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How to manage YouTube comments? If you have managed a YouTube channel for your business, you know how difficult it can be to manage comments on your videos. But if you are expanding your efforts on YouTube, you still need the right tools and knowledge about YouTube Comment Moderation. This article will show you what you need for your YouTube channel. Let’s see it!

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What is content moderation?

The only way your audience can engage with your content and express their opinions on YouTube is by commenting. As a result, the comments section is the most valuable real estate for any business channel. To get the most out of your efforts on YouTube, you need to understand how to manage Youtube content and “Comment Moderation”. This is what the term implies:

  • Appreciate the top comments from your loyal audience.
  • Clarification for any doubts and queries of customers.
  • Interact with your audience and get to know your customers.
  • Eliminate spam and inappropriate and unscrupulous comments.
  • Take control of misinformation and rumors about your brand.
manage youtube comments
What is content moderation?

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Why you should learn how to manage YouTube comments?

Comment moderation is a must if you have a YouTube video content marketing strategy. You need to manage Youtube comments. The comments section is really interactive. Running ads and driving traffic to your content will become more effective. Otherwise, it will be useless if your comments section is full of bad reviews and unmanaged spam.

manage youtube comments
Learning how to manage Youtube comments

How does comment moderation work on YouTube?

YouTube takes censorship seriously on its platform. Not only does it have a content moderator for videos, but it also has a good set of tools for channel owners to moderate comments on YouTube. If you want to learn how to easily hide and delete comments on Facebook and other social networks. Here we will show you how to manage comments on Youtube.

Comment management on YouTube

In YouTube Studio, go to the “Comments” section in the Side Navigation Bar. Here, you will know how to manage YouTube comments. It provides three tabs in which comments are organized.

  • Public – Comments are published under your videos.
  • Held for review – Comments that require review or are flagged by moderators.
  • Likely Spam – Comments YouTube thinks may be spam.
how to manage comments on youtube
Comment Management on YouTube

In these tabs, you can filter your comments based on the following conditions: Search, Contains Questions, Subscribers, Member Status, Subscribers Count, and Feedback. You can like, dislike, favorite, and reply to comments. Besides, advanced options to “Delete comment, Hide user from channel, Always approve comments from this user, Add this user as comment moderator” can also be done here.

Comment moderation on YouTube

As a moderator, you can like, dislike, favorite, and reply to comments here. You also make an advanced option to “Delete comment, Hide user from channel, Approve comments, Add comment moderator”. Here are three ways channel owners can moderate comments on YouTube.

Add comment moderators

YouTube allows you to add trusted users as comment moderators on your channel. These users, once invited, have the right to browse your public comments and delete those they find inappropriate. Deleted comments will show up in the “Held for review” tab. There are 2 ways for you to add moderators:

  • Go to any comment from the user you want to add as a moderator > Click on the three-dot menu > Choose the option to “Add this user as a comment moderator”.
  • Go to Settings > Community > Auto Filters > Moderators.
manage youtube comments
Add Comment Moderators

Set moderation rules

In YouTube Studio, if you go to Settings > Community > Automatic Filters, you can find a lot of options for setting moderation rules for your video content on YouTube.

  • Approve Users: Viewers finish watching your video and they like it. They will leave one or more comments. When any user comments on your videos, they will be displayed here.
  • Hidden Users: You feel that someone’s comment is bad for your video and you do not want to see them comment on your video anymore. These people will be hidden.
  • Blocked words: You can set a list of unused words. If the comments contain blocked words, the system will automatically hide them.
  • Block Links: All links will be blocked. Exclude only links from owners, moderators, and approved users. Blocked links will be displayed in this section.
manage youtube comments
Set Moderation Rules

Set default moderation options

In Settings > Community > Defaults, you can see options to set default moderation settings for your videos and even the discussion tab. YouTube provides four different settings:

  • Allow all comments.
  • Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.
  • Hold all comments for review.
  • Disable Comments.
how to manage youtube
Set Default Moderation Options

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Ways how to manage Youtube comments

Whether the comments section of your YouTube video is the place to go for conversations about your brand – good, bad, or worse. If YouTube is part of your social media strategy and you want to make the most of your presence there, it is important to manage YouTube comments effectively. Let’s see a guide on how to manage comments on Youtube.

Switch on the comment section

Default settings for potentially inappropriate comments will be retained for review prior to publication. However, you can toggle the setting to allow all comments, keep all comments for review, or disable comments entirely. Now, follow these steps to know how to approve YouTube comments:

  • Step 1: Head to YouTube Studio and click on the gear icon (Settings) on the left-hand side.
  • Step 2: Select “Community”.
  • Step 3: Pick your preferred comment option.
manage youtube comments
Switch on the comment section

The default setting for potentially inappropriate comments is kept for review before publication. However, you can toggle the setting to allow all comments, keep all comments, or turn off comments completely. If you choose to have the filter turned on automatically, you can customize the filter to your liking.

Reply comments

On YouTube, go to your YouTube Studio page and select “Comments” from the menu on the left. If you have set up comments to automatically publish without moderation, you can review them via the Published tab. Comments that need approval will be in the Keep tab for review. You must make sure to approve or delete them within 60 days, or they will be automatically deleted!

manage youtube comments
Reply comments

The filter bar at the top of either tab lets you filter by specific text. They can filter by comments with questions, unanswered comments, and more. This is an extremely useful support tool. Remember not to let the enthusiastic comment hang for too long. Respond to comments and keep the conversation running smoothly.

Look for comments

You can search for content using keywords or type anything you want to know. Next, you sort the information by upload date, relevance, views, and rating. If you want to review YouTube comments on one of your favorite videos, this is the feature to use. The feature will help you to find the actions you have taken in the past.

how to manage youtube
Look for comments

Delete comments

You want to remove a comment you wrote or a comment made by someone. You feel this is a negative and non-constructive comment that has been left on your video. Let us just guide you to manage Youtube comments in the following way:

  • Hover above the top right of the comment.
  • Choose “Delete” (the trash can icon) to remove the comment.
manage youtube comments
Delete comments

Disable comments

The last way to manage comments is that you can report the comment to the leader for deletion and disciplinary action. If this is a comment that violates YouTube’s community guidelines. It features threatening, spam, or harassing behavior, scams, or inappropriate comments. Therefore, Youtube will take measures to punish the offending account to protect the community

manage youtube comments
Disable comments

Sign in to your YouTube Studio account and click the three dots right next to the likes, dislikes, and heart options. From there, you will have the option to click the red flag and report the comment. The comment will be removed before Youtube has other actions. Make sure the post violates YouTube’s guidelines, or the platform may not be able to take action.

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Managing comments on YouTube on a mobile device

Naturally, we don’t always have access to a desktop computer, but at any given time, our YouTube comments could start to flood in. Therefore, our YouTube comment manager (also known as the Inbox) is accessible on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Now your smartphone can also handle all of your YouTube comments across many channels.

manage YouTube comments
Managing YouTube comments from mobile

What is a highlighted comment?

Highlighted comments on YouTube are an automatic feature intended to mark the attention of content creators. YouTube highlights comments for you to help make sure new messages or important feedback do not get overlooked. Once you see or interact with the comment, the highlight will disappear.

how to approve youtube comments
What is a highlighted comment?

Video creators or moderators who manage YouTube comments can also manually bookmark comments or pin them for easy replies later. Simply click on the timestamp (located next to the commenter’s username) of the comment to do so. Most of these will be comments from special people or have useful shares or comments about the content of the video.

How to view your YouTube comments history

If you are reviewing what you have already commented on, it is easy to do on YouTube. However, if you have commented on a video that has been removed or your comment has been deleted, you will not see that comment recorded here. This is how you can access the history entry.

  • Step 1: Go to “Comment History”.
  • Step 2: Click or tap the content to go to the original place where you posted your comment.
manage youtube comments
How to view your YouTube comments history

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Learning how to manage Youtube comments is an important thing. Now you know perform functions such as view, reply, or delete comments on Youtube. Mid-Man hopes that through this article you can improve your capabilities to build a growing YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please contact us via our websites. Many thanks for taking the time with us.

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