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How to save a sound on TikTok? You’ve probably found yourself dancing to a TikTok sound or wishing you could use a particular music in your video. Mid-Man will walk you through saving and finding sounds on the TikTok platform in this article.

Method to Save a TikTok Sound on phone:

  • Copy Video Link or Save Video
  • Upload it on Kapwing
  • Download and export as an MP3

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How to save a sound on TikTok on your phone?

For Android Phones

No matter what brand of phone you have, downloading TikTok music on Android is a straightforward process. Even though every Android device is a little bit unique, this article will walk you through the fundamentals of downloading and utilizing TikTok music on your phone:

  • Copy the TikTok video link you want to save the sound: you just need to select the Copy Link button underneath Share. The URL for the clip will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
  • Upload it on Kapwing: The URL you just copied from TikTok can be pasted by clicking the Paste a URL section of Kapwing. The TikTok video appears in the converter shortly after this website automatically imports it.
  • Download and export as an MP3: Pick “Export” and ” MP3 ” as the format. Kapwing will promptly process your audio track. The MP3 file will be saved to your device after you click “Download” under your video.
how to save a sound on tiktok
Android phone users can download by following the instructions above

For iPhones

TikTok audio downloads for iPhones take a little longer. Using Kapwing and the free Garageband program will require you to complete a few extra stages, but after you’ve completed one, it becomes relatively simple to achieve more.

  • Save video which you like its sound: When you’ve identified a TikTok video with the audio you want to use, hit the Share button and then select Save Video. As a result, the video will be saved to your phone immediately.
  • When using Kapwing’s converter, upload the video: After downloading a video from TikTok, upload it on Kapwing by tapping the Upload section. Kapwing will immediately import the video from your device, and you’ll see it appear in the converter shortly.
  • Download and save it as an MP3: Kapwing will swiftly process the soundtrack. Since TikTok videos typically last 60 seconds or less, your file should be available in seconds. When it’s done, click “Download” under your movie to save the MP3 file to your device.
how to save a sound on tiktok
On an iPhone, downloading TikTok sounds is simple

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How to find trending sounds on TikTok

After know how to save a sound on TikTok, let’s now explore how consumers will find trending sounds with Mid-Man. Below is useful information for you:

Find it at the TikTok Creator Center

Your go-to resource for trend information is the TikTok Creative Center. View data for hashtags, songs, producers, and videos by selecting the Trend Intelligence option from the dropdown menu. Songs from the day before, the last 30 or 120 days can be browsed or searched for. Choosing a region is another option.

The tabs Popular and Breakout can be found under the Songs section. The Breakout tab displays songs that are gaining popularity quickly, while the Popular tab lists the top trending songs in your chosen location.

User-generated content is not included in these lists, but you can utilize the other sections in the Creative Center to find trends that aren’t influenced by music. To see what’s popular, visit the Hashtags or TikTok Videos pages.

how to save a sound on tiktok
You can find trending songs in the Creative Center section

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Analyze hashtags and follower behavior

How to save a sound on TikTok? Pay attention to hashtags that relate to current trends and music. Creators who produce material on social media marketing and trend spotting frequent hashtags like #TikTok sound trends. They’ll highlight new music and even explain how some fads operate.

how to save a sound on tiktok
Through the hashtag #, users can find the sound they want

Consult information from reputable data analysis websites

Numerous websites offer details on popular sounds, such as TokBoard and Trendpop Viral 100. Remember, though, that TikTok has neither sponsored nor partnered with these. These websites can serve as a starting point, but before following a trend suggested on these websites, conduct your study and confirm the information.

how to save a sound on tiktok
To find sounds, you might seek assistance from websites

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In conclusion, Mid-Man showed you how to save a sound on TikTok simply and easily. So, the next time you stumble upon a TikTok sound that captures your imagination, remember the steps outlined in this detailed guide. By following, you’ll save the sound and have the tools to unleash your creativity in new and exciting ways.

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