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How to buy TikTok followers to increase your influence on social networks, you can see many options on the market today.

TIME notes TikTok creators qualify for the Creator Fund with 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in 30 days. Buying followers can accelerate your TikTok growth, helping you reach these milestones faster.

However, not all suppliers are reputable and quality. We have compiled and presented the 3 best websites:

Order Service Pros Price



Safe and transparent transactions; buyer and seller protection; diverse options; post-trade support. From $3.5



Immediate increase in followers; authentic engagement; positive brand impact; excellent customer service. From $4.39


Cost-effective likes for larger packages; large engagement package; similar follower packages as Social-Viral. From $4.39

Therefore, Mid-Man has compiled and evaluated the top suppliers in this article.

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1. Mid-Man – 9.5/10

Do you want to make money from what you create or build your brand? Are you trying to find a cheap and secure way to acquire and sell existing social media accounts?

In that case, it is impossible to miss Mid-Man.

We’ll ensure everything is secure so buyers and sellers can exchange TikTok accounts without risk.

The accounts assigned with selling at Mid-Man already have a high following. It just takes a few simple actions for buyers to get instant ownership of a high-quality account.

💲Price Rating: From $3.5


  • Reputable and transparent trading platform: You can see detailed information about social accounts sold on the exchange, such as number of followers, audience, and price.
  • Provides buyer and seller protection: When you buy or sell TikTok accounts on Mid-Man, you will be supported by Mid-Man’s team of experts during the transaction.
  • We will hold the funds until the transaction is complete and both parties are satisfied.
  • Many customer options: You can search and filter social accounts according to your needs and budget. The price of an account increases with the number of followers it has.
  • Support you after trading: If you need support on how to manage and develop your social accounts, you can contact Mid-Man through the website for advice and guidance.


  • There aren’t limitations just yet.
how to buy tiktok followers
Mid-Man is the best place to buy TikTok followers

2. Social-Viral – 9/10

Social-Viral enhances TikTok visibility through affordable followers from genuine accounts.

Their follower packages, priced similarly, provide a quick and secure method to elevate your TikTok fame without compromising your account’s safety.

💲Price Rating: From $4.39


  • Immediate Increase: Users quickly gained followers after using Social-Viral.
  • Authentic Engagement: Followers were perceived as genuine and actively engaged with content.
  • Wider Reach: Social-Viral facilitated a broader audience reach within a short time.
  • Positive Impact on Credibility: Boosted brand credibility, attracting organic followers.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Users praised the platform’s customer service for guidance and tips.


  • There aren’t limitations just yet.
buy followers for tiktok
Buy followers for TikTok at Social-Viral

3. Stormlikes – 9/10

How to buy TikTok followers: Stormlikes offers TikTok packages and prices similar to Social-Viral, ensuring reliable delivery.

Stormlikes also offers TikTok follower packages with similar sizes and rates as Social-Viral.

💲Price Rating: $4.39


  • Cost-Effective Likes for Larger Packages: Stormlikes provides likes at a lower cost when opting for larger packages.
  • Large Engagement Package: Offers a substantial engagement package with 10,000 likes.
  • Similar Follower Packages as Social-Viral: Stormlikes offers TikTok follower packages with sizes and rates comparable to Social-Viral.
  • Targeted Growth: Assists in finding followers that align with your style and budget.


  • Low-Quality Followers: Some reviews suggest that the quality of followers may be subpar.
  • Lack of Live Chat Support: Stormlikes does not offer live chat support.
  • Limited Warranty Coverage: The 14-day warranty may not fully compensate for all losses.
can you buy tiktok followers
You can buy TikTok followers at Stormlikes

4. Bulkoid – 9/10

A social media marketing company that values its clients is called Bulkoid. And as a result, they provide the most excellent TikTok services available.

You may purchase followers from Bulkoid in addition to views and likes on TikTok. You can purchase active TikTok followers from Bulkoid.

As a result, your video engagement will increase when actual TikTok viewers engage with it. 

💲Price Rating:From $5.6


  • Marketing integrated.
  • Low cost.
  • Operates on several platforms.


  • Limited analytical skills.
buy followers on tiktok
Additionally, the products they offer are reasonably priced

5. UseViral – 9/10

Another reliable source to purchase TikTok followers is UseViral.

UseViral provides real followers at reasonable pricing, which you’re seeking.

The UseViral team is aware that followers are the most important factor while trying to boost your social media presence.

Additionally, they know that tiny accounts may need more resources for intensive marketing initiatives. 

💲Price Rating: From $3


  • Superior TikTok followers
  • Strong Retention.
  • 30-day warranty and free refills
  • Professional customer service.


  • Payments made in Bitcoin aren’t allowed there.
how to buy followers on tiktok
Purchasing followers on UseViral costs $5 for 100 followers

6. SidesMedia – 8/10

Your entire TikTok engagement can rise using SidesMedia’s social media marketing services.

When attempting to reach huge audiences, a high engagement rate is critical.

They sell actual TikTok users so that real users will engage with your account.

The algorithm will expose your films to even more viewers due to this natural expansion. 

💲Price Rating: From $4.99


  • Superior Followers.
  • Quick Delivery.
  • Guaranteed refill.


  • They don’t provide a risk-free trial.
how to buy followers on tiktok
After purchasing followers, SidesMedia will help you expand independently

7. FastPromo – 8/10

How to buy TikTok followers: FastPromo provides services for social media promotion that will propel you to popularity and prominence immediately.

They are aware of the challenges involved in building a profile from scratch. They only offer the highest-caliber followers, views, and likes.

The employees at FastPromo are concerned about their customers’ demands.

💲Price Rating: From $5.8


  • Services for good growth.
  • Professional business.
  • 5 years or more of expertise.


  • It was not a live conversation.
how to buy followers on tiktok
Your engagement will rise as a result of these excellent offerings

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8. ViralHQ – 8/10

ViralHQ offers the most affordable prices for social media services.

They offer reasonable choices for anyone seeking ways to boost their social media following. Additionally, you can immediately start.

You can instantly receive your views, likes, or followings with just a few clicks to buy TikTok followers.

💲Price Rating: From $5.6


  • Social apps with a large audience.
  • To increase traffic, use advertising.
  • Affordable.


  • Slow email support.
how to buy followers on tiktok
ViralHQ goes above and beyond to make sure that its clients are happy

9. EazyViral  – 8.5/10

They reject bots and phony followers at EazyViral. If there’s one thing we don’t support, it’s adding faceless, unengaged numbers to your list of followers.

You have our word that EazyViral exclusively offers genuine TikTok followers from active accounts.


  • Excellent quality.
  • Low price.
  • Effective.


  • There are no options for targeting.x
how to buy followers on tiktok
You may be sure that EazyViral only provides the finest level of service

10. Fameswap – 8.5/10

The game’s dominant buyer and seller of TikTok accounts is Fameswap. If you’re wondering where to sell your TikTok account, this website is ideal.

They frequently update their sellers. Consequently, you will have new options to choose from.

The costs are generally reasonable, but highly-liked accounts will cost a little more. 


  • Dedicated viewers.
  • Repetitive services.
  • Swift assistance.


  • Restricted by the extent of the country.
how to buy followers on tiktok
This website will influence how other people perceive you

11. ACCS Market – 8.5/10

A reputable supplier of excellent TikTok services is ACCS Market. They can assist you in increasing your following and enhancing your app reputation.

When attempting to appeal to the TikTok algorithm, this is crucial. 

💲Price Rating: From $3.5


  • Devoted viewers.
  • Repeated services.
  • Prompt service.


  • Limited in extent by nation.
how to buy followers on tiktok
The followers you bought on TikTok will engage with your videos

12. Audience Gain – 8/10

AudienceGain offers content creators the most excellent way to increase followers on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

They do so with their expertise, commitment, and professionalism. They give your account the necessary legitimacy for organic growth.


  • Encourages people to join your fan base.
  • At this rate, 100–500 followers are supplied each day.
  • Results continue until they surpass 100%.
  • Delivery has to happen while your account is visible to the public.


  • Personal insurance’s potential risks.
best site to buy tiktok followers
The actual value of the service is the central area of attention for Audience Gain

13. GetAFollower – 7.5/10

Established in 2016, this enterprise pioneered the sale of TikTok followers, securing its place as a longstanding leader in the industry.

Their offerings consist of genuine followers supported by exceptional customer service.

CBS News has recognized them, spotlighting their position among the premier choices for acquiring followers.


  • Affordable TikTok followers
  • Swift delivery for immediate results
  • Assurance with a refill guarantee


  • Limited flexibility with no option for slower delivery
where to buy tiktok followers
Where to buy TikTok followers is GetAFollower

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How to buy TikTok followers organicall

Purchasing authentic TikTok followers is possible, but you must be a clever user.

Make sure the site you want to purchase from satisfies the following requirements:

  • Real consumer reviews are available.
  • Your account gains followers gradually, only some at a time.
  • An SSL certificate has been used to secure its website.
  • They provide a warranty for the followers you purchase.
  • They feature a helpful support staff that will respond to your inquiries.

To effectively buy real TikTok followers here, ensure an active profile with consistent, genuine content and engagement post-purchase.

buy tiktok followers
Without concern for being suspended, you can buy followers on TikTok

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Why should you choose to buy TikTok followers?

Boost your TikTok account’s popularity by buying followers. It enhances interactions, reaches new audiences faster, and increases social proof, making you appear more credible and trustworthy.

How much does it cost to buy TikTok followers?

Around $10 will get you 100 TikTok followers, $20 will get you 500, $30 will get you 1000, $70 will get you 5000, and $150 will get you 10,000 followers.

If you’re wondering how much it costs to buy TikTok followers, the typical price is listed below:

  • 100 Followers TikTok: $3,5 – $10.
  • 500 Followers TikTok: $19.
  • 1000 Followers TikTok: $29.
  • 5000 Followers TikTok: $69.
  • 10.000 Followers TikTok: $149.
  • 1.000.000 Followers TikTok: $10.000. 

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How to buy TikTok followers with Mid-Man, the platform we introduced to you.

Hopefully, you have received helpful information about buying TikTok followers cheaply to become famous.

However, you should also consider carefully before buying because there may be risks and unwanted consequences.

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