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How to get Facebook reviews builds trust and is a compelling endorsement for potential customers. One powerful tool that can significantly impact your online presence. In this article, Mid-Man will explain how to get customer reviews on your Facebook business page and quickly transform people into customers.

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Activate Facebook Page Reviews

  • Encouraging people to view and submit Facebook reviews is the first thing to do. 
  • Start by controlling your Facebook business page, and select the Settings option from the left menu to accomplish that. 
  • By doing that, you can modify your Facebook page’s settings.
  • To modify the privacy settings of your page, click Privacy next.
  • To proceed, select the page and tagging option on the left.
  • Lastly, locate and toggle on the option labeled Allow others to browse and post reviews on your page.

You may now begin gathering testimonials and endorsements from your clients, which will show up on the Reviews part of your Facebook profile. Afterward, you may include a brief call to action in your postings to inspire customers to review your business.

how to get facebook reviews
Collect testimonials from customers and display in the Reviews section of the Facebook profile

Advertise Your Page Across Various Social Media Platforms

Fans may never learn that they may post reviews on Facebook if they don’t know how to get Facebook reviews on other social media sites. Therefore, it’s imperative that you cross-promote your Facebook page on all of your other social media accounts, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

It doesn’t need to be elaborate. You must invite people to join you by promoting your page or group on other social media sites. This way, potential customers can follow your business on Facebook and post comments and reviews. Social media feeds can be embedded into your website so that users can follow you for more content and engage with your postings.

how to get facebook reviews
Cross-promote your Facebook page across all other social media accounts

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Integrate Facebook Reviews into Your Website

You may entice website visitors to write more brand reviews by including Facebook reviews. After all, you demonstrate to others that you read your thoughts and pay attention to what they have to say.

Adding a Facebook review feed to your website is simple. Using Smash Balloon’s Facebook Feed Pro plugin is all that is required. You can easily connect your page and show stunning Facebook feeds that complement the look of your website with just a few clicks. 

how to get more reviews on facebook
Add a Facebook review feed to your website to attract visitors and write more reviews

Install a Review Widget on Your Facebook Page

Including a review widget on your website is an additional strategy for getting more reviews on Facebook and encouraging users to submit reviews. This implies that all it takes for someone who is scrolling through your feed to visit and review your Facebook company page is one click.

For example, Facebook Feed Pro simplifies integrating your Facebook reviews feed into your sidebar or footer areas. All you have to do then is change the Facebook feed header, which will motivate your website’s users to provide reviews for your company.

Consider incorporating review widgets to display reviews from other well-known websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google Reviews by using Reviews Feed Pro. The best part is that even if you’re a WordPress novice, you can accomplish this for your website. For additional information, see how to include a social media review widget on your website.

how to get facebook reviews
Including a review widget on your website encourages users to submit reviews

Dispatch Email Invitations to Recent Clients for Reviews

For every $1 you invest in email marketing, you can get back $36. How to get Facebook reviews, convert visits into sales, and promoting your business can be accomplished with email marketing. You can ask your new clients to leave you a Facebook review by emailing them immediately. 

You can provide discounts, coupons, free trials, and other incentives to sweeten the transaction. These are excellent methods for expanding your email list if you want to start email marketing. 

how to get facebook reviews
Converting visits into sales and promoting a business can all be done with email marketing

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Compose a Facebook Post Soliciting Reviews

Occasionally, pleased clients on your Facebook page may have neglected to submit a review. You can remedy this by making a fresh Facebook post and encouraging your clients to submit reviews. 

To make it simpler to get people to notice posts and how to get reviews on Facebook pages, you may also include an exciting image. As an added feature, Facebook Feed Pro lets you incorporate images and prompt users to visit your website to provide reviews.

how to get reviews on facebook page
Maybe create a new post on Facebook and encourage customers to submit reviews

Seek Reviews through Facebook Messenger

As technology advances, chatbots are gaining more and more attention, demonstrating their value as they continue to gain ground in the marketing and customer service sectors. Chatbots are valuable tools with more excellent open rates for messages they send, and after users grow used to them, they become even more so. 

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot to request how to get reviews on your page will help you quickly connect with many new users. It implies more testimonials for your company.

how to get more reviews on facebook
Using chatbots to ask for reviews will help you quickly connect with new users

Prompt a Review via SMS

Did you realize that mobile devices account for most searches conducted for local businesses? Since a large portion of the internet is now accessed through mobile devices, gathering evaluations in this manner is quite simple for your clients.

By encouraging clients to send you an SMS with a review, you can leverage the power of mobile to learn more about how to get Facebook reviews. Send a brief text message with a link to your Facebook page where clients can provide feedback if they have consented to receive updates via text message.

Remember to keep your communications brief and direct so recipients are more inclined to read them. You can utilize SMS messages in addition to Facebook pages to expand your Instagram account, Facebook group, Twitter page, and more.

how to get more reviews on facebook
Leverage the power of mobile to learn more about getting reviews on Facebook

Enable Notifications for New Reviews

You can only reply to or share new reviews with others if you are notified when someone leaves one. Turning on alerts for unique thoughts is the simplest method to address this. Facebook will then tell you each time a recent review is left.

To activate new Facebook review alerts, take the following actions:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • In the left-hand column, select Settings.
  • On Notifications, click
  • Next to Review of New Page, select Turn On.

Once you’ve enabled that feature, you’ll receive notifications whenever someone provides comments on your Facebook business page. Also, you can now reply to unfavorable Facebook reviews right now.

how to get facebook reviews
The simplest method to resolve the issue is to enable alerts when there are new reviews

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Address Negative Reviews Proactively

Even while negative reviews can hurt your business, you can use strategies to make them suitable. The actions you can take in response to a bad Facebook review are as follows:

  • As soon as you can, reply to the review. Begin by sincerely apologizing for the issue.
  • Give them contact information for your support staff.
  • Tell them to adjust the review rating if you can resolve the problem.

By assisting a customer with an issue such as this, you can enhance your company’s reputation and motivate other customers to provide feedback.

how to get facebook reviews
By assisting customers in solving problems and motivating customers to provide feedback

Engage with Fan Comments and Queries

In addition to answering unfavorable reviews, you must respond to queries from prospective clients and remarks on your page. People are more likely to ask questions on how to get Facebook reviews if they observe that your page is active with discussions and activities related to your product.

In addition, responding to inquiries removes barriers that keep customers from purchasing from you. Better yet, clients are far more likely to write a review detailing their pleasant experience if they had a wonderful time during the purchasing process. You may also integrate Facebook postings to display these conversations to your website’s users.

how to get facebook reviews
Answering questions removes barriers that prevent customers from buying

Highlight Featured Reviews on Facebook

Another strategy to get attention to your reviews tab is to emphasize how to get reviews on a Facebook page actively. To congratulate your customers and encourage others to provide feedback, you might make it a regular feature on your page to highlight the top evaluations.

Pro-tip: Let’s make your evaluations appear as videos. You may also incorporate Facebook videos into your website using Custom Facebook Feed Pro.

how to get more reviews on facebook
A regular customer greeting feature can be placed on the page to highlight top reviews

Promote Facebook Registration for Reviews

Virtual check-ins at business places became famous thanks to apps. Facebook integrated that feature into company pages so clients could check in and let their friends know where they were.

There’s also a handy element in Facebook’s check-in functionality that lets you gather about how to get Facebook reviews. It sends out messages to users asking them to review businesses once they check-in. It’s a great technique to increase the number of studies on your Facebook page, and it works well for many company pages. Using this method, you can obtain a ton of Facebook likes for your page and fresh reviews.

how to get reviews on facebook page
Let’s gather information and send out messages to users asking them to review businesses

Request In-Person Reviews

Most of this article’s advice is geared toward obtaining online Facebook reviews. However, you have a fantastic opportunity to remind customers to post a review on your Facebook page if you own a physical shop.

You can do that in person or by posting reminders throughout your store. You can, for example, put up signage in your store and include the review URL on your receipts. With this list of the top visual content creation tools, you can easily create eye-catching signage.

how to get reviews on your facebook page
You can do this in person or by posting reminders throughout your store

Provide Discounts and Rewards to Encourage Reviews

In addition, you can offer incentives or discounts to users in return for how to get Facebook reviews and ratings. Here are some illustrations to get you going:

  • Make a discount offer
  • Invite folks to participate in an online contest
  • Distribute free sample products
  • Provide a free trial of new items

Try out these deals to determine which is most effective for your company. In some circumstances, it may be preferable to run your incentives for a set period. Make sure to verify your local regulations since some places prohibit or demand disclosure of incentives offered in exchange for evaluations.

how to get more reviews on facebook
Offer incentives or discounts to users in exchange for reviews and ratings on Facebook

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Mastering the art of how to get Facebook reviews is a strategy that can significantly elevate your business’s online presence. By following the simple tips that Mid-Man has compiled through the article, you can cultivate a positive reputation, foster customer trust, and ultimately attract more potential clients.

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