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In the fast-paced world of social media, having your Instagram feed not loading can feel like a major setback. But fear not, for Mid-Man will explore some easy and effective solutions to get your Instagram feed up and running again in this article.

Below, Mid-Man will explore 10 different solutions to help you fix your IG feed not loading. With these suggestions, you can confidently deal with this unpleasant condition and enjoy quality photos and connections with friends and followers on Instagram.

1. Check your Internet connection

Before beginning, you can check your device and determine if you have a strong internet connection. A poor connection can prevent Instagram feed from loading whether you use Wifi or mobile data. 

It is necessary to identify internet-related issues initially, but if you believe everything is functioning normally, that implies your problem is not with this, therefore on to the next stage. If other applications do not work, your internet connection is the issue. Try the following fixes:

  • Make sure your mobile data balance is sufficient.
  • Restart the router if Wi-Fi is being used.
  • You may use slow internet.
  • Your internet connection’s DNS server needs to be modified.
  • Your internet connection’s DNS server needs to be changed.
  • Wi-Fi should be used instead of mobile data and vice versa.
  • Disable VPN and similar apps on your phone.
How to fix Instagram feed not loading
To fix the Internet, attempt the solutions above

2. Restart your phone

The problem can be resolved and everything restored by restarting the phone. Restart the device and test your feed to fix the Instagram timeline issue. Therefore, halt all activities on your iPhone or Android device and reset it.

Sometimes a small action might have a significant impact or be sufficient to resolve an absurd issue. Although it frequently seems very easy to do so, this tactic is effective. Try restarting the application if you notice it’s having problems or is loading slowly.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
If IG fails, the user can restart

3. Update the Instagram app to the latest version

Not up to the current Instagram feed is one of the most typical difficulties among users whose Instagram feeds need to load. As a result, you must refresh your Instagram feed often. Every time a new update is made available in the Play store (Android) or App store for iOS, you should also update your IG. 

Due to the fact that each update includes new features, bug fixes, and security-related updates. When you update your product, it’s clear that you care about user experience and consumer feedback. To avoid further problems, think about a solution as soon as possible.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
To update the application, locate IG in the store and click

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4. Accept the warning message

A temporary ban from Instagram is the most common reason the Instagram feed is not loading. It’s possible that you disobeyed some instructions or broke Instagram’s policies. the steps following for fixing the problem:

  • Activate the Instagram app.
  • Select the three-bar icon on your profile screen by going there. Pick Settings.
  • Access Data is the next step after Security. You’ll see a notification or alert that reads like “you’ve broken the rules.” To fix the feed issue, tap Okay, Accept, or Next.
How to fix Instagram feed not loading
In the Settings line, select Security

Open Instagram on your computer if the previous steps do not work. Don’t use the Instagram app on your PC; open the website in a browser. Look for a banner or warning saying “broken guidelines” in your browser. Then select OK or Accept. If the banner is nowhere to be found, take the following actions:

  • Click on your profile photo on the Instagram website, then select Settings.
  • Click security and privacy in the left sidebar. Choose Account info. Accept the warning that appears on the screen by nodding in agreement.

5. Sign out of your account and sign back in

The simplest and most effective fix for every issue is to log out and log back in. Logging out and about in to your Instagram account could be a lifesaver if you log in to the gadget and it doesn’t help. That is a handy tip for getting rid of the bugs. 

The log-out option can be found by selecting the setting button at the bottom of the settings page. To accomplish it, click the logout button. 

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
To resolve the IG error, kindly log out of your account

6. Check if Instagram blocks you

Instagram keeps a close eye on user conduct, and if you engage in “illegitimate behavior,” you risk losing access to your account. It frequently happens if your account is new and you follow too many accounts.

If you have connected with many posts, followed or unfollowed too many users quickly, it may happen on various bases. This can be one of the causes of the Instagram feed not loading problems. Nothing can be done without waiting if the restriction issue is the cause.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
To avoid being blocked, you must keep your illegal actions to a minimum

7. Open Instagram to another browser

We frequently observed no loading problems with the Instagram feed when using an app. What will you do then if your Instagram posts are not functioning correctly?

There are other options, however you must access your account from a separate browser on the same phone in the beginning. If it functions properly, that’s good; if not, you may use a different phone or device to implement it.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
Users of other browsers can utilize IG

8. Clear app data and cache

If switching to a different browser doesn’t resolve the problem of your Instagram feed not loading, then. What then should you do? Your device’s app data and cache can be cleared. This approach can be successful at times.

Fixing the problem involves a straightforward approach. Simply go to Settings>Apps. Click the “See all apps” button now. Find Instagram directly from all of the apps. The storage and cache settings must now be cleared of all data and cached information.

To run your Instagram feed this time, select “Clear cache” and “Clear storage” to remove all the data from your device.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
You will purge your IG account’s whole history this time

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9. Check your phone’s date and time

The problem with the Instagram page not updating issue can occasionally be brought on by simply an inaccurate time and date on your phone. Make sure you choose the appropriate day and hour.

On an Android device, navigate to Settings > System (General Management) > Date & time. Use network-provided time (Use automatic time) can be enabled by setting the appropriate details or turning it off. Locate Date & Time under Settings > General on an iPhone. Set the automatic setting toggle to on.

How to fix Instagram feed not loading
The time and date on your phone must be precisely set to the current time

10. Report your issue to Instagram support

Reporting your issue is another way to fix your Instagram feed. The Instagram support staff can then look into your problem after that. Directly from your app, you may contact Instagram with your issue. 

The procedures for submitting a support request to Instagram are as follows:

  • Open your Instagram profile first, then click the hamburger menu.
  • Click Settings to proceed after that.
  • After that, choose Help from this menu.
  • The customer service options available with the Instagram app are listed here. Click Report an issue, then choose Report an issue to continue.
  • You may describe your current issue in detail and even include screenshots to help clarify it. 
  • After finishing your message, click Submit to submit your issue report.
How to fix Instagram feed not loading
Please file a request to IG directly if it still cannot be handled

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Above are 10 solutions to fix the Instagram feed not loading error that Mid-Man shared with you. As you can see, you can solve your Instagram feed problem in many ways. Plus, it’s all super easy even if you’re new to Instagram.

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