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Gym & Fitness

@land4fitness with 10K Real Followers & Reels Videos

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Gym & Fitness

@powerinhour IG Account with 20K Real Followers and Reels Videos

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Fashion & Style

@fashionsfixed with 50K Real Followers Instagram Account

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Fashion & Style

@fashionstastyles with 50K Real Followers Instagram Account

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Gym & Fitness

@land4fitness IG Account with 10K Real Followers and Reels Videos

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Food & Nutrition

@food4town with 10K Real Followers Instagram Account

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Food & Nutrition

@cook4world with 10K Real Followers Instagram Account

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Food & Nutrition

food_10g Instagram Account with 100K Followers

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Fashion & Style


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Aged Instagram Account 2011

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FAQ Buy Instagram Accounts

Need Answers? Find them here

It is 100% safe and there is absolutely no risk for your Instagram account being banned by trading it. However, before each transaction, the buyer needs to carefully check the quality of the account. Just to make sure that there are no prior violations for future development.

It is recommended for the buyers to check the account carefully before making any transactions. The concerns are related to the growth potential of the account, the quality of followers, copyrights, and the prices compared to other similar accounts to choose the best quality product.

Depending on the difficulty of each platform and the online time of the seller, the time to receive the account will be different. With TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it might take 1 day to update the information of the new owner. So we generally require that each transaction will be processed maximum within 3 days.

Meanwhile, YouTube is different since it takes 7 days to completely update the information of the new owner, according to the Google policy.

Mid-Man accepts different means of payment, including Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Skrill, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, Payoneer, WebMoney.

In Mid-Man, we are always committed to protecting buyers and sellers when making secure transactions. After finishing the transaction, the warranty responsibility will be kept by the seller. Depending on the type of account, we will ask the seller to have a short or long warranty.

However, we also encourage buyers to choose providers with high ratings, who have worked for a long time on the floor, to get the best warranty after buying.

Buy Instagram accounts from Mid-Man, we help you launch your business on Instagram to reach your target audience and grow your online presence quickly. With billions of people using Instagram nowadays, this platform is becoming one of the largest social networks on the Internet, creating an excellent chance for new businesses.

Top 7 best sites to buy Instagram Accounts

Once you have an Instagram account, you can quickly connect with a large user base and enhance your online presence. We will suggest the 7 most reputable platforms to buy a Instagram account in 2023, highlighting their pros and cons.

Rank Website Name Pricing Range Delivery Time Payment Methods User Reviews Customer Support Additional Features


Starting at $20 You can expect to receive your account credentials within 24 hours of us processing your payment. Credit, PayPal, etc 5/5 Live Chat, Email
  • Safe and secure
  • Team of experts with many years of experience

Social Tradia

Starting at $100 Credit, Bitcoin, etc 4/5 Email, Phone
  • Reasonable cost, meet the needs of use
  • 24/7 customer support

Insta Sale

Variable, based on followers PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. 4/5 Ticket System
  • A dedicated and professional team of professionals
  • Professionally managed accounts with natural, active users


Starting at $200 Credit, PayPal, etc. 4/5 Live Chat, Phone
  • Diverse payment methods. Delivery immediately after payment


Variable, based on followers PayPal, Credit, etc 3/5 Ticket System
  • Make sure all transactions you make on the website are safe
  • You will be provided the necessary information to log in to your account immediately after purchasing.

Too Fame

Starting at $30 Credit, Bitcoin, etc. 3/5 Email, Phone
  • 24/7 customer support service

Viral Instas

Variable, based on followers Bitcoin, Credit, etc. 3/5 Live Chat, Email
  • Buying an Instagram account is super easy and safe
  • Instagram accounts have followers who interact with your content.


Variable, based on followers PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. 3/5 Ticket System
  • 100% refund if they can’t complete the account transfer within 5 working days after payment.


Variable, based on followers Credit, PayPal, etc. 3/5 Email, Phone
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • High-quality account
  • 100% Safe & Private

Insta PVA

Starting at $20 Bitcoin, Credit, etc. 3/5 Live Chat, Email
  • Verified listing data
  • Secure messaging platform
  • Capture encrypted payments
  • Enterprise inspection time

5 Reason you should buy verified Instagram account

An excellent question, right? Should I buy verified Instagram accounts? What are the benefits? How is this going to help my business grow? You should buy a verified Instagram account instead of building a new one from scratch.

Enhanced Trust and Credibility

Buy Instagram account being verified on Instagram will increase the credibility of your brand. Your account must be thoroughly checked for your business profile to receive the blue badge.

Users who see a verification badge next to an account name will likely consider the account trustworthy – significant for gift giving and brand transactions.

instagram accounts for sale
Users trust verified Instagram account


Many people create an Instagram account and build an Instagram account from scratch. But as you know, this process takes time, lots of time. You must put in much work, effort and patience to reach a large audience and get engagement. The algorithm is updated daily, and it’s tough for new businesses to get noticed on the platform.

Some people invest so much in building a new account, but the results are unexpected. That’s why buy cheap instagram accounts will help your business save time on promoting to get new followers. You will have a very beneficial start compared to other businesses with new accounts.


To get a verified tick from Instagram, you must have good credit, which might cost you a fortune unless you’re a celebrity. Imagine how much it would cost to build a verified Instagram account from nothing. You must spend on advertising and promoting to gain followers. No one knows the exact amount it would cost.

It’s challenging to gain new followers and organic engagement for new accounts. Most have to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent amount of followers and attention from the audience.

buy Instagram accounts
Buying verified Instagram accounts is a good cost-saving option

By buying top Instagram accounts, your business will save lots of costs. From there, you can focus on expanding your business and spending money to increase sales. You can skip all the hassle, jump straight to building marketing strategies and grow your business with an Instagram account.

Higher brand visibility and engagement rates

We all look at the numbers every time we check out a profile. Instagram accounts with great followers will get significant attention from users. Having many followers from the start can help your business gain visual benefits and raise your brand’s credibility to a satisfactory level.

Instagram accounts for sale with good followers will help your business grow faster with incredible engagement rates and interactions. It will help you build a strong community of followers in a shorter period. This way, your business will have the potential to grow and prosper.

Increase potential customer and sales

As you know, more followers mean more attention, leading to more potential customers. Like many other social media platforms, Instagram is built on linking communication. The forum will recommend your business to other users if many people interact with your post.

A verified account will have more authority than newly created ones. It will help you burn the stage and enhance your business to generate more sales.

buy verified instagram accounts
Verified Instagram account can attract a large number of potential customers

Types of Instagram accounts available for purchase

If you tend to stop using this social media platform and take back a little money after spending thousands on building it, you can sell it to Mid-Man. And when the trading is done, Mid-Man will take a small fee, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. Here are some types of Instagram accounts on Mid-Man.

Instagram accounts with followers

Followers are significant to an Instagram account, the more followers and interest you have, the greater the influence that account brings to the community.  At Mid – Man we offer the following Instagram accounts:

Verified Instagram accounts for sale

A verified Instagram account is an account that Instagram has officially confirmed as representing a natural person, brand, or entity of public interest. Verification is denoted by a blue checkmark badge (a blue tick) next to the account’s username. This verified badge helps users distinguish authentic versions from impostor or fake accounts.

Niche-specific Instagram accounts 

Niche-specific Instagram accounts are Instagram profiles that are dedicated to a particular area of interest, passion, or expertise. These accounts cater to a well-defined target audience with shared interests and can fall into various categories, including business, personal, and hobby-focused accounts. Here’s an introduction to each type:

Business Instagram Accounts

Business-focused niche accounts on Instagram are typically created by companies, brands, or entrepreneurs to promote their products, services, or industry expertise. They aim to connect with a specific target audience within their niche and establish themselves as authorities in that field.

Personal Instagram Accounts

Personal niche-specific accounts are created by individuals passionate about a particular interest, hobby, or lifestyle. These accounts reflect the owner’s personal experiences and expertise within that niche and often connect with like-minded followers who share the same passion.

Hobby-Focused Instagram Accounts

Hobby-focused niche accounts revolve around specific hobbies or interests. These accounts provide a platform for enthusiasts to share their enthusiasm, knowledge, and creations related to their chosen hobby.

Active Instagram accounts for sale

An “active Instagram account for sale” typically refers to an Instagram account currently in use with an established following of authentic, engaged users. These accounts are often put up for sale in online marketplaces or through private transactions. People may sell active Instagram accounts for various reasons, including business ventures, rebranding, or personal circumstances.

USA Instagram accounts

USA Instagram account typically refers to an Instagram account owned and operated by an individual or entity in the United States. 

Instagram PVA accounts

An Instagram PVA account (Phone Verified Account) is an Instagram account that has been verified using a legitimate phone number. When you create a PVA account, you are required to provide your mobile phone number during the registration process. Instagram will then send a verification code to the provided phone number, which you must enter to verify your identity and activate the account.

Fake Instagram account

A fake Instagram accounts for sale, often referred to as a “fake or fraudulent profile” or simply a “fake account,” is an Instagram account created to deceive others or conceal the true identity of the account holder. These accounts typically involve various forms of misrepresentation or impersonation. You should be careful with this account type!

Aged Instagram accounts

Aged Instagram accounts refer to Instagram profiles created and active for an extended period. These accounts are not newly registered but have existed on the platform for a while.

Instagram pages for sale

Instagram pages can serve various purposes, including personal expression, social networking, content creation, brand promotion, and e-commerce. Users can customize their pages to align with their goals and interests, making Instagram a versatile platform for both individuals and businesses.

Who would need to buy Instagram accounts?

Instagram is among the hottest social media sites for users and businesses. The photo sharing website has over 500 million active users and continues to grow. For businesses, this means the opportunity to reach more customers than ever before.

Buying an Instagram account could be an intelligent option if you consider creating one. This article will explain why you might need Instagram accounts, who would need them, and how to buy them effectively. Let’s get started!


If you are a brand looking to enter the competition, target the account’s niche, interest, and theme before offering to buy Instagram followers for business from the account holder selling it.


Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of digital marketing. Instagram alone boasts more than one billion monthly active users, and almost 40% of those users follow at least one Influencer regularly. That makes Instagram an ideal platform for launching an Influencer marketing campaign.

If you’re interested in launching an Influencer marketing campaign, buying Instagram accounts with strong followers can be a great way to get your company started on the right foot. Rather than struggling to build your own following from scratch, buying pre-established accounts with solid followings will give you a head start that many other businesses won’t have when they begin their Influencer campaigns.


Nano-Influencers are individuals whose dedicated audience is smaller than the average influencer. The smaller the better, because it means that the audience is highly targeted. A nano-influencer might be an up-and-coming blogger, a fitness instructor, or even an amateur photographer with a modest following who’s highly engaged with their audience.


Power-Influencers are individuals who have a large dedicated audience size. Their audience may not be as targeted as nano-influencers, but they can have a significant impact. It is important to note that the larger the number of followers an influencer has, the pricier it becomes to buy a sponsored post.

This is because an influencer with a 100k+ following will likely have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to brands to partner with, whereas an influencer with a smaller following may be more willing to work with you since they’ll receive a higher percentage of the revenue generated from the post.

Influencers Influence

With the help of influencers, brands can get their product or service in front of their customers without having to do the marketing themselves. For example, you’re a clothing company selling organic cotton t-shirts.

Let’s also say you have several clothing lines in various colors and patterns. You market your t-shirts to fashion-loving women and men, but you want to expand your audience. So, you work with an influencer with a large following of people like your typical customers.

You should know before buying Instagram account

Is it legal to buy Instagram accounts from Mid-Man?

Purchasing Instagram accounts from unauthorized sources may involve legal risks, as it may be considered a violation of intellectual property laws or fraudulent activity, depending on the circumstances and local laws.

How much should you sell Instagram accounts?

It depends on the follower count and the interaction of the followers. You can get $10 when advertising on the account with 1,000 followers, which is the regular rate. However, the price can increase with a great engagement rate, sponsor, and contract. Besides the above factors, a lovely username and a good niche make the accounts sellable.

What are the risks when buying Instagram accounts?

As we said before, buy and sell instagram pages is against the terms of service. You must know that Instagram can shut them down anytime if the platform finds something fishy.

Also, there is no official guarantee that the account you’re about to buy is a scam. You can completely lose your money. That’s why you should buy and sell instagram pages on Mid-Man to get protection.

Can you have 2 Instagram accounts?

You can now add up to five Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without logging out and back in. This is included in iOS and Android version 7.15, available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Learn here:

How do you determine Instagram account followers’ validity? 

It’s not hard to realize that an Instagram account has a fake follower count. Check out the engagement rate, comments and like. Are they real? Users will comment like an average person while bots spam the same word/emoji. Bots can make your page look fake and harm your brand.

Selling Instagram Accounts

Buy and sell Instagram accounts are of interest to many individuals and businesses. There are several issues that you need to pay attention to when participating in transactions to ensure your rights:

Reasons individuals or businesses sell their accounts

Sell Instagram accounts is an activity that some individuals or businesses do for various reasons.

  • Make Money: One of the main reasons people sell their Instagram accounts is for financial gain. Buyers may be willing to pay a premium for accounts with large and engaged audiences.
  • Business Opportunity: These accounts may have a target audience that attracts potential buyers in related industries.
  • Rebrand or Repurpose: : Selling the account allows them to start fresh with a new profile or online identity.
  • Lack of time or attention: . Some users may lose interest or no longer have time to maintain their account, leading them to sell to someone who may be more interested in their account.
  • Return on Investment: Some individuals buy Instagram accounts to grow and sell them for profit.

How to price and list Instagram accounts for sale

The price you can sell an Instagram account can vary significantly and depends on several key factors. These factors can include the account’s size, engagement, niche, content quality, and the buyer’s and seller’s negotiating skills.

how to buy instagram account
There is no set price for an Instagram account

Protecting your interests during the transaction

Selling Instagram accounts is generally against Instagram’s terms of service, and the platform actively works to detect and prevent such transactions. Buyers and sellers should be aware of the risks, including the possibility of accounts being banned or suspended if they engage in unauthorized transfers.

Moreover, for buyers, it’s crucial to conduct due diligence to verify the authenticity and value of an account before making a purchase. While there can be legitimate reasons to buy and sell Instagram accounts, it’s essential to do so within the bounds of Instagram’s policies and guidelines.

Where can I buy an Instagram account cheap?

If you want to purchase an Instagram account, several options are available through various online platforms and intermediaries. The cost of these accounts typically varies depending on factors like follower count and engagement.

An established travel account with 10,000 followers might be priced at around $180, while a massive following of 1.3 million could be listed for $40,000. To ensure a fair deal, you can use an Instagram account worth calculator to compare prices against industry averages.

When searching for an Instagram account for sale, there are three primary sources you should consider:


eBay is one platform where you can find Instagram accounts for sale. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when dealing with sellers on this platform. While there are legitimate sellers, buyers have been paying for accounts and never receiving the login credentials.

To minimize risks, only purchase from verified sellers with positive reviews. Remember that even on eBay, fraudulent sellers can disappear after a sale, making it challenging to file disputes.

Online Forums

Online forums also serve as a marketplace for Instagram account sales. Like eBay, it’s essential to research the specific seller and gather feedback from other users before purchasing. While some forum members may vouch for certain sellers, there have been cases of individuals being scammed.

One drawback of forums is that transactions are typically not monitored, and sellers can obscure their identities, making it a riskier choice. Additionally, some venues may not be accessible in certain regions, necessitating residential proxies to access local discussions.

Middleman Companies

Consider using middleman companies facilitating Instagram account transactions for a more secure and streamlined purchasing process. You won’t directly interact with the seller using an intermediary service. Instead, the transaction is conducted through a trusted third party, reducing the risk of scams. This approach offers excellent protection against fraudulent sellers and enhances the overall safety of your purchase.

Purchasing an Instagram account can be done through platforms like eBay, online forums, or specialized intermediary companies. However, exercising caution and conducting thorough research is crucial to minimize the risk of encountering fraudulent sellers. Middleman services offer a safer alternative for those seeking a secure and hassle-free buying experience.

As you can see, buy Instagram accounts can bring lots of benefits to your business but keep in mind that there’re some risks involved. You should choose the legit seller and reliable third-party services like Mid-Man. We hope you can get the proper account for yourself.

How to buy an Instagram account can provide a safer and more reliable experience, allowing you to acquire an established account for your desired purposes. If you’re interested in buying an Instagram account, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: First, choose a service you want to have to buy an Instagram account safely.

buy ig account with followers

Step 2: Click “Buy Now” and enter the coupon code (if any). 

buy instagram accounts with followers
Click “Buy Now” and enter the coupon code (if any)

Step 3: Finally, fill in all the necessary information, then the supplier team will start filtering your profile and get back to you shortly. 

buy instagram account
Fill in all the information and wait for an immediate response from the supplier