April 19 2022


TikTok has now become the most developed social platform with millions of new users every year. The platform is for many people to increase their income, even having the primary source of income from this social network. There are many different ways you can make money on TikTok, but it mainly revolves around making videos. So, How To Make Money On TikTok? Follow along with the following article to find the answer to this problem.

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How To Make Money On Tik Tok?

You can make profit money from TikTok. However, most of these ways require you to have experience in producing TikTok videos. Some jobs require you to appear on the video, or in some others, you can still make money by connecting with a TikTok. Let’s look at each method one by one and see which method works best for you!

Become an influencer on Tik Tok

how to make money on tiktok
Become an influencer on TikTok

Becoming an influencer on TikTok is the first step to making money. There are many ways for you to become one of the TikTok influencers, but the best way is to create valuable content. You can choose to share current trends or share in-depth knowledge about a particular field. If your content is precious and beneficial to your audience, you can earn a loyal fan base.

You can also use your strengths, such as singing or acting, to bring entertaining videos to viewers. Or, if you are someone who likes to make handmade or recycled things, try recording a video to spread the message of green living to the community. The point here is that you can choose the right niche for you to grow and succeed.

Either way, with the high-quality content, your video will garner a steady stream of followers and views: the more significant these numbers, the more authority, and quality, value for your video and account. Then you can partner with brands or get sponsored to produce clips with related topics.

Many people often think that only famous people like professional singers or actors can do this. Although their path is more accessible, it doesn’t mean that ordinary people can’t do it. Today, many successful TikTokers all started from scratch, and with their hard work, they have earned tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Sell ​​Tik Tok account

Tik Tok accounts for sale are one of the ways that many people choose to make money. A lot of companies get familiar with the traditional method of reaching customers, such as via Google or Facebook. They often face a lot of difficulties when switching to a new channel like Tik Tok. So to save time as well as quickly have a specific followers base, buying Tik Tok accounts is the top solution.

If you are determined to make money this way, it is not recommended to appear or build a strong personal image. Instead, you can choose a niche to develop. For example, if you intend to sell to companies about construction and furniture, you can do content about home decoration. You need to select the appropriate theme or account and sell, ensuring that the buyer can continue developing the content afterwards. 

Another way is that you can propose your TikTok channel building strategy to the company. Building a TikTok account with the most precise direction. is a straightforward plan, but it might take a lot of time and effort.

Become a Tik Tok consultant

how to make money on tiktok
Become a Tik Tok consultant

Not everyone can load their account quickly. And if you have knowledge and experience in TikTok development, you can sell Tik Tok development courses. It is a form of advice, sharing experiences to help newcomers develop their channel successfully.

What you need is practical knowledge and experience. So make sure that you also have one or two trustworthy accounts for users to trust. It would be more reasonable if you have studied and done some in-depth research. Seeing your convincing and valuable knowledge, the audiences are always willing to pay for your courses.

You can initially infer from your original category. However, if you want to grow, you will need to know more to come up with practical solutions in many areas. You can get money from the size of small consulting sessions or courses and even request a commission if you see the growth of users.

Join Tik Tok Creator Fund

Tik Tok Creator Fund is dedicated to content creators to encourage and reward their dedication and creativity. Making money this way will require you to have a prominent account first for Tik Tok to confirm.

Some requirements before you can join this fund include:

  • Enough 18 years old
  • Have at least 10,000 followers
  • Reach 100,000 views of the total number of videos in the past 30 days
  • Your account must be clean and not violate the rules, community standards of Tik Tok
  • Your location must be in the Clarify which countries that provide this service

Your income from this source will be converted from views or interactions with users on the video. The better and more novel the video content, the more views and debates it will attract. However, you still need to ensure the rules of Tik Tok’s policy to ensure that the revenue is not affected.

Online sales

TikTokers who have a stable following will develop their own sales channels. You can create your brand to sell those products. Your buyers initially are followers, so you will not incur additional costs for marketing activities.

You can add sales and product links right on your Tik Tok profile. However, you need to use a secondary application, Shopify. Although it is an external application, Shopify will help you control your goods and cash flow more effectively. Although this is not a way to make money directly from Tik Tok, you can make full use of this platform to earn money more efficiently.

Go Live on Tik Tok 

how to make money on tiktok
Go Live on TikTok

Going live on TikTok is how you make money from broadcasting and communicating directly with your fans. To start Live and receive gifts, you need to be 18 years or older and have at least 1000 followers. Life is easy because you can receive gifts directly, and you will not have to spend time editing or editing sophisticated videos. However, you will need to prepare exciting content to keep your viewers and make them more willing to send gifts.

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How to go live on tik to:

  • Open the Tik Tok app and select the live feature
  • Edit live effects and themes
  • Install components to call, share and allow other users to join the live
  • Press Go Live to start and earn from followers

The gifts from fans will not be direct money but will be items or coins. You need to collect those items, and TikTok will convert them into money for you. There are a few tips you can apply to go live on Tik Tok more effectively.

  • Choose the right time: You should broadcast when people are active on TikTok so more people can watch your live stream. You should check it by referring to the analysis or relying on your data to come out with a reasonable live time.
  • Schedule a live: You should have a great plan for your life and remind everyone to come and watch. You can also do previous related content to stimulate the audience’s curiosity and benefit your life.
  • Longer live time: A well-prepared script will help you have a complete live in both content and volume. If you play too fast or for a short time, your fans may not be able to get in. So you may miss the gifts of your followers.
  • Sound quality, images are also factors that determine whether viewers stay with you longer. Tik Tok is a social network for images and videos. So no matter how good the content you make, but the video quality is poor, users will not stay for long.

Streaming not only helps you earn extra income but also makes you connect with your fans. You can incorporate promotions or quizzes about the products or brands you’re selling to boost sales.

Collaboration with brands

Getting Tik Tok sponsors is one of the most effective ways to make money on Tik Tok. Once you have a certain number of followers, you can contact and work with brands to promote their products. There is usually a flat fee depending on the size of your account. You can also gain bonuses or commissions if your followers click on the purchase link or enter your code.

You will need to build a personal account specializing in a particular area before reaching out to brands and making offers. For example, if you do a food review, you can go to F&B shops to get discounted dishes or free meals. Once you have your own mark, it becomes easier to apply for sponsorship.

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Create ads in In-feed Ads

how to make money on tiktok
Create ads in In-feed Ads

Tik Tok advertising is not a direct source of money but an opportunity for you to invest in increasing brand awareness. Using in-feed ads is a natural marketing method for you to reach out to more users.

In-feed Ads will appear interlaced with the user’s feed. So users will have difficulty distinguishing between an advertisement and a mere creative video on Tik Tok. Usually, customers will be annoyed and often skip videos if they are labelled with advertising. Therefore, In-feed ads are considered an effective tool to reach users – as the customers in the most natural way.

The ads appearing in this feed often have content that is close to the users. So they can watch the entire ad without realizing this video costs money to appear in your feed. However, you need to produce these videos skillfully to avoid wasting money. Your content must be valuable and helpful to the viewer.

Create a talent management company

how to make money on tiktok
Create a talent management company

You want to join TikTok, but you are not good at showing pictures? You can create companies that manage the activities of Tik Tok talent and make money from it. Talent management companies are responsible for helping and supporting TikTok so they can focus on video recording. If you open a management company, you will also be a bridge between TikTokers and advertising brands.

The job of a management company can be understood by the following tasks:

  • Develop a communication plan and create an image for the talent
  • Manage and arrange the schedule of talent so that it is reasonable
  • Work with brands to bring back advertising contracts
  • Preparing script content and video post-processing
  • Consult and find solutions when facing contract or life problems
  • Connect with TikTokers and find talents to create a large ecosystem

These talent management companies will build a network of creators and help them make money mainly from contracts with TikTokers on the Creator Marketplace or from other referral sources. In addition, you can also get additional commissions from Tik Tok’s activity depending on the agreement and terms of the contract.


Tik Tok is not a new market. However, making money from Tik Tok is not a standard action for many people. So we have compiled some of the following questions to give you the best advice.

Do I get paid for uploading videos?

Tik Tok will not directly pay for the videos you upload. However, you can have income from Tik Tok Creator Fund. This Tik Tok fund is set up to encourage content creators to produce quality videos. However, not everyone can make money quickly this way.

To participate in the Tik Tok Creator Fund and make money from it, you will have to prove and meet some conditions. Monetizing this way also seems more difficult because it depends on the number of views and actual interaction with the video.

How to make more money through Tik Tok?

You can make money on Tik Tok in many different ways. Basically, to make a lot of money, you still need high quality content. The advice is that you should invest in a separate array before considering other sources of cash. As your channel grows and develops, you can simultaneously do many different ways to earn money on Tik Tok.

To make more money, you should work hard to produce a lot of videos and post them regularly. The more you appear, the deeper the impression you will leave on the audience. Next, to increase engagement and spread, you can invite your friends to join and video.

Who is the target audience of Tik Tok?

Whichever way you use to make money, whether it succeeds or not, depends on the evaluation of your audience. So you need to have a particular understanding of this audience file to make videos suitable for them.

Many surveys say that the audience of this social network is Gen Z. However, the user age of Tik Tok is getting wider, and now the most significant number of users is under 30 years old. So you should make youthful videos and catch up with young people’s trends to achieve the most success.

The criteria to be met to be able to start making money on Tik Tok

Tik Tok has no age limit to join this social network. However, to be able to enable features such as Livestream or enable monetization fully, you need to ensure a few requirements:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Do not violate Tik Tok’s general community standards policies
  • The account reaches 1000 followers or more

How much money can I earn from Tik Tok?

There is no limit on how much Tik Tok will pay you. Tik Tok will charge based on the number of views, interactions, and growth of your account. So it would help if you did well to get more viewers and follow your channel.

Of course, at some point, when your account has grown to a large extent, the growth rate will slow down. Then the amount of money you can get from the Tik Tok fund will not be much. However, this is the right time to cooperate with external brands or develop your brand.

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You can earn money in many different ways, but having a job, even if you stay at home, can make you rich. Tik Tok has become a job for many modern young people, especially during the work from home period.

People may have difficulty finding content and producing videos at first. However, after just doing a few tests, you can be in a professional production. Hopefully, after reading our article, you will know how to make money on TikTok.

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