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An embed YouTube playlist is a great way to seamlessly showcase a collection of videos. Mid-Man will explore simple steps to successfully embed on your website or other platforms in this article.

You can enhance user engagement, provide valuable content, and allow visitors to enjoy a curated collection of videos without leaving the site.

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4 Steps to embed YouTube playlist on a Website

Following these four steps, you can seamlessly integrate a YouTube Playlist into your website, providing visitors with a convenient and engaging way to explore your curated video content.

Step 1. Access Your YouTube Playlist

  • If it’s your first time, create a free widget account and log in. Access the dashboard.
  • Click “Add Social Feeds” to begin the aggregation process.
  • For existing users, select “Add Another Widget,” give it a name, and choose “Create Widget.”
  • Opt for “YouTube” as your content source.
  • In the pop-up menu, choose “Playlist” from the connection options.
embed youtube playlist
Sign in to your account if this is your first time creating a free widget account

Step 2. Open the Share Options

  • On your PC, launch YouTube.
  • Open your favorite YouTube playlist that you want to include on your webpage.
  • After clicking on your playlist, copy the playlist ID and the URL after the “=”.
  • Please copy and paste it into the tool’s designated Taggbox Playlist section.
  • Finally, select the “Create Feed” menu item.

To embed a YouTube playlist, you will view the collected videos in your widget editor in seconds.

how to embed a playlist from youtube
View the collected videos in your widget editor in a matter of seconds to embed them

Step 3. Choose the Embed Option

  • Once you have adjusted the widget to your liking, you must select the Publish button, which is located in the widget editor’s left corner.
  • Choose “Embed on Webpage” from the menu to embed YouTube videos from playlist
  • Then, the window will pop up. The CMS platform you’re using is one that you can choose. Whether it’s Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, HTML, etc.
  • You must select the Get Code option and copy the code to the clipboard to produce the embed code. Additionally, you can change the YouTube playlist widget’s width and height to match your website’s style.
embed a youtube playlist
Change the width and height of the YouTube playlist widget to match site’s style

Step 4. Copy and Paste the Embed Code

  • Log into your website-building platform first. 
  • Navigate to the webpage, blog, or sidebar section where the YouTube playlist will be embedded.
  • Open your website’s backend section by navigating there.
  • Copy the created embed code, paste it in the designated area, and save your changes!
  • You’re done now embed YouTube playlist successfully on your website.
embed youtube playlist
Copy the generated embed code to embed the YouTube playlist on the website successfully

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How to Embed YouTube playlist in WordPress

Utilize a WordPress YouTube plugin for an effortless way to integrate playlists into your website.

No need for Javascript or HTML expertise; follow a step-by-step tutorial to create, customize and embed your YouTube playlists in minutes.

how to embed youtube playlist in html
Easily display playlists on your website by expanding the possibilities using WordPress plugins

Expand your website possibilities by incorporating YouTube channels, favorites, search results, and more. Display unlimited video feeds, tailored to show advanced search or live broadcast videos.

Customize the appearance effortlessly with a live feed customizer, giving you full control over your YouTube feeds’ look.

With the YouTube player, videos play upon user interaction, enhancing both user experience and page speed.

Benefit from a faster website, improved SEO, and a higher search engine ranking. Discover how to effortlessly embed YouTube playlists in WordPress using this plugin.

Can you embed a YouTube playlist on Wix

The technique to embed a YouTube playlist with a list on a Wix website is explained here. You may also use the YouTube Widget for the Wix website to add playlists.

  • After choosing Wix as your website construction platform, log into your account. 
  • On the menu bar’s left side, select the plus button. 
  • Select the “More” option. 
  • The next step is to choose an HTML iframe from the embeds. 
  • Copy and paste the created code into the code field. 
  • To save the modifications, click on Utilize 
  • YouTube video playlist display. 
can you embed a youtube playlist
Can use the YouTube Widget on the Wix website to add playlists

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How to embed a playlist from YouTube with iFrames

To embed YouTube playlist with iFrames, go to the YouTube website for your playlist and select the Share option.

After that, a popup window will appear, which you can utilize to distribute the playlist to other websites. Select the Embed option from the lightbox popup window to proceed.

Your video embed code and playback are displayed on the screen in a lightbox popup. The code should be highlighted and copied to the clipboard, including the allow fullscreen, frame border, video series, and src.

Then, to add a new content block, navigate to your WordPress post or page and select the plus (+) icon.

can you embed a youtube playlist
Embedding a YouTube playlist using iFrames will prevent users from watching every video

Click the Custom HTML block below after using the search bar to find the “custom html” block.

To embed your playlist, insert the iFrame embed code that you copied from YouTube inside the block.

Your playlist will appear on the website when you preview it in a format akin to the one used in the previous technique.

As you can see, using this way to integrate YouTube playlists prevents users from viewing every video.

Embed YouTube videos in the playlist on Shopify

Use Shopify’s YouTube playlist in embed to boost customer engagement with your store. Take the actions listed below:

  • Log in to your account after choosing Shopify as your website construction platform. 
  • In the Sales playlist section, select the Online Store option. 
  • Select Themes from the menu bar drop-down. 
  • Select the “Action” button. 
  • Choose Edit Code from the list that drops down. 
  • Choose the Shopify Layouts/Templates/Section where you wish to integrate the YouTube widget. 
  • To implement the modifications, copy the produced embed code and save it.
embed youtube videos in playlist
Take actions to increase customer engagement with your Shopify store

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YouTube playlist in embed on the Weebly website

  • After choosing the website creation platform, log in to your Weebly account. Then, navigate to the embed code section and drag and drop the YouTube widget. 
  • Click on the HTML box. 
  • Choose the option to edit custom HTML. 
  • Put the created embed code there. 
  • Once the adjustments are saved, the procedure is finished. 
embed youtube playlist
Log in to your Weebly account after choosing a platform to create a website

Embed YouTube playlist with list on Elementor

To achieve the desired results, follow these steps to embed YouTube playlist on the Elementor website.

  • Open your admin account and log in.
  • Choose the page that you want to add the YouTube playlist to.
  • To embed a playlist on your website, select Edit with Elementor, then drag and drop the HTML element to the desired area of the page.
  • Copy the code, then select Update to finish the procedure.
embed youtube playlist
Steps to implement YouTube playlist embedding on Elementor website to achieve desired results

Embedding YouTube Playlists on Webflow

To seamlessly integrate a YouTube playlist into your Webflow site, adhere to the following straightforward steps:

    • Log in to your Webflow profile.
    • Navigate to the specific page or section where you want to embed the YouTube playlist.
    • In the coding section, insert the provided embedded code.
    • Save the changes.

embed youtube playlist with list

Embedding YouTube Playlists on Elementor

To incorporate a YouTube playlist into an Elementor website, achieve your desired results by following these user-friendly steps:

  • Log in to your admin account.
  • Choose the page where you intend to add the YouTube playlist.
  • Select “Edit with Elementor” and drag the HTML element to the desired section of your webpage.
  • Paste the code and click “Update” to complete the process.

how to embed youtube playlist in website

Publishing YouTube Playlists on Jimdo

Effortlessly showcase your YouTube content on Jimdo by following these straightforward steps:

  • Click on the “Add Element” option.
  • Then, select “More Elements.”
  • Choose the Widget/HTML option and paste the embed code where you want your YouTube content displayed.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes.

can i embed youtube playlist

Embedding YouTube Playlists in Notion

Simplify the process of embedding a YouTube playlist on your Notion website with these easy steps:

  • Log in to the admin account of your Notion website.
  • Type ‘/embed’ in the next step.
  • Paste the generated embed code to seamlessly add a YouTube playlist.

how to embed youtube playlist

Benefits of embed YouTube videos from the playlist

Embed YouTube playlist offer numerous advantages for both content creators and viewers. So, let’s find out these benefits in the section below:

Enhanced Engagement:

Boost user interaction by embedding YouTube playlists on your website. Video content is more captivating, leading to increased engagement compared to text.

Improved SEO and Discoverability:

Enhance your SEO efforts by showcasing YouTube playlists on your site. Give visitors a glimpse of your content, encouraging them to explore further and subscribe, ultimately boosting your YouTube presence.

Cross-Promotion and Content Discovery:

Establish trust and credibility by featuring user-generated and YouTube video content on your website.

Positive customer testimonials in video form can influence potential customers, leading to increased sales.

embed youtube playlist
Benefits for both content creators and viewers when embedding videos on YouTube

Where do you embed YouTube videos in a playlist on a website?

We will cover some important areas of your website in this section where you embed YouTube playlist to take advantage of the previously mentioned advantages. 


Putting a YouTube playlist on your favorite blog or webpage is one of the easiest ways to incorporate it on the website.

In this manner, you can freely display your YouTube playlist in the areas of your website that receive the most traffic.

Additionally, you could make your point more effectively by including videos in the blog area. 

how to embed a playlist from youtube
Putting a YouTube playlist on a blog or webpage can receive the most traffic


The YouTube playlist feed appears vertically in the sidebar of your website when a playlist is embedded.

Using this technique, you can increase the effectiveness of your website without interfering with users’ ability to browse it.

This is an excellent example if your website is running a promotion or deal. When UGC films appear as a sidebar widget on the discount webpage, it will entice visitors to buy your goods.

how to embed youtube playlist
Increase the effectiveness of the website without interfering with users’ ability to browse


Last, you can put your YouTube playlist in the header or bottom of your website in a horizontal format. This lets you give your audience a clearer perspective of your collected films.

Furthermore, by following this, you can be sure that the header and footer sections always have new material, making your visitors eager to return to your website.

embed youtube videos from playlist
Put YouTube playlist in the header or bottom of your website in a horizontal format

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The integration adds dynamic and engaging material to your website and provides a convenient way for visitors to explore a collection of videos without leaving your site when embed YouTube playlist.

Through Mid-Man’s above article, you can create a rich and interactive user experience, while contributing to keeping your digital presence vibrant and engaging.

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