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Buy Instagram followers private account is familiar to today’s users to build their brand, grow their business and influence online. While organic growth is essential, some users may be looking to buy Instagram followers to start their accounts or gain credibility.

In this article, let’s explore with Mid-Man the best websites that can buy Instagram followers to grow followers quickly and effectively.

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1. Mid-Man

The customer experience is made even easier by the thorough guides provided by Mid-Man. Your transactions will be completed rapidly using a defined procedure by qualified experts.

Here, the security of transactions is of utmost importance and a team of professionals meticulously manages thousands of accounts. The fantastic business prospects you have come to expect are in all of buy Instagram followers private account services on Mid-Man.


  • Secure and safe
  • Team of professionals with extensive expertise
  • Affordable price, appropriate for the application
  • 24/7 client assistance


  • No free trial available

SCORE: 4.5/5

buy instagram followers private account
Mid-Man makes the customer experience easier thanks to thorough instructions

2. Hashtagsforlikes

The following site, Hashtagsforlikes, can help you identify hashtags based on searches, or recommend those tags to feed and analyze data. 


  • Have a premium following
  • Selling likes for Instagram posts
  • Fast shipping


  • No instant followers

SCORE: 4/5

buy instagram followers for private account
Hashtagsforlikes can help you identify hashtags based on searches


You don’t have to worry too much about bots, fake accounts, or unmet expectations. Those things don’t happen at, here they always provide good quality service and increase real followers when you decide to buy Instagram likes private account.


  • Make your Instagram account look more popular
  • Gain more followers quickly
  • Organic subscribers


  • They reject cryptocurrency payments

SCORE: 4/5

buy private instagram followers always provide good quality service and increase real followers

4. SidesMedia

The following site on this list is SidesMedia, which offers a variety of follower packages you can purchase for 500, 1,000, and 10,000+ followers. They offer followers in just a few minutes, have excellent customer support, and have a 30-day reload guarantee. This site has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine for its superb customer service.


  • High quality real followers
  • Quick delivery
  • Refill assurance


  • There is no free trial available

SCORE: 3.5/5

buy followers instagram private account
SidesMedia offers a variety of follower packages in just a few minutes

5. Kicksta

The Kicksta website can help you increase your following quickly utilizing natural tactics such as likes and comments to draw in new followers. If you buy Instagram followers for a private account here, you will be satisfied with the customer service and always have the best support when needed.


  • High quality real followers 
  • Real supporters
  • Within 1-2 days, the new followers will start to appear


  • No support live chat service 

SCORE: 3/5

buy followers instagram private account 1
The Kicksta website can increase your following quickly by utilizing natural tactics

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Can you buy followers for private account?

When you buy Instagram followers private account, the account owner will receive follow requests and choose to accept them. In each case, the supplier will guarantee a refund. Therefore, you can buy followers wconfidentlynd will support them if you need a refund.

To buy Instagram followers, you must submit the profile URL and the number of followers you want to transfer to the profile in the boxes. Deliveries will begin within an hour and orders are guaranteed within 72 hours of starting if the link is sent correctly.

buy private instagram followers 1
You can buy real followers and will support them if you feel you need a refund

3. How to buy Instagram followers at Mid-Man?

Buying Instagram followers from Mid-Man is easy and also secure. You do not need to enter information such as a password or fill out a form. Here you can buy private Instagram followers quickly and easily. You can refer to the instructions below:

  • You will see two boxes, in the first one, type your Instagram profile name. 
  • Then enter the second box how many followers you want for that profile. 
  • For your followers, you can display the cost and expected delivery time. 
  • To finish the process, click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

In particularm, your profile must be public when buying followers on Instagram. If the profile is private, make it public again to get better followers. Also, you can buy real followers without having to worry about the fake accounts that are rampant these days.

buy instagram followers for private account 1
Buying Instagram followers from Mid-Man is easy and also secure

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Many Instagram users see buying followers as a way to boost their presence and credibility. While the decision to buy Instagram followers ia personal, it’s essential to understand the process and its implications clearly. Below, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about buy followers for private account.

How much does it cost to buy private Instagram followers?

Promote your Instagram account and grow it with these fantastic discounts on actual followers:  

  • Under 10K followers ~ $65
  • 10K – 20K followers ~ $109
  • 20K – 50K followers ~ $129
  • 50K – 100K followers ~ $239
  • 100K – 200K followers ~ $300 
  • 200K – 500K followers ~ $699
  • Over 500K followers ~ $1500 

Buying private Instagram followers is illegal?

Yes, buy Instagram followers private account such as fake accounts, bots, spam, or blacklisted users are all legal. The sites mentioned above are experts with years of experience in navigating the Instagram algorithm to ensure that the followers you buy are real people who will actively engage with your content. Thereby, so that you are not banned for violations of Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Buying followers can help you improve your account’s popularity and kickstart its growth. Just remember to prioritize quality over the number and only purchase more followers than you can acquire naturally. 

Can I buy Instagram followers if my account is private?

While buyingy Instagram followers for a private account is technically possible, the effectiveness and impact may be limited due to the restricted reach and engagement opportunities associated with private accounts. 

Instead, focus on creating compelling content, leveraging relevant hashtags, and engaging authentically with your existing followers. These strategies will help you build a loyal and engaged audience, enhancing the value and growth of your private Instagram account more organically and sustainably.

Do private Instagram accounts have to approve followers after buying?

By manually approving followers, you can curate a genuine and engaged audience that aligns with your target demographic, enhancing the your private Instagram account’srall quality and privacy.

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Above is the information about buy Instagram followers private account that Mid-Man shared with everyone through the article. Remember that follower count is just one aspect of Instagram’s success, and it should be complemented with compelling content, and organic growth strategies for long-term success on the platform. Use these services wisely and focus on building an engaged and authentic audience that genuinely connects with your content.

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