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Have you ever wondered How to rename YouTube channel? When you want to rebrand on YouTube, one of the things you usually do will be renaming your account. This article will show you in detail this issue. Please read it now so as not to miss helpful knowledge when using this social network!

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How to rename YouTube channel?

The new YouTube channel modifies alternative paintings on each laptop and in the YouTube mobile app. Here is a step-by-step guide:

How to change YouTube channel name on desktop

If you are on a Windows, Linux, Mac, or Chromebook computer, use the YouTube Studio internet site to extrude your channel name. Then follow these steps to change Youtube channel name:

✅ Step 1: Sign in to YouTube account.

✅ Step 2: Click “Customization” on the YouTube Studio page.

✅ Step 3: Click “Basic Info” under “Channel Customization” on YouTube Studio.

youtube how to change channel name
Change the YouTube channel name on the desktop

✅Step 4: In the “Basic Info” segment that opens, click on the pencil icon after your modern channel call.

✅Step 5: Click the “Name” discipline and input a new call to your channel.

✅Step 6: In the pinnacle proper nook of the “Channel Customization” page, click “Publish”.

You have efficiently modified your YouTube channel call. Updating your new channel call on the platform will take some days.

If you need to create a state-of-the-art channel with a brand-new call, you may need to delete your present YouTube channel.

Change YouTube channel name on mobile

You also can rename your YouTube channel on iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. To do this, you will want the YouTube app for your phone.

✅Step 1: Start by launching the YouTube app for your phone.

✅Step 2: Tap your profile icon.

✅Step 3: Tap “Your Channel” on the profile web page withinside the YouTube app.

✅Step 4: The faucet is on “Edit Channel” under the channel call you are using.

how to rename youtube channel
Change YouTube channel name on mobile

✅Step 5: You are currently at the “Channel Settings” web page. Here, after the “Name” subject, faucet the pencil icon.

✅Step 6: A small container will open for your screen. In this container, faucet the “Name” subject and input a brand new call to your channel.

✅Step 7: Click “OK”.

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Notes for “How to rename YouTube channel”

YouTube now allows creators to change their YouTube channel name and profile photo independently from their connected Google Accounts.

Before, these changes were tied to the user’s Google Account information. With this update, your Google Account and YouTube channel can have separate identities.


❌ Changing a verified channel’s name removes verification; you must reapply.

❌ Altering a channel’s name doesn’t impact its custom URL.

❌ Musical artists retain musical note icons even after a name change

rename youtube channel
Things you need to know before changing your YouTube channel name

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How long can you change the YouTube channel name again?

The name change on your YouTube channel may require up to 3 days for full effect. Remember, you can only change your YouTube channel name a maximum of three times within a 90-day period.

how to rename a youtube channel
How long does it take for you to change YouTube channel name again?

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With the article on How to rename YouTube channel, you have just been given some advice before renaming your YouTube account. Besides, you can also learn step-by-step how to do it on desktop and mobile devices.

Hopefully, the knowledge given in the article will help you achieve your goals. Mid-Man will answer any questions you have about YouTube and other social networks. Thank you for taking the time to read our article!

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