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Buy TikTok usernames can be a great way to quickly and easily build your presence on the platform. It will give you an edge over other users and help you stand out with an attractive and memorable username. You can increase your reach and attract more followers with the right username.

You can refer to 5 reputable platforms suggested by customers:


  • Established a platform offering TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.
  • Extensive marketplace with various username options.
  • Emphasis on account security and reliable transactions.


  • Specializes in TikTok account transactions.
  • Offers accounts tailored to specific niches.
  • 24/7 customer support for a seamless experience.

Insta Sale:

  • Variable pricing based on followers.
  • Accepts payments through PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • Professionally managed accounts with active users.


  • Diverse payment methods, including credit and PayPal.
  • Immediate delivery of accounts after payment.
  • Options are available for various budget ranges.


  • Variable pricing based on followers’ count.
  • Ensures transaction safety and provides account information promptly.
  • Focuses on secure and reliable account exchanges.

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Can I buy a TikTok username?

Attempting to buy or sell a TikTok username could violate TikTok’s terms of service, and it may result in penalties such as account suspension or other actions taken by the platform. It’s essential to choose reputable websites for transactions to help ensure safety

Like many other social media platforms, it does not officially support or allow the buying and selling of usernames. Usernames on platforms like TikTok are typically considered personal identifiers tied to individual accounts, and the platform’s terms of service generally prohibit the transfer or sale of accounts or usernames.

buy tiktok usernames
One of the easiest ways to get an inactive username is to contact the user directly

Where to buy TikTok usernames?

At Mid-Man, a reputable trading platform, you have a diverse selection of TikTok accounts available for purchase, spanning various categories and follower levels. Buying TikTok usernames from Mid-Man enhances your brand awareness and credibility among existing followers and boosts the potential for your new videos to go viral.

This, in turn, attracts a larger audience, increasing the conversion rate for sales and promotions. Mid-Man is a trustworthy marketplace facilitating the buying and selling of TikTok accounts.

Key features:

  • Diverse selection of TikTok usernames for sale.
  • Categories and follower levels cater to various preferences.
  • Boosts brand awareness and credibility among existing followers.
  • Increases the potential for videos to go viral, attracting new followers.
buy rare tiktok usernames
Quickly increase brand awareness and credibility with your account’s existing followers


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How to buy a TikTok username?

Securing a unique and memorable TikTok username has become increasingly challenging with its massive user base and widespread popularity. However, if you’re determined to acquire a specific username for personal or business reasons, Mid-Man will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to buy TikTok username

Step 1: First, Select the service you want to buy and add it to your cart.

buy tiktok names
Select the service you want to buy and add it to your cart

Step 2: Then, please provide a discount code (if any) and fill in the necessary information to confirm the purchase process.

buy usernames tiktok
Fill in the necessary information for the purchase process to be confirmed

Step 3: Finally, after filling in all the information, you will wait a few minutes for the supplier to process the order and you can use the account.

buy tiktok usernames
You will wait a few minutes for the supplier to process the order


What to do when buying buy TikTok names at Mid-Man

If you’re thinking about buy usernames TikTok, there are a few things that you need to remember before handing over the money.

  • Stay in your niche: If your TikTok niche is hip hop, you won’t want to find an existing account about ballet. Your audience won’t be willing to engage with ballet content, and you’ll probably lose them before you’ve adequately connected with them. Stick to your niche and create an excellent opportunity to keep your existing followers.
  • Receive the correct email and password: Most likely the provider will not pay upfront and not give the correct email and password for the account. If so, they will probably report that the account has been hacked and you must lose some money and a new account.
  • Change email and password: As soon as you buy a TikTok username, change your email and reset password. Providers are required to supply access to your account.
  • Only use goods and services on PayPal: You can request a refund if anything goes wrong. When you don’t want to lose money because of a scam, ask the provider to use this feature to exchange money.
Buy TikTok usernames
There are a few things you need to remember before handing over money

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What are good TikTok usernames for sale?

The TikTok account makes a very positive first impression, even with a good verified username. Getting the right names can be expensive, so this list of TikTok name ideas helps inspire. You can tag to find great ideas to create the perfect TikTok username. 

2 letter TikTok usernames

  • Knight Fiddlesticks
  • Cute Scientist
  • Dragon Lady
  • Proud Linguist
  • Gun Slinger

3 letter usernames TikTok

  • Tiger Kitty Kate
  • For Good Luck
  • Code Name Lover
  • Ink And Fable
  • Happy Good Times

4 letter TikTok usernames

  • Rif Raf Sugar Cup
  • Master Of The Rings
  • Bad Boyz For Life

Boy TikTok usernames

  • Rude Boys
  • Fusion Hero
  • Gang Leader
  • Iron Man
  • Cannon Boy

Girl TikTok usernames

  • Queen Bees
  • Lonely Guy
  • Lucky Charm
  • Aria Aria
  • Lady Killer
buy tiktok usernames
This list of TikTok name ideas helps inspire to create the perfect TikTok username


Is it safe & legal to buy TikTok usernames?

Trading has zero risk of suspending your TikTok account and is 100% safe. However, when you buy TikTok names, you must thoroughly inspect the account’s quality before each transaction to make sure there haven’t been any infractions that could affect future development.

>>> Community Guidelines:

Can I buy rare TikTok usernames?

Yes. When you buy rare TikTok usernames at Mid-Man will always provide unique TikTok usernames. 

Do TikTok usernames expire?

After registering for a TikTok account, we urge users to use the app actively. An account’s username may change to a randomly generated numeric username if it is dormant for 180 days or more. If we receive a legitimate request, such as a notice of trademark infringement may also reset a username. 

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Buy TikTok username allows you to tap into an existing follower base and establish a personal brand aligned with your niche or interests. Hopefully, the above helpful information that Mid-Man has compiled can help you better understand to make the best decision. 

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