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Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable when someone follows you on a social media platform. So do you know how to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter? This article is going to explain to you this issue by setting your Twitter account to private instead of public. It includes information on how to remove existing Twitter followers or block a follower, along with reasons why strangers are following you. Click to see more!

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How to stop strangers from following you on Twitter?

When you sign up for Twitter, your tweets are public by default so everyone can view your tweets, follow you, and even interact with you. To prevent someone from following you, you should make your Twitter account private. In that way, you get requests when new people want to follow you, and you can approve or deny the request. Here are simple steps on how to stop someone following you on Twitter and set your account to private mote.

  1. Open your Twitter app and select the “Settings” (Gear icon).
  2. Choose “Privacy and Safety”.
  3. Turn on “Protect your Tweets”.
  4. Select “Done”.
  5. Your tweets will only appear to your followers, and if someone wants to follow you, you must approve them.
  6. “Small Tip”: To approve or deny a follow request, you go to your Twitter profile, then select “Followers > Pending follower requests” to see the people who have requested to follow you. Select “Accept” or “Decline”.
How to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter
How to stop strangers from following you on Twitter?

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How to block a Twitter Follower

Removing followers does not stop them from following you again if you make your account public. In this case, you need to take some other stronger measures. If a stranger or someone you know is following you on this type of platform and you want to block them, follow these instructions to know how to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter.

  1. Select the “down arrow” icon located at the top of a Tweet from the account you want to block.
  2. Click “Block”.
  3. Choose “Block” again to confirm and now the blocked account cannot follow you or view your tweets.
  4. “Tips”: Use a service such as StatusPeople’s Fake Follower Check to see what percentage of your followers are real, fake, or inactive.
How to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter
How to block a Twitter Follower

Gaining Twitter followers is not easy and needs a lot of effort, with a very low success rate. However, there are various answers to this problem, one of which is to buy Twitter verified account for your Twitter account.

How to remove Twitter Follower

When blocking unwanted followers is not efficient, you need to study another solution on how to remove them. If you already have a stranger following you, your first course of action is to remove the follower or carry out solutions on how to stop someone from following you on Twitter, which you can do from the web. Here are how Twitter prevent followers from continuing to see your tweets and knowing what you are up to.

  1. Click “Profile” on the web version of Twitter.
  2. Find out “Followers”.
  3. Click the “three-dot menu” next to the follower you want to remove.
  4. Select “Remove this follower”.
  5. “Noticed”: Followers who you have removed this way will not receive a notification that you have done, but they can still see your feed if they go to your profile.
Twitter prevent followers
On Twitter’s web version
How to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter
Follow the guidelines
How to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter
Step 4 of the instruction

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Why are someone follow you?

There are many reasons why someone you do not know follows you on Twitter. They might admire and connect with your point of view, wit, and humor or they may have you confused with someone else. Sometimes a random person might follow you to get a follow in return which is a common practice for people who want to build up their followers. However, not all random people have innocuous reasons for following you on Twitter such as hackers and internet criminals.

Twitter prevent followers
Why is someone following you?

In addition, random followers can also be spammers using every possible way, including Twitter feeds, to spread their message. There are some tips to avoid malicious bots spreading links to malware and spammers following a massive number of accounts hoping for follow-backs, increasing their audience. If you report a tweet as spam, Twitter will block the user from following you or replying to you but not automatically suspend the account.

  • Before clicking on a random short link on Twitter, you should use a link expansion service to check the link so you can decide if its destination is somewhere you really want to go.
  • It is easy to report spammers to Twitter. Select “Followers” from your Twitter homepage, then select the button to the left of the Follow button and select Report.
How to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter
Report some spammers

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Understanding how to prevent strangers from following you on Twitter will greatly help you in improving your Internet experience for entertainment or business. Hopefully, you also learn about the many ways to solve your Twitter account problems and see how Twitter prevent followers by blocking all your unwanted people. For the same purpose, Mid-Man is ready to give you more than your concerns, please contact the website for more information.

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