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Have you ever wondered how to use Youtube analytics? You can use analytics to higher recognize your video and channel overall performance with key metrics and reports in YouTube Studio. Tracking YouTube analytics is vital for any YouTube advertising and marketing strategy. Find out the way to use your facts to develop your channel! This article will show you in detail how to use and analyze the data obtained from this tool. Keep on reading!

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Why need to use YouTube analytics?

Before diving into the actual matter, we need to realize how important your analytics is. The YouTube algorithm uses, like most other social networks, is unpredictable. The platform is also where the competition is fierce for creators. Anything you can do to optimize your channel’s performance will help its future growth. Through YouTube channel analytics, you can do:

  • Top-performing videos in phrases of views, watch time, target market, and engagement.
  • Content topics relevant to your target audience (tutorials, how-tos, vlogs, webinars).
  • How video details like thumbnail, name, and video duration affect your video performance.

Simply put, thanks to the detailed data obtained from YouTube Analytics, you can give your channel a detailed roadmap to execute your video marketing strategies.

how to use youtube analytics
Why need to use YouTube analytics?

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How to access YouTube analytics?

YouTube analytics offers a lot of value to creators on this social network. Before you may begin the use of YouTube Analytics to refine your channel strategy, you need to discern where to discover the data withinside the first place. How to access this useful tool? The following section will walk you through the steps to do it using both desktop and mobile phones. Read it now so you do not miss out on useful knowledge!

YouTube analytics on Desktop

To get the most complete data, you should use the desktop to do this work. The steps to access YouTube analytics on these devices are as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to Youtube.
  • Step 2: Click the profile icon and then select “YouTube Studio”.
  • Step 3: You will see some precise metrics proper at the Channel Dashboard. To move greater in-depth, click on “Go To Channel Analytics”, or choose “Analytics” from the left-hand menu.
how to use youtube analytics
YouTube Revenue Analytics
  • Step 4: Toggle between Overview, Engagement, Reach, Audience, and Revenue (if applicable) relying on the facts you are searching for. We will cross into greater elements on all of the metrics you could locate in every tab withinside the subsequent segment of this post.
  • Step 5: Select “Advanced Mode” withinside the upper-right nook for a greater specific breakdown of your channel analytics, in addition to metrics for individual videos.
  • Step 6: Select the parameters you want to download in “Advanced Mode”. Then, click on the downward pointing arrow. Select “Google Sheets” or a .csv report to make your report.

From “Advanced Mode”, you can also click on Compare To. This permits you to evaluate 12 months-over-12 months channel growth, first 24-hour video performance, and the way person films carry out in opposition to your standard channel stats.

YouTube analytics on Mobile

You must download the YouTube Studio app to access YouTube Analytics on mobile devices. Then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube Studio account.
  • Step 2: You will see some precise metrics on the primary dashboard. For extra details, faucet “See More”.
  • Step 3: Switch between Overview, Engagement, Reach, and Audience, depending on the information you want to get.
google analytics youtube
YouTube analytics on Mobile

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How to analyze YouTube analytics?

After having access to this tool, we will proceed to analyze the collected data. The information gathered is varied and it is not easy to use its full potential. So how to use YouTube analytics? This will answer you through the main content including an overview report, reach report, engagement report, audience report, and YouTube Revenue Analytics.

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Overview report

YouTube video view analytics are the signs of the success of your YouTube channel. It refers to how customers are ingesting your videos. These channel metrics are positioned at the evaluate tab; make use of those YouTube channel analytics to get the channel’s overall performance report, perceive contemporary trends & apprehend what’s operating satisfactorily in your brand.


Subscribers on YouTube are the customers or channels who have subscribed to your YouTube account over a selected length of time. Whenever you add any videos to your channel, your subscribers can study them on their feeds. YouTube’s ‘Subscribers Report’ affords you statistics approximately gaining & dropping subscribers primarily based totally on locations, videos, and gain periods.

  • Tip: To evaluate subscribers’ growth & to get a perception of if there’s any substantial alternate of subscribers, hover the cursor over the road or the bar diagram. If you are not getting your favored subscribers, determine your video content & posting time.
how to use youtube analytics


Views metrics denote the gross quantity of time your brands’ movies had been played, along with repeat perspectives. Most regarded movies suggest that your content material is enticing & visitors are inquisitive about that sort of content material. Views assist to discern your top-appearing movies. The real-time view is the metric that suggests the number of perspectives acquired through your video withinside the ultimate forty-eight hours.

  • Tip: Take your maximum regarded content material & use it to increase it into extra in-intensity content material or intently associated topics. By adjusting your time frame to Lifetime, you could perceive your all-time best-appearing movies. Track real-time perspectives to get an effect on the overall performance of your newly released video.
google analytics youtube

Channel Views

Channel perspectives seek advice from the everyday overall performance of your channel via ways of displaying the range of perspectives your complete channel accumulates over a selected period. Channel view facilitates you to determine high-appearing videos, expect seasonal changes & trends, and decide the exceptional time to add new videos.

  • Tip: Use a 28-day time frame to get the metrics that display an evaluation among channel perspectives & compare them to the common quantity of perspectives that the channel receives.

Channel Watch Time

Channel watch time metrics come up with records of approximately the entire quantity of video watch time in hours over a selected period.

  • Tip: Make certain that your video thumbnail & name are applicable to your video content material because it facilitates beautifying watch time. Misleading thumbnails or titles disappoint visitors and have consequences in reducing your channel watch time. Choose a 28 days time body to get the comparative records of approximately common watch time.

Average View Duration

To get the average view duration, divide the overall watch time through overall perspectives in your video or channel. In short, it is the common quantity of time humans spend looking at your video. Average view duration facilitates you to investigate how enticing your content material is. A low average view duration denotes that visitors are not capping a position to hook up with your content material & your video content material calls for improvisation to fulfill visitors’ expectations.

  • Tip: To get an amazing common view period, make your movies front-loaded, chorus from the use of lengthy dull intros. Instead, proportion a crisp creation to hook your visitors withinside the first 3 seconds, inside the ten-2nd display to them the cost your video can offer.
how to use youtube analytics
Average View Duration

Audience Retention

Audience retention is a chart displaying the frequency of looking at your video at every moment. It gives statistics as a percentage of general views. Audience retention is an important metric for the song because it suggests the best moments that visitors start to drop off of your video.

  • Tip: Use target market retention metrics to determine wherein the phase of the content material is chargeable for dropping views & trim that phase and exclude that kind of content material on your subsequent video.

Reach report

Use Google analytics YouTube reaches metrics to screen how visitors are coming across your videos. Let’s test out pinnacle YouTube attain metrics you ought to track:


Impressions consult with the number of instances your motion pictures are noticed by way of means of capacity visitors even as on YouTube. Impression indicates in case your motion pictures are proven on YouTube searches or now no longer. Tracking impressions lets you get a clear concept of the relevancy of your video content material. YouTube effect does now no longer incorporate outside site visitors’ sources.

  • Tip: To display up on YouTube searches & associated motion pictures extra frequently, make sure to apply applicable key phrases to your video title & description. Besides, to seem frequently in associated motion pictures, look for a video that is appearing decent & which video content material has relevance for your video & use homogeneous video tags.
youtube channel analytics
Example of low impressions

Traffic Sources

Traffic assets are YouTube analytics that refers to the gap wherein your visitors discover your videos. Traffic reasserts encompass channel pages, browser features, recommended videos, searches, playlists, different YouTube features, or outside assets along with outside websites or direct visitors.

  • Tip: To sing which internet site brings greater visitors to your videos, click on the External Traffic source. It is a useful manner to mark the ability of influencers or visitors-using websites. It lets you spot ability collaboration opportunities. As the initial steps measure, Suggested Videos to get a perception of which different channels are using visitors. Using the Advanced Mode you may get the greater dropdown menu & check Playback Locations.
how to use youtube analytics
View traffic on YouTube

Impressions Click-Through Rate

Impressions click-thru charge is the proportion of visitors who watch your video after you have a glimpse of your thumbnail & click on it. An excessive click-thru charge shows that your video thumbnail & key phrases are impactful. Impression CTR incorporates perspectives that you have acquired best from the thumbnails displayed on YouTube, perspectives, and clicks from outside sources. Impression CTR is the indicator of the effectiveness of your video thumbnail & identity.

  • Tip: Ensure to create a thumbnail with an attractive color combination & engaging identity to reinforce the click-through charge.
how to use youtube analytics
Impressions Click-Through Rate

Top YouTube Search Terms

Top YouTube seek period is to be had below visitors’ assets which denote the hunt phrases that direct human beings on your movies from Google analytics YouTube. YouTube seeks phrases to assist you to examine in case your YouTube keyword approach is ok or if it calls for a twitch in a few sections.

Engagement report

YouTube engagement analytics offer you facts concerning how visitors are interacting together along with your videos. Let’s take a look at the engagement metrics:

Top Playlists

It is the YouTube channel analytics that suggests the playlist with excessive ordinary watch time. The top playlist is a crucial engagement metric as an excellent & engaging playlist can keep your audience’s attention, retaining them to watch extra of your video content material for an extended duration.

  • Tip: Reshuffle the order of your lower-acting play to enhance the performance. While reshuffling preserves the movies with the best common view time on the top.

Average Time In The Playlist

Average time in playlist YouTube metric measures the common time viewer spends looking at that playlist earlier than manners. Viewers spending extra time in your playlist increase your ordinary watch time & perspectives for the channel.

Shares & Comments

Share & remarks denote the variety of times your video has been shared thru the proportion button & the variety of remarks you have obtained from the video. Share & remark suggestions in case your content material is discussion-worthy. Usually, visitors can relate to a video connected to an emotional angle, which enhances proportion & remarks variety.

  • Tip: Ask questions about your movies to get extra remarks. To grow the proportion, you could direct them to whom they need to proportion the video.

Card & End Screen Reports

If you’ve introduced interactive content material to your movies, those reviews display the ways visitors engage with those elements. Card and cease display screen metrics show the efficacy of your visible CTAs in persuading extra clicks and views. Card & cease record proportion facts approximately the visitors’ engagement together along with your interactive detail at the video.

  • Tip: Analyze the efficiency of your playing cards primarily based totally on card type, placement, timing, and duration. Assess the styles to recognize what works best & for this reason amend your approach to boost up video clicks.
how to use youtube analytics
Card and End Screen Report

Audience report

YouTube target market metrics provide you with insights approximately your viewers & lets you recognize their choices & requirements. You can scale your video attain and influence by inculcating this knowledge in your content & conversation control strategy.

Unique Viewers

Unique visitor metrics seek advice from the anticipated gross quantity of viewers who have watched your movies over a particular time. Unique visitors are the people or debts who have watched you at least once. Notably, someone who has formerly watched your channel from a non-public browser & deleted their watch records or the ones who have now no longer watched your channel for over 12 months also are protected from precise visitors.

  • Tip: Motivate your subscribers to show on notifications in their channels so they may not leave out your content material. It lets you draw greater precise users.
google analytics youtube
Unique Viewers

Returning Viewers

Returning viewers metrics discussed with visitors who have watched your motion pictures previously & again for your channel to observe extra motion pictures in a specific length of time.

  • Tip: Closely display the metrics, as excessive returning viewer numbers denote that visitors can resonate together with your video content. You can request your visitors to join your channel.

Watch Time From Subscribers

Watch time from subscribers tracks the whole wide variety of watch time of your channel that comes out of your channel’s subscribers.

  • Tip: Create a constant posting timetable to get bulk watch time from subscribers. Maintaining a content material calendar enables subscribers to apprehend what they have to expect & whilst you publish at an everyday time, it turns into a dependency for them to observe your videos while they are life.

Audience Demographics

Audience demographics offer facts approximately your viewers’ age, gender, location, and language statistics.

  • Tip: If your video is not always acting nicely in positive countries, use subtitles & tailor your content material to the culture & language of that precise country.

YouTube Revenue Analytics

YouTube monetization capabilities are to be had on eligible accounts & you may get admission to the Revenue tab to monitor & track your earnings.

Estimated Revenue & Ad Revenue

The anticipated sales metric denotes internet sales your channel has earned from all Google-bought ads & tractions over a specific period. The anticipated advert sales afford you income facts for your selected parameters for AdSense and DoubleClick ads.

Estimated Monetized Playbacks

Estimated monetized playbacks are the figures denoting the variety of instances a viewer noticed as a minimum one advert impact all through your video or if they give up looking at it at the time of a pre-roll advert.

Transaction Revenue

It gives insights into the expected internet sales from transactions like paid content material for the selected parameters.

how to use youtube analytics
YouTube Revenue Analytics

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With the article on how to use YouTube analytics, you have learned about the importance of this tool in your video marketing campaigns. Besides, ways to analyze the data obtained from Youtube Analytics are provided to you. Hopefully, the knowledge given in the article will help you achieve your goals. Mid-Man will answer any questions you have about Youtube and other social networks. Thank you for taking the time to read our article!

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