June 13 2022


There are many ways for you to make money, but many people choose to sell products on TikTok. So, how to sell your own products on TikTok? Let’s follow this article and find the answer!

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing media platforms globally for bringing a new experience to users. Initially, the application was developed to spread entertainment videos and connect with users around the world. However, now, you can do many things, and even make money on this platform.

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Benefits Of Selling Products On TikTok

If you are still wondering because Tik Tok is a relatively new platform and not many businesses are selling on this platform, this is the opportunity for you. 

The sooner you develop your sales channel on TikTok, the more you will stand out and increase your recognition among thousands of videos just for entertainment. In addition, some other benefits when you sell on TikTok can be as:

  • The audience using TikTok is primarily young people aged 10-29 years old. This age is used to shopping online, so it is easier to reach and convert them into customers.
  • Use TikTok as a tool to make customers feel more familiar and closer to your brand. In addition, you can also freely create content such as tutorials or answer questions for your customers.
  • With a special algorithm, you can easily reach more customers. Meanwhile, on other social networking platforms, you will need to follow to access one fan page or friends. As for TikTok, even strangers or geographically far apart can still see and interact with your videos.
  • TikTok allows integration and connection with other websites or your shop on Shopify. You can easily attach a link that directs your viewers to the product purchase page.
  • You will also see reports on product views through TikTok and purchases from TikTok. From there, you can adjust your content to suit consumers’ tastes to achieve the best sales.

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How To Selling Product On TikTok? (TikTok For Business)

Surely with these benefits, you can convince yourself to bring your product on the TikTok platform. Creating an account and starting to sell on TikTok is not too complicated, and you can sell your first product with just a few simple steps. Follow these steps to know how to sell on TikTok:

sell on tiktok
Sell Your Product On TikTok

Step 1: Create a sales account for your business

If you are new to TikTok, search for this social network on app stores and download it to your device. After successful installation, go to the application and follow the steps as instructed to create an account for yourself.

If you already know TikTok, even a TikToker will surely be no stranger to this platform. You can easily create a new account for your business to make your business more professional. TikTok understands that, so it’s also set up so you can switch between your personal and business accounts easily.

how to sell on tiktok
TikTok Business account

Step 2: Name and set up a business account

After successful registration, you can change the username for this account. One note is that if you have built your brand on other social networking platforms such as Instagram or youtube, Facebook, you should synchronize your username so that customers can better identify your brand.

Another note so customers can better recognize you and your account’s profile picture. A unique or unique photo will be what makes customers notice and find the right business for you. As for the profile, you can leave the products you sell or link to your business’s Instagram or Facebook account.

Step 3: Switch account to pro mode

One of TikTok’s efforts to help users sell more professionally and officially is to separate personal and business accounts. When you first create an account, TikTok will default to this as a personal account. You can easily convert to a pro account in the settings.

With a pro account, you can see analytics, metrics, or engagement graphs between your videos. And more surprisingly, all these analytical features of the pro account are free.

sell on tiktok
Switch to pro account

Step 4: Create content to attract shoppers

For more people to know about your appearance, you need to create exciting videos. One of the easiest ways to appear on another user’s site is by using recent sounds or effects. TikTok will quickly push your videos to trend without you needing to spend too much effort.

However, to attract long-term viewers, videos with quality content are the core value. You won’t get an effect or convert to purchase if your videos are all about telling viewers to buy. Related videos like how-tos, product uses, or a touching story is what keeps viewers interested, stay longer, and become your customers.

how to sell on tiktok
Attract content for shopper

Step 5: Interact with your customers, viewers

It’s not hard to get one of your videos to trend and reach more people. But to maintain a lasting and loyal community, you need to keep in touch with them. 

When you receive comments, you should actively respond to them. You can choose to reply with a periodic statement or reply with a video.

Step 6: Produce videos regularly

The videos on TikTok are pretty short, only about 60 seconds in length, so it will not take much time to produce. 

You can use the method of making multiple videos at once so that you can post them gradually. The more videos you post, the higher your chances of appearing on the trend and the more exposure you have to customers.

sell on tiktok
Post the videos regularly

Step 7: Partner with influencers

The TikTok influencers here do not need to be too famous, and you can immediately connect with people in the TikTok community. Combining with other TikToker will increase awareness and trust for consumers.

You can find influencers and collaborate with them by searching via hashtags or searching directly in the marketplace. Once your account is in pro mode, it’s easy to find the people best suited to your industry.

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Useful Tips For You

To sell many products and achieve high efficiency on this TikTok platform, you need to note some of the most followed TikTok accounts tips. These tips will make your site more prominent and memorable in the eyes of customers.

Account settings

The first cues like the brand name or the description are the first impressions of the customer. So you need to turn this name and bio section into the most impressive and professional version.

Describe your brand in the bio

This profile section is where you summarize what your account is aiming for. In other words, this section is about who you are and what you’re doing. When customers feel impressed and have the right product that they need, they will continue to scroll down to see.

Use emoticons

Using emojis is a very clever way to make your bio more colorful and lively. Emojis are also a kind of language that makes your description look shorter but still meaningful.

The target audience of TikTok is also young people, often using icons. So if you use the icon reasonably and creatively, it will make a strong impression on the viewers.


You can direct your audience to follow your desires with just 1 correct CTA. CTA is like a signpost to help viewers know where to go and what to do next. You can also attach links to your store with this same CTA.

how to sell on tiktok

Sell products

In the above, we have given you tips to look more attractive in terms of appearance. Here are a few tips to help your product or video appear more on the consumer’s page.

Use hashtags

Usually, buyers tend to search for the products they are interested in through hashtags. Using the right hashtag will be an effective method to get closer to customers.

For example, if you sell school supplies, you can use the name of the stationery company or hashtags such as pens, rulers, crayons, … so that users can easily find you. 

You can also create your campaigns and use hashtags to identify and spread the campaign wider. Good campaigns with quality sound and images are also a way for more people to know your brand.

sell on tiktok
Use hashtags

Use the Shopify tool

Shopify is a sales site associated with TikTok and helps you manage and analyze sales results. 

This platform also integrates many features such as creating campaigns, video templates, or creating a reasonable customer file yourself. These tools not only make your sales more scientific but also save you time when creating content.

Promote your brand

No matter how good your images and content are, a well-planned promotional campaign will not be effective in the long run. So we will show you some tips to make your promotion better.

Using TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads is an effective tool, and you can easily find it right on the TikTok application. 

Instead of worrying about whether your videos are trending to reach more users, you can use ads. You will be charged a fee depending on the scope and duration you choose. However, TikTok will help your videos appear more and reach more people.

However, even if you use TikTok ads, uninteresting content can still make users flip through. So when deciding to use ads, you should invest in exciting content and impress from the first seconds.

how to sell on tiktok
TikTok Ads

Leave a purchase link on TikTok’s profile

If users are interested in your product, they will click on your profile and learn more. The first thing they see is your bio, which is a crucial moment in directing viewers to the purchase page.

An impressive bio with an engaging CTA will make buyers want to click on the link you left there immediately.

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TikTok is a potential sales platform that not many people have explored. Using this platform for selling products today will help you make your mark and become a pioneer in this field. Mid-Man hope the above information can help you better understand this sales tool and be successful with it.

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