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Wondering, ‘How do I verify my Twitter account?’ This question has likely crossed the minds of many Twitter users. The allure of the blue tick is strong and everyone hopes to attain it by any means possible. If you’re on the quest for that symbol of approval, don’t overlook this article.

Discover some excellent tips that will bring you closer to verifying your Twitter account and earning that prestigious blue tick. Keep reading!”

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verify account on twitter
Twitter verification requirements

3 Account requirements defined by Twitter

How to verify Twitter account is getting clearer after Twitter released the new verification guidelines. There are three main requirements that Twitter expects your account to ensure including being active, being notable, and being authentic. Only when you respond to enough mentioned requirements, your account can become the candidate for getting a verified symbol.

1. Your Twitter account must be active

An active Twitter account must contain a profile name and profile image. Your account must be logged into at least once within the last six months and is linked to a verified email address or phone number. You should check to see if you’ve broken any Twitter rules in the last six months that could have resulted in a 12-hour or seven-day suspension. Twitter also suggests you set your real name as your profile name and set your photo and bio indicating who you are.

how to verify twitter account
Examples of active Twitter accounts

2. Your Twitter account must be notable

Having a notable account plays a crucial role to verify account on Twitter. Notability can be identified by affiliating your account with an outstanding or influential brand or personality. There are six categories of notability decided by Twitter which would be summarized later. Also, you need to prove that you belong to a certain category below if you want to qualify for it.

  • Government: state-and federal-level governmental agencies, public agencies, official candidates, and other leading people. 
  • Companies, brands, and organizations: outstanding and popular companies, organizations, and brands such as non-profit organizations, small enterprises, and startups as well as the leaders or owners of these entities. 
  • News organizations and journalists: official new organizations such as newspapers, broadcast, magazines, cable TV, and individual journalists.
  • Entertainment: organizations operating in the entertainment industry such as entertainment companies, music or film production companies, TV networks, etc.
  • Sport and gaming: sports organizations, sports teams, sports clubs, official sports leagues, and esports leagues.
  • Activists, organizers, and other influencers: Individuals of significant public interest who do not fall in any of the mentioned professional categories such as medical experts, local public figures, and political leaders, but are nevertheless vulnerable to impersonation.
verify account on twitter
Categories of notable Twitter account

3. Your Twitter account must be authentic

An authentic account is supposed to be able to reflect who you are. To verify your identity on Twitter, there are three common ways which would be briefly shown below:

  • Offer a link to your website that is associated with your account.
  • Offer a photo of an official ID that is already issued by the government.
  • Offer an official email containing a relevant domain.
  • When you are completing the verification form, you need to prepare enough information as proof of identity to upload before you click “Start Now”.
how to verify twitter account
Identity verification

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How do I verify my Twitter account

It is quite easy to implement the Twitter verification process. You can use your desktop or mobile phone to apply for a verification form. Here would guide your steps to verify account on Twitter from a desktop.

Step 1: Log in to Twitter > select the option of “Settings and privacy” on the left-hand corner > select “Account Information”.

how to verify twitter account
Step 1

Step 2: The screen would display the verified status of your account and you can request verification if it has not happened yet.

how to verify account on twitter
Verified status of your account

Step 3: After clicking “Request verification”, you can start the verification request process. 

how to verify twitter account
Request verification on Twitter

Step 4: In the displayed categories lists, select your account type.

how to verify twitter account
Select your account type

Step 5: After that, you are required to choose certain methods to prove that your account is eligible for verification based on your chosen category. The qualification criteria is different depending on the category. For instance, you need to provide proof related to professional sports organizations, leagues, or teams to verify you belong to the “Sport and Gaming” category.

Step 6: Now, link the proof of your selected method in the previous step. However, in case you select the method of “News coverage”, you need to offer at least three links to famous news organizations that have written about you or introduced you in the last six months. 

Step 7: The final action you need to do is to provide a verification document for your identity so Twitter can make sure that you are not an impersonator. 

Now you have finished your verification request process. As soon as you submit the application form, Twitter would consider and assess if you meet enough criteria and comply with verification rules. It might take a few days to weeks for the approval process. The duration length would depend on the number of application forms in the queue. If you do not receive a verified symbol after 30 days, you can re-apply again.

Why do you need to verify account on Twitter

There are many rational reasons for persuading you to verify your account on Twitter. If you are doing business, having a Twitter blue tick can boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns by significantly enhancing your credibility and brand image. For individual benefits, a Twitter verified symbol reflects users’ authority and credibility, which helps you gain more followers. To summarize, you need to learn how to verify account on Twitter for the following main reasons:

  • Avoid identity theft on Twitter.
  • Imply the quality and credibility of your account.
  • Help you gain more trust among your desired community.
  • Bring you the possibility to opt-out-of DMs group as well as filter to receive notifications from only users whose accounts are also verified.
how to verify twitter account
How to verify your Twitter account

How to stay verified on Twitter account

It is a challenging feat if you successfully get a Twitter verified symbol. However, how to keep your account verified is the next difficulty that you need to face. Twitter is willing to take back any users’ verified badges if there is a violation. Therefore, to maintain the verification for your account, follow the below guidances:

Do not change Twitter user name: You can easily lose your blue stick if you modify your user name. Therefore, unless it is because of necessary reasons, make sure your username stays the same.

how to verify account on twitter
Do not change your username

Do not impersonate: If you use your account to lie to the community by posing as a person or a brand, you are not only punished by removing the account verification but also permanent suspension.

Do not lose your civility: When you are active on Twitter, remember that many followers are interested in your accounts. Hence, unless you want to lose your verified badge, make sure your content is not offensive, gruesome, hateful, or violence-stimulated.

Now you can answer the question “how do I verify my Twitter account” yourself. Hopefully, your account would be a potential candidate for Twitter to give that desired blue badge. On the other hand, every users’ activity on Twitter goes along with complying with rules and policies. Hence, no matter how you can verify your account, you must maintain it legally. If you have any further curiosity about the Twitter account, do not hesitate to contact Mid-Man for more information.

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