February 28 2022


TikTok is a social media platform specializing in uploading and sharing short-length videos with creative Tik Tok ideas

That’s why people misunderstand that it is for teenagers for a long time. However, the truth is that TikTok can help businesses reach more potential young audiences and get more followers. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to jump into this platform, and here are some TikTok ideas for you. 

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10 TikTok Ideas To Boost Your Video’s Engagement

Plan A Branded Hashtag Challenge

Like other platforms, you can find exciting videos through various hashtags. The only difference is that TikTok is famous for hashtag challenges. 

If you are a business, you can increase engagements by creating a campaign including particular hashtags to motivate users to make videos. 

tik tok ideas
Creating a campaign including particular hashtags to motivate users to make videos

For example, in 2021, Netflix created the #WhatsYourPower to promote their movie, Project Power. Users will make short videos to reveal their superpowers and use the hashtag. Fun, right?

There are a few points to remember to have a successful challenge. Firstly, make it memorable and straightforward and let the users be creative. That’s the critical point attracting them to join the challenge. 

Also, determine your goals precisely to evaluate the impact, so you can’t lose track. 

Produce An Educational Video

Create Tutorials

tik tok ideas
Filming cooking tutorial videos

Don’t just think you scroll TikTok for fun; you can also learn something. And making tutorial videos will be helpful for businesses to attract more followers by appearing friendly and informative simultaneously. 

Almost all brands can create tutorials. For example, companies selling machines can teach buyers how to use the machines, assemble parts and utilize the tools precisely. 

Clothes shops can try to mix and match outfits on specific body types or occasions to guide users to choose their outfits reasonably. 

Restaurants can introduce recipes and kitchen knowledge, like hacks for effectiveness. Remember not to take too long videos; the maximum time should be 60 seconds. 

Create Science Experiments

Other TikTok content ideas are to re-create various fun science experiments you used to do as children. It undoubtedly will recall your childhood memories and offer you more views simultaneously. 

tik tok ideas
Do something fun like what you tried when you were a kid

Plus, it will be fun to watch and descriptive if people understand the principles behind the tricks. If not, you will turn into magicians to amaze them. 

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Collaborate With Influencers

Cooperating with famous influencers will be beneficial for you in introducing your brands more to their audiences and connecting with them.

However, to have a partnership, your account should also have a certain number of followers. The more followers the account has, the easier it is to get an invitation to cooperate. Are you just new to the TikTok account and have no one to follow? You can buy TikTok account cheap from Mid Man, this will save you a lot of time and effort.

tiktok ideas
Cooperating with famous influencers will be beneficial for you

Here are some ways to collaborate with influencers effectively:

Account Takeovers

With this form, the influencers can conveniently upload videos from your account. You may be familiar with brands and influencers doing cross-promotion in both accounts; it can be a form of account takeovers. 


In this way, the business will collaborate with influencers to post videos on their channels to promote the product. It can be in any form, maybe a pure product review or a reaction video on how helpful the product is. 

Hashtag Challenge

As mentioned earlier, the brand can create hashtag challenges to bring the product or service closer to their audiences. And one way to make this challenge more famous is using influencers’ impact on their fans. 

Tips To Collaborate With Influencers Effectively

Firstly, you should determine your goals precisely to measure the influencers’ performance. Write down what you want to analyze when having them, viewers increase, users participation to evaluate your success. 

Then, from here, you begin to find your perfect match. Don’t just look for influencers depending on their fame; their values should coordinate with your brand identity, and they can offer you valuable audiences. 

Finally, let your influencer be creative with their content, don’t try to push them into rigidly detailed plans. You still have your project, but communicate with your influencers effectively, not forcing them. 

Celebrate Special Events

This idea will help you produce crucial, up-to-date content that may interest audiences. Even with some brands, this idea will be helpful because these special events align with your product identity. 

tiktok content ideas
Surely you will not lack content from a special event

We highly suggest you use the content calendar to keep track of these days and make plans to attract appropriate audiences. You should never miss a chance like this! 

Create Lip-Sync Videos

Lip-Sync Popular Songs’ Videos

tik tok ideas
Searching for relevant videos

Another way to get yourself more views on TikTok is to lip-sync famous songs. You can lip-sync the songs entirely or produce stories that match the lyrics to keep them more engaging. 

Or you can enact the song like some TikTok creators enact film dialogues. However, this way will require more effort and your acting skills. 

Dialogue Reenactments

You can lip-sync dialogues. It doesn’t have to be movie dialogues; you can reenact some conversations you like and sound-available on TikTok. 

You can ask your friends to join or do it yourself. Ensure to find exciting ways for reenactment but still match your content. For example, you can do POV (Point of view) videos to share your thoughts. 

tiktok ideas 2021
POV – a very easy content to make, just needs a little creativity

Join TikTok Challenges

tik tok ideas
The official TikTok channel is where a lot of challenges are launched

If you aim to increase your followers, joining existing TikTok challenges will be effective. Join the challenges and upload your videos; you will be more famous in no time. 

If it aims for your business, you can start the challenge and create your hashtags.

Take Advantage Of Trending Hashtags

If you feel you don’t have enough resources to create your hashtags, it’s time to take advantage of suitable trending hashtags for your brands. 

For your information, this idea is appropriate for any brand. Only remember to find the hashtags that capture your product identity perfectly. 

tiktok ideas for businesses
Find a suitable hashtag trending and let’s do it

While filming with these tags, you should be confident and bring your products naturally into the video. Don’t let your viewers think that the content is solely for advertisements; it should bring knowledge to them. 

Create Branded Filter 

With Tiktok, you can produce your branded filter to raise business awareness and achieve audience growth. 

tik tok ideas for guys
You can produce your branded filter to raise business awareness and achieve audience growth

Of course, customing filters will require many efforts from your design team; therefore, you should do this on crucial occasions for your brand. But we can assure you that it will positively impact your brand image. 

Run A Contest

With this TikTok idea, you can benefit from UGC, also known as user-generated content. For your information, user-generated content is content made by audiences rather than the businesses themselves. 

tiktok post ideas
Creating a contest or challenges related to your brand is a good idea

For example, if you want to grow your apparel business, you can hold a contest where users post pictures with your clothes, write their thoughts, and use your brand’s hashtags. 

In this way, you can increase your brand credibility to attract loyal customers without putting too much money into promotion while cannot ensure the results.

Create A Vlog About Your Daily Life

tik tok ideas
Make daily life videos, simple but effective

You can create videos about your daily life and turn some trivia life moments into unique, worthwhile watching content. A lot of creators have done this and gained many followers. 

Our suggestion is to collect all the moments, edit them, and use the trending sound that suits your video’s aesthetic. 

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How To Grow Your Followers Other Than Creating Great TikTok Ideas?

Build Your Profile

Your profile will be your virtual image to the world; therefore, it is best to make it attractive to users, encouraging them to follow you. 

Be as descriptive as possible, even telling them your weird-but-fun-side personality. As a result, this will make some users feel much closer to you sometimes; it feels like you resemble part of them. 

tiktok ideas
Create a profile to identify who you are on TikTok

Building your profile is more crucial than ever if you intend to monetize from TikTok. 

Understand Your Audience

tiktok content ideas
Analyze and get to know your audiences, finding out their video preferences

To get more views for your video, you should analyze and get to know your audiences, finding out their video preferences. 

Some people may like watching dance videos or lip-sync lyric videos, or POV videos relating to daily-life situations. 

We’ve found out that many people like watching cute pets. Therefore, if you have one, it can be your opportunity to get viral. 

There are many ideas for you to perform; it just requires your time to find out precisely what your viewers want. 

Post On A Regular Calendar

When posting on any social media, regular posting is a must. You should draw your viewers’ attention to build a steady follower base. 

We recommend that you keep posting once a day, increasing to two or more videos after a while. Do not delay posting for two to three days. 

tiktok ideas 2021
Make a schedule and stick to it


Generally, try to set schedules and be self-disciplined to accomplish the deadlines. 

Cross-Promote Your Videos

tiktok ideas for businesses
Promote the videos on various social platforms

If you want to gain TikTok followers, you should link your profile with other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

For example, you can post your TikTok videos on your Facebook page and attach your Instagram links to the videos.

In this way, you can reach more audiences and have more exciting and still informative TikTok post ideas. 

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We hope that after this article, you will have various ideas about TikTok ideas and TikTok ideas for businesses. It is not too challenging to do and surely will bring enjoyment to you. 

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of the article. Goodbye and see you in the next one. 

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