November 28 2022


In the age of social networking, how to Instagram Monetization is no longer strange for businesses and young people. However, most users still do not fully understand the requirements, benefits, how it works, or popular and prominent ways to earn money on Instagram. This article will show you this problem in detail. Read now not to miss useful knowledge when using this social network!

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1. What is Instagram monetization?

Instagram monetization is the process of making money from Instagram via affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and other strategies.
Although marketing goods or services to boost sales might be a part of platform monetization, it is only sometimes how it looks. Selling focuses on the products/services, whereas monetization focuses on the content. While many consider YouTube the first monetization tool for video producers, Instagram is quickly catching up.

monetization instagram
Instagram is a very attractive monetization platform

2. Instagram monetization tools

Instagram has been tested with various monetization techniques since it became a platform focusing on creators. While some people eventually stay on the platform, others get sunsetted.
For instance, Instagram declared in June 2021 that it would try a scheme where creators may have their own Shop page and receive commissions for any sales they helped to generate.
The platform declared that it would stbrand’sg used after August 2022 after more than a year of testing.
Reels advertising was another revenue strategy used to entice authors to submit additional reels. It enabled them to make money by running advertisements before or after their Reels. The bonus play program has taken its position in place of that.
The following is a list of the platform’s monetization tools that are currently in use or testing:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Bonuses
  • Badges
  • Subscriptions
  • Gifts

3. Instagram monetization requirements

Instagram is simply a place to share photos, a place for people to express their thoughts, feelings, or ideas. Now, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the market today. Therefore, unlike other social networks like Facebook, Tiktok, etc., you do not’re to put too much effort into creating content and connecting with your followers but you need to be clear about the Instagram monetization requirements so you do not make unfortunate mistakes.

You need a verified account and a fan base. This makes your path to making monLet’srough Instagram easier. When you first start using Instagram, your followers are not many, so you need to naturally increase your followers to at least a few thousand followers and create an Instagram account verified to have many genuine followers. This is a great way to impress more people using this social channel and drive sales for your or your brand’s products through Instagram posts.

Instagram Monetization
Instagram monetization requirements

You should measure the performance of your Instagram posts with Hashtags and can easily identify Instagram’s posts with top-performing hashtags, and use them to reach and grow followers. But it is not enough, you need to be able to create and share engaging Instagram posts, on Instagram stories to reach customers and generate sales.

Besides, finding dedicated and long-term followers. If you have followers that engage regularly, brands will be more willing to invest in your company to drive their profits through sponsored content. Comment and share your posts, not by your number of followers. You must create content that addresses certain content needs of your audience.

If you’re interested in buy verified Instagram accounts, there are a few things you need to know before diving in. This guide will walk you through how much these accounts cost, where to find them, what verification means for an account, and much more. Ready? Let’s begin!
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4. How to how to monetize Instagram in 9 effective ways

Before learning how to monetize Instagram, first, you need to understand what is Instagram Monetization? It is how you optimize your profile with beautiful, unique photos and videos, and content that conveys a clear message to attract many people, thereby generating the income you are making. You will be paid by groups that leverage your Instagram influence and popularity to promote their products or services. So let’s learn more about these ways to make money.

4.1 Cooperation with brand

Partnering with popular brands is possibly the most popular way creators can make money on Instagram. A brand can pay for photos or videos in your feed, Stories content, and any content you create. Find a small or large brand that is a great fit for your values or business.

This is important because partnering with a brand that has nothing to do with your Instagram content will make your account activity appear disingenuous.

Instagram Monetization
Cooperation with brand

To get started, try creating some posts that showcase something you love: a hobby, a restaurant, a service, or anything else that feels right to you. You can then point to those posts and serve as examples when you reach brands. My little tip, when entering into a paid partnership or sponsored post, be transparent.

Use the hashtag to mark your post as sponsored and state the partnership in the caption. Because not following Instagram’s branded content guidelines can feel sketchy or lead to posts being deleted.

4.2 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for almost as long on Instagram and is incredibly easy to do. You can share a link related to a product, from which the customer clicks on the link and buys the product you share and eventually you get a commission for referring to that sale. This also applies to brand partnerships, as affiliate marketing requires connecting yourself with a business that sells experiential products or services.

instagram monetization check
Affiliate marketing

Instagram Affiliate is still in the process of improvement and development. This is a cool feature, no need to wait for it to be perfect, you can start earning with affiliate links right now.

4.3 Live Streams with badges

For creators in the US, the Instagram Live badge is a direct monetization method. During live videos, viewers can purchase badges for $0.99 to $4.99, which can show support for viewers and support creators. Once you set up this feature, it will automatically apply to all your live videos in the future.

Instagram Monetization
Live Streams with badges

To use the badge, click on your profile and go to the Professional Dashboard. Click on the Badges tab and turn it on. Since this feature is relatively new, mention it to your audience during the live stream, and remember to thank everyone who has supported you in this way. Acknowledgments will have a lasting effect and probably encourage others to join in on future live streams.

4.4 Ads on Instagram Reels

In February 2022, Instagram turned video advertising in reels into a monetization method. This feature allows brands to run ads before, during, and after video posts on their Instagram profile. By promoting the same for Instagram, creators will receive a share of the revenue from advertising.

Instagram Monetization
Ads on Instagram Reels

Now, Reels have become the main focus of Instagram videos. And the platform has announced it is discontinuing the monetization option for regular video posts, to be replaced with a new ad revenue-sharing program for Reels in 2022. Instagram monetization reels are a very useful way and Instagram Reels are the #1 way to grow your account. You can make money from Instagram video monetization. So you should focus on them and grow now.

4.5 Earn milestone bonuses

This is one of the parts that draws creators to the Instagram platform. There are currently three bonus programs: Video Ads Reward – Which is a one-time payment to creators who have opted into this feature.

But this type of ad monetization is now over and will soon be replaced by an ad monetization option for Reels, Live video badge rewards – are rewards for reaching certain milestones such as going live with a sub-account. Reels summer rewards – are the most popular Reels bonuses and are cash-based.

instagram monetization requirements 2021
Earn milestone bonuses

It can be unfair that these bonus programs people’savailable and pay off for everyone. So how do you get deals like these? Regularly post posts with high-quality, engaging content that make your target audience respond positively, enjoy and support you more.

4.6 Instagram subscriptions

Another new feature in 2022, Instagram has announced the launch of subscriptions. Subscribing to Instagram allows followers to pay a monthly fee to support your work and access exclusive content, directly inside the Instagram they follow. This is currently still in beta and has not started rolling out to the registered public yet, but it will be tested soon.

Instagram Monetization
Instagram subscriptions

This will be an extremely attractive opportunity for how to Instagram Monetization. Because it will help you have a stable and predictable monthly income. With new tools and services for this core group of subscriber advocates you can help grow your business. And the best and most attractive thing is that everyone can get a chance to earn money with this subscription feature.

Unlike how to monetize Instagram methods which are viewed as dependent monetization, this method has more unique content than those methods, and you have control over the growth. its subscribers. It does not matter how many people you market to, as long as you make the right offer to make people want to sign up. You are always in control of your offer and marketing plan like competing with other people’s content.

4.7 Instagram with NFT in future

Although no official information has been announced, the Instagram CEO has revealed and said that there is much more new for future Instagram creators. A source said that Instagram is exploring creating an NFT marketplace inside the app. Expect to hear more of what is new on Instagram for creators this 2022.

Instagram Monetization
Instagram with NFT in future

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4.8 Share what you know

People follow you on Instagram for a reason. They love your content and are eager to learn from you. Please teach them how to be as successful as you are. You will receive significant income from creating information products for marketing on Instagram.
Example: You are a Beauty Blogger, please share how you started this business, and where you learned about beauty. How did you overcome the difficulties in doing this job?

how to monetization instagram
Share your experiences in the process of building your Instagram page

4.9 Create an online course

Today, online learning is gradually gaining popularity, especially when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out and all schools had to change their methods to online learning.
To create a course, you first need to be someone with deep knowledge in the field and have a decent following on Instagram who will be interested.
Then, you can build the knowledge you have into an online course. Of course, that knowledge must be accurate and bring value to customers – Who choose to buy your course.

how to monetize my content on instagram
Online courses are gaining in popularity

5. Monetization Instagram: What can you earn with it?

When thinking about “how much money Monetization Instagram is?”, it can be said that the numbers are complicated because famous content creators and brands are very tight-lipped about how much they earn. Moreover, the calculation of income from Instagram is very complicated.

If you post a song on Reel, the sound goes to the audience and you get a recording contract or buy the rights to the song from that internet fame, from which tens of thousands of people buy tickets to your music concert.

The question is, does that count as making money on Instagram? Or what if you post a food video, syndicate your recipe blog, and link and host it to promote the blog to make you money?

instagram monetization eligibility
The calculation of income from Instagram is very complicated

This may sound weird, but it is actually how most of the creators have found success on their Instagram path to monetization. How much money you can make based on Instagram monetization features depends on your content strategy, account information, audience size or engagement, and a little luck.

The short answer to this question is that it is possible to make a lot of money from Instagram. While not 100% sure to answer exactly how many creators earn from monetization on Instagram, a survey shows that each average Instagram post from creators with 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers will earn $165 USD to $1,800 USD.

For example, an influencer with 1,000,000 followers can earn around $670 per post. Or a content creator with 100,000 followers can earn around $200 per post. So the general formula for this calculation is more followers + more posts = more money.

Instagram Monetization
It is possible to make a lot of money from Instagram

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Hopefully, the knowledge in the article will help you gain useful information for yourself and soon achieve good results. Mid-Man will answer all your questions about Instagram and other social networks. Thank you for your interest in our articles.

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