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Is it challenging to find out how to link two Instagram accounts? After Facebook, Instagram is an equally popular social network among young people. Are you looking to use multiple Instagram accounts for different purposes? But you do not know how to manage them when used at the same time? This article will show you in detail this issue. Read it now so as not to miss useful knowledge when using this social network!

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Why should you merge your Instagram accounts?

How to merge two Instagram accounts is a question many users are interested in. For various reasons, they have a need to link one account to another. If you are wondering and are learning how to link two Instagram accounts together, you need to decide why you need to merge them. Because Instagram advertising and marketing is an extremely effective way to achieve your commercial business goals. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, merging them is a great idea. The following reasons will make you convinced about the question of why you should.

Better content curation

The first reason most businesses choose to merge Instagram accounts is to unify their content. Take a specific example: If your company has multiple accounts for different positions, this leaves you with the need to consolidate your content for easier account management.

how to link two instagram accounts
Better content curation

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Adds variety to your account

Another reason to merge Instagram accounts is that it helps you increase the diversity of your account. It not only increases the diversity of content and audience but also increases the method of making money.

The trick to successful internet marketing is finding ways to attract followers, and for that, you need interesting content and an engaging Instagram account. Unified Instagram will do this because it attracts a large number of your followers. It allows you to post different content, increasing your feed. Moreover, it also helps you to streamline your marketing efforts and generate more leads and revenue.

how to link two instagram accounts
Adds variety to your account

Each of these social media sites has its own quirks and niche audience, so it’s important to choose the platform that will best fit your brand or product. If you’re thinking about investing in an Instagram account instead of a personal profile, here are some reasons why buy Instagram accounts could be the better option for you.

Allows users to better experience 

Another top driver for strengthening your Instagram account is that it helps you give your followers a positive user experience. This is due to the fact that they may not need to switch from one account to another to get the most out of your content. A better user experience will be able to help you build a larger number of followers.

how to unlink two instagram accounts
Allows users for a better experience

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Strengthens your brand identity

Bringing all your data together under one roof, whether merging business accounts with personal accounts or multiple business accounts. It is the perfect way to create a stronger brand for your business. Because once you link your Instagram accounts together, you can attract a large number of followers on Instagram and contribute to the success of social networks, thereby your company’s brand will become more sound.

how to link two instagram accounts
Can I link two Instagram accounts?

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Can I link two Instagram accounts?

Usually, a person can have multiple Instagram accounts, serving many different purposes. But, the question is: Can you link two Instagram accounts or more? Unfortunately, can not do it that way to solve this problem. Because, unlike other social networks, Instagram does not allow the option to merge multiple Instagram accounts for users. 

It is not clear why Instagram does not allow people to merge two accounts while allowing them to create and use multiple accounts. Consolidation is still not possible whether it is a business account or an individual account. This also means that you cannot transfer content and followers from one account to another. However, do not get too hung up on this. Because there are still other ways to solve this problem for you. So how to link Instagram accounts together? You can do one of the following to resolve them.

Create a new account

Since it is not possible to merge two Instagram accounts into one, your best option, for now, is to create a new Instagram account using your iPhone or Android Smartphone. You can turn your personal and business accounts into one account instead of managing multiple Instagram accounts.

how to merge two instagram accounts into one
Create a new account

When you create a new account, you can either start from scratch or manually transfer content from your old account to your new account. To make it easier, you can use a third-party tool to repost content in less time. This process can be lengthy and it may take time to re-engage all the interactions and followers in your account. So with this method, you need to spend some time and patience because there is a lot of preparation.

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Redirect username 

Another simpler way to answer the question of how to link two accounts on Instagram for you is to redirect the username. What you need to do is simply change your username on your old account and then use it in your new account instead. Using this method, anyone who enters your username will be displayed in the new Instagram account.

how to link two instagram accounts
Redirect username

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your Instagram name, so you can change the username in your account as many times as you want. Changing your username will also change your Instagram URL and how Google finds your account. As for the way of just changing the Instagram name, now you have automatically created a new Instagram account without losing a single post or follower, thereby keeping the original interaction.

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With the article on how to link two Instagram accounts, you have more interesting things insights to use your social media resources more intelligently and creatively. We hope the above information will be really helpful to you. And it would be great if you could choose a method given in our post that suits your purpose. Mid-Man will answer any of your questions about Instagram and other social networks. Thanks for following.


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