.
  • Can get admission to branded content material tools.

Many people chose to Instagram accounts for sale to meet their purposes due to the advantages that business accounts offer.

types of instagram accounts
Advantages of the business account

5.2 Disadvantages

This is the most complicated model in the types of Instagram pages, so using it requires a lot of knowledge and skills to optimize the tools. Similar to accounts, Instagram profiles for businesses require public disclosure. This is obvious because once you have switched to this mode, you aim to get more people to know about your business. In addition, this type also has some other cons:

  • It cannot be set to private.
  • It needs to be related to a Facebook Page.
  • Can link to only 1 Facebook Page.

5.3 Owner

If you have a brand that gives merchandise and/or offerings and needs to apply Instagram as a strategic device, that is the account kind you want. Furthermore, if you need to run commercials or promoted posts thru Instagram, you will want to install an enterprise profile. The insights come up with an excellent manner to recognize what content material is operating for your account and what is resonating with your customers, assisting you in constructing your logo.

types of instagram users
Owner of the business account

6. Instagram Creator or Business account: Which is Right for You

Instagram companies have the opposite account sorts—enterprise and author—below the identity of expert accounts. Both percentages have a variety of equal capabilities, such as getting entry to Instagram Insights, touch buttons, and present card shipping stickers. They additionally permit you to collaborate with different profile types by leveraging the branded content material capabilities. But there also are a few critical variations among sorts to be conscious of.

Instagram accounts are supposed for an enterprise entity earning profits or promoting something so that they have API get entry. That approach to scheduling, getting entry to Facebook Creator Studio for coping with Instagram out of your desktop, and the potential to apply third-celebration analytics. Creator profiles do not have an API to get entry to.

types of instagram accounts
Instagram creator or business account

Another top-notch distinction between enterprise and author accounts is music access. Most enterprise business profiles do not have the whole track library. They have the royalty-unfastened track library, and because of this that it is restrained in scope also you will not have pop culture–and associated tracks in that track library. In comparison, creators have to get entry to all the tracks further to enterprise capabilities like analytics and branded content material.

In short, if you want to schedule, use an Instagram enterprise account. If you want to get an entry to all the tracks on your Reels content material and do not care about scheduling or using Facebook Creator Studio, go together with an author account. This comparison must have given you a better understanding of the types of Instagram accounts to make the suitable types of profiles

7. How to Change Instagram account types?

To see what sort of Instagram account you have, visit your Instagram profile and faucet at the 3-line button within the upper-proper corner. Next, visit “Settings” and scroll right down to the “Account option”.

Once you are within the “Account menu”, scroll all the manners right down to the lowest and you will see the choice to exchange your account type. Tap on “Switch Account Type”, and you will get the option to pick out one of the debts you do not presently have. If you have a commercial enterprise account, for example, you can exchange for a private account or an author account.

Sometimes the interface will appear exceptional replying to your tool and current updates from Instagram. If you notice the choice to exchange to an expert account, you have a private account. If your faucet is at the “Switch to Professional Account option”, you will have the selection among authors or commercial enterprises.

types of instagram accounts
How to Change types of Instagram accounts?

Before you make a transfer, I need to deal with some rumors and warnings. While you could transfer to and fro among account sorts without plenty of consequence, Instagram does briefly conceal insights while you turn to a commercial enterprise account and can put off your get right of entry to functions like track if you are switching over to a creator account.

The cause they do that is they do not need you swap to and fro to get the excellent functions of each style of debt. You want to choose one and stay with it. If you turn and forth two or three times to strive out a feature in the future, that is okay.

But if you continuously switch to and forth, Instagram will examine this as spam-like conduct and doubtlessly flag your account, which may lessen your attainment and effect on the platform.

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With the article on types of Instagram accounts, you already know more about 3 basic types of profiles on this social network. Moreover, you also have your own way to switch between these account types.

Hopefully, the knowledge given in the article will help you achieve your goals. Mid-Man will answer any questions you have about Instagram and other social networks. Thanks for your follow-up to the article!

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