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TikTok is now not only a social networking site but being a TikToker also is a professional job for many people. Therefore, many companies manage and train TikTok talents have been established, earned huge profits from advertising contracts with famous brands and from the artist’s commission. So let’s find out how to start a TikTok Talent management agency.

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What You Can Do When Having A TikTok Talent Management Agency?

Working individually might be, difficult to control work, and sometimes miss out on important partner events. The task of the TikTok talent agency will help them organize things more scientifically and effectively. 

TikTok talent agency
Talent Management Agency On Tiktok

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Manage influencer campaigns

The influencer will have a lot of campaigns from different brands. Therefore, the TikTok talent agency will manage and arrange them so that the campaigns can go on effectively. 

Since brands are payers, they will sometimes ask for specific metrics and KPIs. So your company will have a team to check, collect, analyze, and report those metrics back to the client.

You will have to have great content creators with continuous production capabilities. The TikTok platform is now developing quite strongly, many brands have turned to investing in this platform. So they will also have high requirements, and creative content must be different. 

Some brands require a combination of two or more talents in their campaigns, so your agency will also need to have a wide enough network to serve this need. Therefore, building a solid talent community with diverse fields is an essential factor.

Work as the middleman between creator and brand

When working in a TikTok talent management agency, TikToker will not need to worry about finding a suitable brand. Usually, brands will find themselves in talent-focused companies and develop media products that they want to promote.

There are even more companies that guarantee legally enforceable contracts.

As you know, when working alone, you will have to script and correct the client hundreds of times. Then you’ll have to set up the camera and edit the video yourself manually. 

Now, when working in a Tik Tok talent agency, Influencers only need to prepare to go up without worrying about surrounding problems.

Manage service for creators

When collaborating with creators, they won’t have to struggle to earn every user follower independently but will always have a support team. In addition, each Tik Tok talent will have a professional team to plan posts and respond to users.

In addition to getting a customer’s Tik Tok channel to grow correctly, the team of experts also needs to help them avoid violating TikTok’s community guidelines.

The company will coordinate the types of licenses and management, ensure the rights of their Talent and protect such content most safely.

In the worst case, Talent TikTokers may encounter some misunderstandings or online scandals online, and the management company will have to stand up to solve the problems thoroughly to and protect your client.

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Tips To Connect With Influencers

When you first start a company, you will probably have a lot of trouble attracting and convincing TikTok talents to work with. So here are some tips to connect with influencers.

tiktok talent
Tips To Connect With Influencers

Preliminary search and evaluation

You need to find potential influencers yourself. This task is not too difficult, you need to spend time surfing Tik Tok to, a series of accounts. 

After defining your audience and before reaching your goal, you need to consider a few factors:

Relevance to the field you are looking for

Of course, a Tik Tok agency will require many talents working in many different fields. However, in the new period or looking for TikTok talent to serve a specific contract, you must determine if the or she Talent is suitable.

Previous content quality

Check to see if the account’s interactions are organic and if the version has ever been violated. The promotion campaign quickly fails and gives customers the wrong impression.

Regarding the content of the previous videos, make sure the Talent has not affected any brands in the industry. Because if there is touching content, it will easily cause misunderstanding and scandal, affecting both the company and customers.

Connect with influencers

Interact with them right on social media

Interacting with Talent on social media is the first step to befriend and shorten the distance. Many people will have a greater sense of trust and ease with those considered to be friends.

This interaction will take a lot of your time and effort for a stranger. However, this action will score points and make everything easier to work in the future. You could try starting with a like, then maybe leave comments on what they just posted. This way of connecting will keep the relationship long, and you can easily rely on them in the following campaigns.

Direct message or email to request cooperation

Texting or direct mail is the most professional way that, most companies choose. Send them the content you want to collaborate with, as well as requests and suggestions for both parties. Do not forget to mention and emphasize the bonus they will receive. They surely want to know: How much do TikTokers make each video. So it is better if you give them reasonable prices about $250 – $2000 depending on the influence of the Talent.

Sending an email will save time for both parties, and if they have a need, they will contact you directly. Sometimes they are too busy and forget to email, so you can resend a message to remind them.

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Tips To Get Attention Of Brands (On Tiktok)

Here are a few ways for you to gain attention from brands and bring in contracts for the company.

  • Develop Talent’s TikTok channels in the system
  • Use company hashtags in talent videos with the system to increase recognition
  • Developing the company’s TikTok channel
  • Expand and build your multi-platform company so that brands can more easily find and connect with you.
  • In addition, you also need a beautiful and impressive profile so that the brand can look at it and decide whether to cooperate. This profile is not only on paper, but you also need to prepare an online copy for the brand to review before deciding to contact.
  • It would help if you linked up with press and media units so that they can bring more good news about your company. Usually, traditional brands still seek information and believe in the official press. Appearing in the newspaper not only increases credibility but also grows the recognition of the company.
  • To attract attention from brands, you can create videos with content that appear in those brands. Brands will be more impressed with the channels that talk about them, and the chances of cooperation will be higher because they value continuity.
tiktok talent
Get Attention And Brands Deals On Tik Tok

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