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Have you ever been struggling with a Twitter account suspended situation? If yes, have you figured out the reason why? Many users on Twitter regularly find it challenging to prevent their accounts from suspension.

Moreover, it is known that Twitter constantly updates the rules and policies which seriously control what people post on this social platform. Here would show you details about Twitter suspension and guide you on how to recover it. Scroll down for more information!

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1. Why is my Twitter account suspended?

Your Twitter account is suspended when you are supposed to violate Twitter rules and policies. Various kinds of Twitter suspensions would depend on the level of how wrong you violate. There are a few typical reasons for an account suspended on Twitter named “account-level-enforcements”, which would be described in the following:

1.1 Requiring Media or Profile Edits

This is considered the mildest kind of Twitter suspended accounts. This situation would happen in case your account or content is supposed not to go on track with Twitter’s policies. This way, your account would be temporarily available and you would be asked to edit the information. You also can receive an explanation from Twitter’s team about your violation. Hence, you can understand your account issue and get it back easily.

twitter account suspended
Twitter informs users about suspension

1.2 Your account is read-only mode

When you are supposed to violate Twitter’s policies for the first time, your account might be temporarily switched into read-only mode. Also, Twitter might limit your reacting actions such as Tweet, Retweet, and like posts or content in case your account is coming through the “abusive” phase. This type of ban could last from 12 hours to 7 days. The length of duration depends on your violation. However, you still can surf your timeline, chat with your friends through Direct Messages, and be engaged by other users.

1.3 Verification ownership account

Twitter guarantees that no anonymity abuse and harassment is happening among users. Hence, you would be required to verify your account ownership through your phone number or email. Verification supports Twitter in detecting and tracking the violation of users. When your Twitter account is suspended in this way, your follower counts would be removed and you would be locked from likes and Retweets. To unlock, verifying it is the only task for you to do.

twitter account suspended
Verify your account

1.4 Permanent suspension

This is considered the most severe type of ban on Twitter. This way, your account would be removed from the public view. Moreover, you would not be permitted to create a new one when Twitter permanently suspended Twitter accounts. You also would be informed about which policy of your violation was and which content indicated it. After suspension, you have a chance to conduct the appeal. Whether you can get your account back or not depend on Twitter’s decision.

twitter account is suspended
Permanent Suspension

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2. How long will Twitter unsuspend my account?

The suspension type and the severe level of your violation would decide the duration length for Twitter to return your account. However, the average time of suspended Twitter accounts is supposed to last around 48 hours in case your violation is minor. In contrast, the more serious your violated behavior is, the longer your Twitter suspension would last. The longest and the most serious type of suspension is permanently suspended. 

twitter account suspended
Duration of suspension

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3. How do I fix my suspended account? A Complete Guide

If you are facing challenges from a Twitter account suspended, you surely only prioritize finding convenient ways for recovering it. How to recover suspended Twitter accounts also depends on the reason why Twitter made this action. Keep on reading because below would guide you to 2 main methods for recovering your account.

3.1 Method 1: Resume if suspended for suspicious activity

If Twitter recognizes that there is a certain suspicious activity that leads to a suspension, you can follow those steps below to recover your Twitter account. There contains 8 main steps that are shortly described in the following:

  • Log in to Twitter: You can access the Twitter website to log in or through an app on your mobile device.
twitter account suspended
Log in to Twitter
  • Click to Start: In case your Twitter account is suspected to be compromised, you would receive an announcement through messages about your account being locked. You might need to verify your contact including your phone number and email, and other personal information. To begin, click the Start button. 
  • Click to Verify: To verify your account, you would be asked to provide your contact and personal information. Follow the guidance and respond to any questions related to your account.
suspended twitter accounts
Account Verification on Twitter
  • Enter your phone number or email address: Enter a phone number or an email that is linked to your Twitter account. You would be sent a verification code and instructions by email. 
  • Check your email: Check your text message or email as soon as you already entered your phone number and email linked to your account. A verification code contained in the message would be used to unlock your account. In case you do not see an email, try to check your spam, junk, social email, or promotion folders. 
  • Enter the verification code: If you already received the certification code via text messages or email, you could enter it into the Twitter website or app on your mobile device.
twitter account suspended
Example of Twitter Verification Code
  • Tap Submit: To unlock your account, click the Submit button.
  • Change your Twitter password: If the reason to suspend your account comes from security, you should change your Twitter password after unlocking your account.

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3.2 Method 2: Restoring if Suspended For Violating Rules

Another common reason that makes an account suspended on Twitter is violating the rules and policies of this social platform. To solve this trouble, there are also some suggested steps for you to try to get back your account. Keep on reading the summarization below for more information.

  • Log in to Twitter: You can access the Twitter website to log in or through an app on your mobile device. If Twitter has suspended your account, there would be an announcement via message about your account being locked or some features being limited. 
  • Click to Start: When clicking the Start button, many options would be displayed for you to unlock. However, there are some cases in which you would be asked to enter your phone number or email. If you are unluckier, you might be in other cases that only allow you to use Twitter in a limited state. 
  • Tap to Continue with Twitter: This permits you to be on Twitter within a limited state. You would be banned from Tweeting, Retweeting, and liking. Your past tweets are accessed by your followers only. Make sure you can click to verify if you are sent an option for account verification. Remember that if you ignore it, you can not go back and verify the later time. 
  • Remove all the banned tweet: Make sure that you remove your violated Tweets and Retweets as soon as you are allowed to access Twitter in a limited state. 
twitter account suspended
Remove all banned Tweets
  • Go to Twitter support policy page: If you suppose that your account suspension is wrong or unfair, you can access the Twitter website to send an appeal. You might be asked to log in before applying for the form. In that case, click Log in, then enter your username and password.
twitter suspended accounts
Twitter Support Center
  • Select an issue: Choose a reason that most closely fits the problem you are facing by using the drop-down menu beside “Where are you experiencing this issue?”. 
  • Enter your problem in description box: There is a space beside “Description of the problem”. Make sure you use it to explain why you suppose that you do not violate Twitter’s policies or explain your difficulties in unlocking your account. Remember to be as polite as you can. 
  • Typing your full name: Enter your full name by using the line beside “Full name”.
my twitter account is suspended
Example of an appeal form on Twitter
  • Verify your username and email address: Your email and username on Twitter would be automatically populated. You only need to confirm if they are correct. Make sure you enter the email address that Twitter uses for communication. 
  • Enter your phone number: It is an optional choice. You can enter your phone number if you want.
twitter account suspended
Verify your phone number
  • Submit the form already: After filling it out, click the “Submit” button to file it. As soon as the decision about your account is made, Twitter would contact you to inform you. Also, you only need to make an appeal submission once.

FAQs about Twitter account suspended

 Importance of addressing suspended Twitter accounts

Importance of addressing suspended Twitter accounts

Addressing suspended Twitter accounts is crucial for maintaining a safe and respectful online environment, enforcing community guidelines, preventing harm, and deterring violations. It also allows legitimate users to regain access to their accounts and promotes transparency and accountability on the platform. This contributes to a positive user experience and platform credibility.

Can I get my Twitter account back after being locked?

Yes, you can typically regain access to your Twitter account if it has been locked. Twitter often locks accounts for various reasons, such as suspicious activity or violating their rules. 

Is suspend permanent or temporary?

Twitter suspensions can be permanent or temporary, depending on the severity of the violation and the platform’s policies. 

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Hopefully, with this article, you have been provided with a lot of information and valuable solutions for a Twitter account suspended. In some cases, recovering a suspended account is hardly accessible.

To avoid causing as much inconvenience as possible, make sure your Twitter account is healthy and clean at all times. If you have questions about the Twitter account, please read other Mid-Man articles to discover more exciting knowledge!

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