October 3 2022


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of active users per month. It is a great place for businesses to advertise and interact with their customers since it has some of the highest engagement rates out of other platforms.

However, many owners don’t know how to use this tool to engage with their clients. This blog will show you how to use Twitter for business and how you can benefit from using it.

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Why You Should Use Twitter For Business? 4 Important Benefits

Having a deep intuitive understanding of your clients

The site estimates that millions of tweets go out every day. It shows the active role Twitter plays in people connecting and communicating via the platform.

And for businesses, giving attention to your online audience isn’t just a great way to communicate with customers. Still, it allows you also to understand what interests them and how you can tailor your product or service offerings accordingly!

how to use twitter for business

This SNS is a live focus group powered by what people think, need, and feel in real-time because through their tweets; you can catch their moods and mindsets.

It is essential because you can use this information to know more about your customers to better serve them, again with the product or by helping them find what they are looking for!

Develop brand visibility and awareness

You can style your tweets in a way that will help you immensely with creating a persona for your business and posting the perfect kinds of updates.

Having your personality show through on social media is one major way to help grow brand awareness because people will inherently see your posts as more valuable or interesting.

That kind of engagement can be very valuable because your audience will like what you’re Tweeting about and, hopefully, pass it along to their followers so that even more people will get a chance to know your products.

How to use Twitter for business
For businesses, giving attention to your online audience is a great way to communicate with customers

Don’t forget to keep your tone of voice consistent with your branding and stay congruent across all of your social channels. If you want to know more about establishing a brand tone of voice, then we suggest you should check out Twitter’s official starter kit: Organic Tweet.

Support clients and receive feedback

When it comes to adding customer care to marketing, social listening, market research, and setting expectations that are perfectly aligned with your brand’s identity and goals, nothing can compare to the convenience of Twitter.

how to use twitter for business
Twitter lets you interact with your customers and receive their feedback directly

The platform lets you interact with your customers in real-time and receive their feedback directly through both public tweets and protected direct messages.

Once all the feedback and comments are collected, the company can use this data to improve products and services and develop its brand reputation.

Build a loyal community

With the advanced communication abilities between brands and customers, you can’t beat Twitter for building and nurturing your brand community. However, having too few followers makes your account look untrustworthy, so many people choose to Twitter account buy that already has a large number of followers for business needs.

how to use twitter for business
On Twitter, brands can reach out to customers directly

On the platform, brands can hold (participate in) relevant conversations with their network, reach out to customers directly and build a brand reputation and loyal followings. 

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How To Use Twitter For Beginners

Create a Twitter account

Setting up your first account is easy. However, you may need to know these elements for strong fundamentals:

  • Profile picture: the profile photo you choose represents your presence online. Choose wisely because this image will appear everywhere on the platform. We suggest including the company’s logo to tie your branding together under one cohesive look.
  • Header photo: you can update it as frequently as you like, and its purpose is to give customers an at-a-glance look into what you are doing or what sets you apart from others in your industry.
  • Name: you should set your company name as the display name.
  • Bio: make sure your bio includes your website link so that if someone likes what they read, they have an opportunity to get more information about you or what you do online.
  • Pinned tweet: the first post people see when they visit your account. It’s optional and often used for an announcement such as an ongoing promotion, new arrivals, or sale.
How to use Twitter for business
Setting up your first Twitter account is easy

Learn Twitter terminology

How to use Twitter for business
There are a few terms you need to know before you step in.

If you’re still new to the platform, there are a few terms you need to know:

  • Hashtag: the # is placed in front of a text to let people know you’re referencing a particular category. It helps people stay connected through content around specific topics.
  • Mention: A mention can refer to any Tweet containing @ before another person’s username. It can let you know how people are feeling about your business.
  • Retweet: When you share another tweet, it is a retweet.
  • Quote tweet: a retweet with added comment.
  • Direct messages: are private communications that users’ accounts use. You might need to check your requests folder to find the messages from users you don’t follow. You can change this setting if you’d like to speak with your customers via DM!
  • Topics: content on Twitter is categorized under various headings or captions called topics. This categorization helps users navigate the sea of tweets and discover content more easily.

Get Verified on Twitter

Having a verified Twitter account will make your business much more trustworthy and therefore increase the likelihood that you’ll gain new customers.

how to use twitter for business
Having a Twitter verified account will make your business much more trustworthy

You must apply to verify it formally. For business accounts, verification is required but not difficult if you follow the instructions and fill out all necessary information correctly!

How To Use Twitter For Business Marketing

Establish a strategy

Before embarking on the journey of starting any Twitter business account, design social media goals for your company, like how do you want to grow your site’s traffic? Grow your loyal following?

how to use twitter in business
Let’s design a marketing strategy with a specific goal for the Twitter

In addition, it’s important to establish SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals to pinpoint where you want your brand to head next by making questions:

  • How much engagement rate do you want to increase month-over-month?
  • How much website traffic do you want to raise YOY?
  • How much do you want to grow your community?

Understand your audiences

How to use Twitter in business
Twitter is a great way to find out what people think about products, services, and industries

Twitter is a great way to find out what people think about products, services, and industries. Use the Explore page feature to find out what topics are trending in your area and that relate to your business or project; from there, build your content suitably and attractively.

You could instantly see what people are saying about your products or services by searching for the product or company name.

Audit your account

Taking advantage of Twitter Analytics to review the success of your past Tweets will give you a good idea of what appeals to your followers and what kind of content they are most interested in.

How to use Twitter for a business
Twitter Analytics will give you a good idea of what appeals to your followers

Also, consider using a third-party tool to understand your followers, including locations (by country or city), top followers, age-range and gender breakdown, and their interests.

Promote the voice of your business

Creating a voice for your brand that is unique yet consistent with the values of your business will distinguish you from other rivals.

Are you a brand that tends to speak in an energetic tone, or perhaps one that takes a more relaxed approach? Is your target audience an older demographic who appreciates more formal language, or a younger generation who might prefer a more casual and newsworthy style?

Determining the answers to any or all of these questions will help you show your followers that you’re listening to their concerns and helping them in ways they were previously unaware of. 

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How To Optimize A Twitter For Business Or Brand?

Skip all the lengthy theories; let’s come to some useful tips that we have compiled to help you here!

Optimize your profile

  • Set the company logo as your profile photo, and do not change it regularly.
  • Including your website link, brand keywords, and business brief in the bio section.
  • Select background photos that align with the company concept, key visual, or color palette.
how to use twitter for marketing your business
Publicize what people need to know about your business on Twitter profile

Form your community

How to use Twitter for business marketing
Regularly update about your product, service, or feedback to gain attraction
  • Regularly update about your product, service, or feedback to gain attraction.
  • Interact with people by liking, commenting, or retweeting.
  • Follow accounts that are relevant to your company.

Produce interesting content

How to use Twitter to promote your business
“Content is King”
  • Create content that is suitable for your customer’s segment.
  • Upload product images, key visuals, or videos for variations.
  • Add some descriptions to your videos or pictures to provide detailed information about what you want to share.

Engage with your audiences

  • Don’t just tweet once a day; stay active by updating things regularly.
  • Short, interesting, and funny – things make your tweets more engaged.
  • Actively communicate with people through Twitter chat and encourage them to reply.
how to use twitter effectively for business
Remember always engage with your audiences

Set up a posting schedule and analyze results

  • Determine the time that your posts most likely get a high level of interaction. Research shows that posting from 16:00 to 18:00 is better for getting more retweets. However, 12:00 to 18:00 is the time you have the highest Click-Through Rate.
  • A three-time posting frequency a day will work best to get engagement (you can tweet more on some specific occasions).
  • Strategically schedule posts to increase your presence (use some Twitter Tools for scheduling posts).
How to use Twitter professionally
Map out a specific schedule for activity on Twitter.

Benefit from trending hashtags

  • Using trending hashtags to get more attention and followers.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags in one post; two or three is adequate.
  • Make use of available hashtags, relevant and common among your audience.
how to use twitter for my business
Use trending hashtags that can reach many people interested in the topic

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And that’s the end of this article about how to use Twitter for business. We hope it’s been useful and that you’ll be able to use these tips to make the most of this platform for your company. 

If you have any questions or comments and would like to contact us, please feel free to reach out! Thank you for reading, Mid-Man is always happy to hear from our readers.

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