April 13 2022


How to create Twitter account? One of the largest social networks in the world, just after Facebook. A Twitter account will make it easy for you to stay in touch with friends and family. Besides, Twitter is also a space to keep memorable memories. The article will share useful tips to help you have the best experiences. Let’s see how to do that.

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1. How to create a new account Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to connect with each other. Just a smart mobile device connected to the internet is enough to become a user. The first thing you need to do before joining any platform creates a new account. Thus, we guide you on how to create Twitter account following these steps.

how to create twitter account
How to create a new account Twitter
  • Step 1: Access Twitter.com, then choose the signup method.
  • Step 2: You have to fill in the information in five steps because Twitter asks you about your name, phone or email, and password. When you type your name, it is not your name, it is the nickname you want to use and let everybody see you on Twitter.
  • Step 3: After adding your data and selecting your preferences, the system will send you a message to verify your account.
  • Step 4: In the last step, you will set your password. Be sure that you remember it and 6 characters or more.

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2. Set up your new Twitter account

In the next section about how to create Twitter account, Twitter will request you to add a profile picture, write a bio, and follow people. These are truly important steps. Your photos and profile will be seen by many people. That way everyone can realize who you are. What you need to do will be shown below:

2.1 Find followers on Twitter

Before the end of the Twitter account creation process, you will be suggested to follow a minimum number of people. This is a required step. Luckily, there are millions of accounts on Twitter so it should not be too hard to find someone to follow. We recommend tracking users who can add value or benefit your company from a business view.

how to create twitter account
Find followers on Twitter

For example, you can select followers of a certain category or group, so it will be easier to follow everyone and professionals related to your interest. Science and Technology, Movies, Politics and Government, Sports, Music, and Entertainment are a few of the groups you can interact with.

2.2 Add cover photo to your Twitter profile

It is not mandatory to upload a profile picture, however, we highly recommend this. A beautiful profile will make a good impression on your business or company. Neglecting to add an image to your account does not show transparency or credibility. It will find it more challenging to reach your potential clients or followers.

create a new account twitter
Add a cover photo to your Twitter profile

2.3 Make your biography

Your Twitter bio plays an important role. You could promote your company and emphasize the value of the business. Also, you can add to what makes you different from others. Do not forget to include a referral URL (website, blog, LinkedIn profile) so your potential audience can easily see information about you or your company.

how to create twitter account
Make your biography

2.4 Twitter Access

After finishing all the previous steps, you can access your recently created profile and log in at any time. As we told you before, the users had better have followers and follow professionals you are genuinely interested in. Alternatively, you can sync your Twitter account with your email or your accounts on other social networks.

how to create twitter account
Twitter Access

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3. Basic Twitter terminology

Following the prior part, you know how to create Twitter account. Nevertheless, you still do not know how to use it. Then, we will introduce you to understand the features of Twitter:

  • Twitter Followers: Users watching your tweets in their newsfeed follow your Twitter account.
  • Tweet: Twitter allows users to connect with people through writing and reading a post that is limited to 140 characters and the images they upload.
how to create a twitter account
  • Retweet: When you share a tweet posted by another person. It will be published on your Twitter profile. While you retweet you can either share other Tweets or Quotes. When you quote a tweet you can leave a comment below this tweet.
  • Hashtag: A word or string of words with no spaces by the attached symbol (#). That it is used to determine specific topics. The more engagement you get, the better visibility.
how to create twitter account
  • Trending Topic or TT: Mention topics that have received a lot of comments and attention in a short period. Something can be a Trending Topic for just a few days, hours, or even minutes. TTs can be created in a specific country or at a global level.
  • Unfollower: When a user wants to stop following an account.
  • Twitter Verified Account: It is identified with a blue badge and shows that an account from a business or individual is authentic.
how to create twitter account
Twitter Verified Account

4. Tips for your new Twitter account

Create a new account Twitter is done, you have already been on Twitter. You can begin to use the account. Let’s take your first photos and share your status. To bring the best experience to you,  we give you some tips to follow and have a great Twitter account:

4.1 How to have a good Twitter account

How to create a new Twitter account? It is easy to conduct, but do you know how to use it most effectively? You may not already know. Maybe you do not do the right things. Remember that let’s choose a Twitter user name to be sure that you select the best suitable name. Thí name will represent you or your company. the length of the name can not be more than 20 characters.

how to create twitter business account
How to have a good Twitter account

4.2 Common mistakes to avoid 

There is a popular mistake that most users make after doing create a new account on Twitter. Many people do not care much when they finish all the steps, completely forgetting to manage their account and put it into use. If you want to boost your brand, we advise that you:

  • Often log in to your Twitter account: Receive notifications, find new friends and keep your profile always beautiful.
  • Follow and follow back: Be open to following other companies that are related to you and your business.
  • Comment and interact: Increase interaction and you will receive better visibility and more contacts.
  • Use Twitter intelligently: Reply to all comments or questions that you get from your followers.

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In summary, a social networking account will help you expand your network, connect and meet more friends. Mid-Man showed you how to create Twitter account. This is very special because it will change your life a lot. If you want to grow your account and let many people know it for business purposes or individuals, please contact us via the website for the fastest support.

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